Now we’re all sad and alone

We just got back from dropping Skatje and Iliana off at the airport — they’re on the way home. Now I have to go back to being my usual sour, cranky, black-hearted self.

I snapped that picture after telling Iliana, after a long, unpleasant drive, that now she gets to go home to her daddy. I think she only understood one word of that, but it was the important word.


  1. says

    They’ve now landed in Denver. She didn’t cry at all the entire flight — just did her usual talkative baby babbling, which is adorable.

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    Take solace in the fact that your genes live on in such a cute kid! Know that your own offspring will raise them to be good people in an evil world.

  3. rockwhisperer says

    Um, PZ, wasn’t someone else there? Oh, say, a daughter of yours? GOOD grandparents occasionally acknowledge their own offspring, too.

    Seriously, I’m glad she’s generally a happy baby. Brain generating the right chemicals and all that. Plus, the cuteness overload… Alas, we will all blink three times and you will be posting about her high school graduation. The older we get, the faster they rocket through childhood.

  4. magistramarla says

    “The older we get, the faster they rocket through childhood.”
    That’s the truth! Our oldest grandchild will be 20 years old (20??!!) next month. It seems like yesterday that he was my little toddler buddy who went everywhere with me while his mother was at work.

  5. SchreiberBike says

    My granddaughter was here last weekend and I haven’t put away the toys she was playing with. They are a nice reminder.