The face of evil

It belongs to a billionaire white woman who answers every question with a polite evasion and a little smile, while cutting aid to handicapped children and undercutting public school education.

She’s not ugly on the outside. But her brain is a festering corrupt mass of greed and privilege.

Sorry. I should have put the picture below the fold. Which is worse, Betsy DeVos or closeups of spiders? I know I have a clear preference.


  1. HappyHead says

    She would fit right in with Ontario’s Conservative party – they’re currently in the process of axing health care, education, and support for children with disabilities (especially autism) province-wide.

  2. Jeremy Shaffer says

    Which is worse, Betsy DeVos or closeups of spiders? I know I have a clear preference.

    This confirmed arachnophobe would say the answer is obvious: Betsy DeVos.

    I can at least acknowledge spiders serve a purpose that is beneficial to both the world and humanity, even if I would prefer them do so not in my proximity. I can’t say the same about DeVos regardless of where she may be.

  3. says

    Count me in as another Ontario resident seriously unhappy with Doug Ford and the way the Province is treating students on the Autism Spectrum (among many other things). Seeing someone like Betsy DeVos south of the border, turning it up to eleven? Gah! You guys got my sympathies.
    Every time I hear somebody talk about ‘saving money’ when it comes to education for special needs kids, I’m only hearing two things: 1) Fuck these kids and their dignity and potential in life; and 2) We’re fine with letting the rest of the kids (and their kids, and grandkids) pay even more for this down the road.

  4. kenbakermn says

    Would I rather see her picture or have dozens of brown recluse spiders crawling on my face while my hands are tied?

    Thinking, thinking, …

  5. consciousness razor says

    The $18 million in cuts to the Special Olympics is bad. But it looks like the total cuts they’re proposing add up to something like $7.1 billion. So take your anger about the former and multiply it by 400 or so.

  6. says

    I have worked with people with disabilities most of my adult life, most recently as a volunteer with Special Olympics. The good this program does for our differently abled citizens who participate is astonsihing. It gives them dignity, integration with society, the thrill of competition, a reason to train and adulation from those who watch them compete. It is a joy to help them participate in athletic competition. It does not surprise me in the least that the Trump Administration would prioritize cutting assistance to a program that helps differently abled citizens have better lives while squandering millions on Republican President Donald Trump’s golf outings. Cruella DeVos is an embarassment like so much of this President’s administration. Many Special Olympic athletes come from families that are Trump supporters. Smooth move.

  7. says

    When the 19th century anarchists went around murdering the rich and powerful, they were trying to stave off the development of people like her and her scumbag brother. They failed.

  8. raven says

    Oddly enough, the War on children, children’s education, children’s well being, and disabled children is all coming from…self described devout xians!!!
    People who claim to be jesus’s BFF. Specifically, the fundie perversion of xianity.

    Hmmm, well maybe it isn’t so odd.
    The fundies own the Dark Side of our society after all.

  9. a_ray_in_dilbert_space says

    Christians: “Alright. You’re out of the womb. Now you’re on your own, ya little bastards.”

  10. blf says

    Across the pond, How rugby league for players with learning difficulties may change lives:

    [… The Learning Disability Super League (LDSL)] is an adapted version of rugby league aimed at those with learning disabilities and autism. […]

    “This is undoubtedly going to be the most inclusive sports competition in the world,” says [John] Hughes, [the founder and creator of LDSL]. “It fits perfectly within the ethics and footprint of rugby league, and what the sport stands for.”

    The rules are modified to cater for the needs of the players. Tries are not counted — with the aim to encourage players to take part — and players are “tackled” by having a tag on their waists removed. “It’s important to recognise that it’s the same level of achievement for one LDSL player to catch the ball as it is for someone else to run 100m. That’s why we’re focusing on getting people playing,” Hughes says.


    Hughes’s vision is already bearing fruit. “There’s a young guy called JP who plays for St Helens,” he says. “He’s vocal about following in the footsteps of his heroes and he’s gone from being shy and quiet to being much more confident because he’s in a team environment. He’s just one example of how this is transforming lives; there are hundreds more.”


    The photograph leading into the article is a charming one, clearly better that the one in this post showing one of the nasties from Mordor.

  11. says

    She’s the real life version of Dolores Umbridge. Of all the people in this administration that have quit or been fired it’s all the most evil/incompetent that have managed to stick around.

  12. jrkrideau says

    @17 blf

    The photograph leading into the article is a charming one

    Indeed, for a moment I was shocked. PZ has had some kind of fit and is channelling Rachel Maddow? Is he getting help?

    I had though it was a photo of Maria Zakharova, the official spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She can be extremely acerbic in briefings, usually in reference to the USA, but I don’t think she is evil.

    By the way, she, sometimes, has a slightly different approach to things than someone like Sarah Huckersbee Saunders.

    If she had not been successful as a Foreign Affairs Office she may have had a fallback career.

  13. jrkrideau says

    @11 Evil Paul
    It is bad when one has to say that the better and nicer of the two brothers.

    Still, Doug may be contributing to the defeat of the Federal Conservatives.

    He has made some amazing horrible policy moves but the cutting of finding to children with autism has to be the most immoral one so far.

    @ PZ
    Arachnid above the fold. Helps my nerves and I like spiders. As a teen I kept one on my bedpost as much as possible.

  14. says

    Wrong!!! On the outside too. When she parts her lips to give that predatory smile that is common to all frauds, the ugliness pours out all over her

  15. ck, the Irate Lump says

    More evil from DeVos: They’re trying to rescind rules that attempt to reverse trends that disproportionately place black children in special ed, and mete out more severe punishments (including expulsion) to black children. She keeps her liar’s smile on her face as she effectively refuses to answer with anything other than a prepared pablum talking point.

  16. numerobis says

    It’s become clear to me that nuclear advocates are even more opposed to renewables than are fossil fuel advocates.

    That makes it equally clear to me that nuclear advocates don’t actually care about pollution; it’s just an argument for nuclear power, which produces little pollution compared to fossil fuel power. And nuclear power is what they care about.

  17. numerobis says

    What the fuck got me to this page?

    I was trying to post on the AOC page, but the login process acted up. Apparently humans are supposed to be able to spot a new button in very small script, and then navigate back to whatever page they started on.

  18. unclefrogy says

    I read this thread yesterday and thought of this song from my youth

    but did not post anything ’cause what’s the use then I clicked on some more of the hearing and watched some more news from today
    it still is true
    uncle frogy