Most accurate description of the current state of the internet ever

I think I used to be that guy. I just want to slap him now.


  1. johnmarley says

    It’s missing the part where the “Debater” follows them, obsessively insulting and threatening them every step of the way.

  2. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin points out the “field” of green stuff they are wading through is actually mushy peas in disguise. The bearded one trapped therein has probably been struggling for so long now — milliseconds, at least — they can no longer distinguish flying saucers from used motor oil (as one example), so everything seems wrong.

  3. Jeremy Shaffer says

    Marcus Ranum at 2:

    At least they respected his free speech.

    Wrong! They let him have his say, told him he won, and walked away. That’s not respecting free speech!

    To respect free speech, they must tell him he was absolutely right, or at least hint that they thought he was. They must heap praise upon his intelligence and note the lack of emotion in his emotional spill. Granted, it wasn’t a complete infringement since they did admit he won, but it was clearly a fake admission and they failed to adopt his reasoning. /s

  4. vaiyt says

    That third panel is really the crux of debating with bigots. It’s an argument that cannot be polite by definition, because it starts with the assumption that the interlocutor is subhuman.