1. davidc1 says

    Just had a look on the interweb ,there are Squid ear rings you could wear in your beard .
    I will buy you a pair if you post a photo of you wearing them .

  2. erichoug says

    Awwww, C’mon Just look how happy he is.
    I think I’ll go get some myself. Thanks for the tip, PZ.

  3. HappyNat says

    This will be my third Xmas where I adorn my beard with decorations. Team Beard Baubles all the way. Helps that the kids like them.

  4. whheydt says

    Make the decorations from LEDs and wire them to an Arduino or a Pi0 (or a Pi0W for remote control) and show them all.

  5. sundiver says

    I knew a woman who waged her “war” on Easter. If she drove by a church on Easter she’d roll down her window and yell at the top of her lungs Easter’s cancelled, they found the body. It was more fun if church was just letting out….

  6. TheGyre says

    A couple of icicles hanging from his mustache would finish it off nicely. (Think about it, think about it . . .)

  7. Raucous Indignation says

    Next thing you know there’ll be pubic ornaments!! And you know what that leads to, don’t you!? Drinking beer, that’s what!

  8. Dauphni says

    This should absolutely become a thing! And not just for christmas either. I’d love to see beard jewellery all year round!

    No sarcasm at all btw. Men are typically such dull dressers, and I always love seeing someone have fun with fashion. In the same vein I’m also a fan of men wearing makeup.