Cincinnati, 16 June…whatcha doin’?

A student and I are going to attend the 2017 Midwest Zebrafish Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio. We’re getting in on Thursday night, and the meeting schedule has us free all day Friday, until the opening remarks at 6pm.

Hmmm. What to do all day long? What embarrassing, horrible spectacle is there within a short drive of Cincinnati that could provide amusement?

You guessed it. I’m going to the Ark Encounter! I imagine there will be lots of developmental biologists and geneticists in town that day…anyone want to join us? Or if you’re not there for the meeting, but just idling about in the neighborhood, feel free to come along, too. It’s not as if you need a Ph.D. to laugh at the pseudoscience on display.

Also, if anyone wants to meet up for serious conversation during the conference, I’m up for that — as mentioned above, I’ll be there with a student who might be looking for a graduate program in another year, and I’d like to introduce them around.


  1. blf says

    That poster so reminds me of a certain Hunter S. Thompson book, Zebrafish and Loathing in Cincinnati: A Scientist’s Journey into the Ark of America’s Deluded.

  2. René says

    Nah. I wouldn’t join you. Last time we talked, you ignored me mid-sentence. Tzortsis, Dublin.

  3. wcorvi says

    Oh, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – video record it and make it available. This is almost worth the price of traveling there and admission.

  4. sebloom says

    Go to Jungle Jim’s. It’s a grocery store. It’s a food museum. It’s awesome. June 16…Pint Night or Craft Beer Festival. Check the calendar on their web site.

  5. davidc1 says

    Seeing as you mocked and hurt ken’s feelings at the cretin museum ,i bet there is a big photo of you on the wall.
    Underneath will be written ,do not allow entrance to this gentleman ,for he will take the piss .
    Ask them how they stopped the wood worms from eating the boat ?.