That is one happy boy

You know why he’s smiling?

Because he knows his grandparents are flying out to see him next weekend, and he’s going to be so spoiled.


  1. blf says

    He looks like he’s already deciding on how to prepare the grandparents — roast, in a stew, or perhaps a fajita-style steak salad† or a Titus Andronicus-style pie? Has he been in contact with the evil cat?

    Chocolates to follow. And I would recommend a hearty red, perhaps a Zinfandel ?‡

      † Apropos of nothing much, I originally wrote “ceaser salad”, since in the French version (salade césar), it includes warm pieces of chicken (usually, I’ve also had duck (who was not very happy and kept quacking at me)). However, that name has always bothered me, as I don’t recall ceaser salad in the States as having any meat, and a quick check confirms my recollections (albeit there is a variant with anchovies).

      ‡ Albeit as his vin tastes probably are still developing, a lighter wine could be a better choice.§

      § No, I am not seriously suggesting a baby should drink alcohol.

  2. woozy says

    I’d smile too if I were a baby and being cuddled by someone whose eyes were made of lollipops.

  3. jrkrideau says

    He clearly is so happy because his mother told him that his grandparents were bring the cat.

  4. jrkrideau says

    @ 1 blf
    One often has the choice of Caesar salad with or without chicken in Canada. It is necessary to emphasize the salad as ordering a Caesar may result in a glass of reddish liquid with a stick of celery in it.

  5. blf says

    jrkrideau@5: Heh. I’ve never heard of a Caesar drink, a quick search reveals it’s more-or-less unique to Mooselandiä (possibly with good reason). And speaking of missing things, there’s a band warming up at the pub down the street. This puzzled me, I didn’t think they be celebrating the kid’s forthcoming feast, albeit you never know… And besides, except perhaps during the summer, the pub normally doesn’t have bands on Sol’s day. The answer is tomorrow is Le lundi de Pentecôte (Whit Monday), which is a holiday here in France. I completely forget tomorrow is a holiday… (quick change of plans…) — and judging by the spiraling eyes, so did the assistant chef.

  6. magistramarla says

    Hey PZ! Aren’t grandkids wonderful?
    We have a new grandson arriving in early September. Can’t wait to cuddle him!

  7. Scott Simmons says

    Sorry to have to tell you this, but based on my long experience with baby boys, he’s most likely smiling because he just filled his diaper with something really, really smelly.

    Enjoy your visit! Bring noseplugs! :-)

  8. Crudely Wrott says

    Awww, that’s just the beginning. Be glad and hope that you will only have to change the ceremonious diaper here and there to show your nascent grandfatherly skill.
    Don’t ask me how I know that unless you want the straight poop.
    I am just now nearly as transported to Nirvana as you, dear professor. I have just experienced the miraculous manifestation of a third (count ’em, three) grandchild. And she’s a girl!!
    My grandfatherly skills will now be called into action because heretofore I’d only had two grandsons, the infamous Man Cubs. Suddenly, or suddenly to my old and deadened brain, the elder of the two has taken a wife! A delightful slip of a girl she is, too. Petite, demure, with a smile that takes me back to my youth. Be assured that I gave her a sincere and perfectly grandfatherly (read: mostly harmless, mostly entertaining, with, I hope, just the right amount of eccentricity because that’s how I make my living these days) welcome into the family.
    Aging does have its benefits, as you must surely know. Thank Dog the number of diaper changes approaches zero. Ready made, (nearly) adult grandchildren are so much cleaner and they can actually converse.
    Still, have lots of fun making funny noises with your infant grandson. It’s bonding and it will last forever. Who knows, in a couple of decades he might even find it amusing to make funny noises at you!

  9. Jado says

    Knowing what little I do based on reading your rants here, I assume he’s so happy because someone told him that Grandmom is coming, even though Granddad is coming as well. One overbalances the other…

  10. chigau (違う) says

    Crudely Wrott
    Does this mean you will soon be a greatgrandfather?