How adorable

Every year, American Atheists has their annual convention on Easter weekend — it’s smart, because this is one group that won’t have conflicts with religious holidays. This year, it’s in Cincinnati, which has Answers in Genesis concerned, because that’s real close to their odious little theme park for the gullible, so they’ve decided to have their own conference at the same time! I really don’t think there will be many attendees who will be conflicted about which conference to see, so that’s also a smart move. These are two events with nearly perfect 0% overlap.

AiG seems to think it’s all about them, though.

Recently, the group American Atheists announced they are bringing their annual conference to Cincinnati during Easter 2019! And from what we’ve heard from reliable sources, they particularly want to be in our area because this is where Answers in Genesis, the Ark Encounter, and the Creation Museum are located.

We’ve also heard about some of the possible things the atheists might be planning in their attempts to oppose our creation-gospel ministry. So while the atheists are running their conference, we’ve decided to hold our own conference. Titled “Answering Atheists—an AiG Easter Conference,” this four-day event will be held at the Ark Encounter’s new Answers Center. We will equip Christians to answer the skeptics and to effectively share the truth of God’s Word and its life-changing gospel message.

How odd. I haven’t heard anything about any focus on AiG at the atheist conference. They haven’t announced any speakers yet, but they have put out a call for proposals.

Past proposals that have been selected include presentations on: activism and organizing; politics, public policy, and advocacy; community building; personal experiences with leaving religion; science, technology, and education; communications and marketing; and litigation and constitutional rights.

Musicians, comedians, poets, artists, and other performers are also invited to submit proposals.

Hmm. Nothing in there about “cunning ways to fuck over AiG”. Nothing specific about the Ark Park or the Creation “Museum”. I suspect there will be people discouraging everyone from bothering to visit the over-priced novelty show in Kentucky, although some might slip away out of curiosity to check it out, so if anything, they might get a few additional skeptical visitors, which will bump up their declining attendance very slightly.

Also, we always oppose the anti-scientific bullshit AiG peddles, 365 days a year, so this will be nothing new.

On the other hand, the AiG conference seems to be full of anti-atheist nonsense from all the usual, tired suspects. Ray Comfort is the keynote speaker, if that tells you anything. Like that it’s going to be a load of tiresome baloney. He’s going to be talking about “keys to reaching atheists”, which is amusing, since Comfort is one of the worst people at reaching atheists, which really says something, since all the AiG clowns and Living Waters bozos are all totally unconvincing to anyone who doesn’t accept the authority of the Bible.

I do notice that the registration for AiG’s event is set at $50 less than the full price of the AA conference. I expect, though, that the AA speakers will be more substantial and numerous than the 3-4 droning preachers per day that AiG has lined up. (I qualify for discounts that would make the atheist conference cheaper than the bible-thumpers conference, anyway).

I won’t be holding my breath waiting for AiG to extend a speaking invitation to me, to pad out their thin lineup, even though I’d probably add a little excitement to their schedule. Since I’m persona non grata with atheism right now, I guess I won’t wait for one from AA, either. My family doesn’t do Easter, so it looks like me and the spiders hanging out and mocking the holiday this year. They’re better company than Christian zealots, anyway.


  1. normolsen says

    You are not persona non grata with atheism. Maybe with the shitty atheists but not the good ones.

  2. komarov says

    My family doesn’t do Easter, so it looks like me and the spiders hanging out and mocking the holiday this year.

    Perhaps you and the spiderlings could spend the day colouring eggsacs. Or perhaps more likely just plain (spider-)egg(-cell-)s. Either way I’d like to see the pictures.

    P.S.: Some might think, “that’s excessive hyphenation”, but there is no such thing.

  3. microraptor says

    Roy Comfort is the keynote speaker? Can we have a crate of bananas delivered to his hotel room?

  4. =8)-DX says

    @microraptor #4 He’s fully embraced the bananas, he’d take that as a compliment. Much like TJ “The Amazing A” Kirk, bananas aren’t their kryptonite, bananas are their bread and butter. Both of them and this poor fruit deserve better.

  5. Rich Woods says

    Nothing in there about “cunning ways to fuck over AiG”.

    And when nothing like that ends up on the conference agenda, AiG will claim victory in having scared off the atheists who’d been planning to attack them. Hey, Ken, I have a rock I think you’d like to buy.

  6. zetopan says

    “And from what we’ve heard from reliable sources …”

    And for creationists, exactly like Trump claiming that “people are saying”, that means that the speaker has made it all up. Creationists also consider a collection of very ignorant and primitive flat Earth and geocentric writings to “reliable sources” on pretty much everything, including its marvelously fake history.

  7. angela78 says

    “Answering Atheists” vs “American Atheists”, same city same day?
    Doesn’t this count as phishing?

  8. says

    I think at this point in history we in the reality based community need to make a distinction between Christianity and christianity.

    There are decent and moral people in the Christian community and we should acknowledge that. Jimmy Carter comes to mind. But there are truly despicable people in the christian community, like Ray Comfort and Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham.

    I think we owe it to common human decency to make the differences between the 2 groups ubiquitous.

  9. William George says

    @13 markmckee

    I try to use “Evangelical” for the Ray Comfort variety when I’m feeling nice. “Conman selling Jesus and their collective of useful idiots” when I’m not.

  10. Dave, ex-Kwisatz Haderach says

    @13 markmckee

    I think the onus should be on the “decent and moral” people denounce the despicable ones who march under the same banner. As long as they are willing to share the same name as filth like Pat Robertson, they don’t get any points for decency from me.

  11. Kamaka says

    markmckee @ 13

    “we in the reality based community need to make a distinction between Christianity and christianity.”

    Just what do you mean by “we in the reality based community”? Because I’m “reality based” and I’m not feeling any distinctions between nicey religion and nasty religion.

    I think we owe it to common human decency to mock and scoff at such ideas as angels, devils, heaven, hell, eternal life, souls.

    And to not take too seriously the good works of the willfully self-deluded.

  12. blogokvetsch says

    I’m hopping aboard the PZ bandwagon. Too long I’ve remained silent. Now, rapidly approaching my 80th b’day, it feels like now or never. PZ, you are the bomb!

  13. Steve Caldwell says

    angela78 asked:

    Doesn’t this count as phishing?

    Phishing is sanctioned by the Bible (Matthew 4:19):

    “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to phish for people.”

    I think the original text spelled one of words wrong.