1. rietpluim says

    /predictable creationist response

    Seriously: thank you indeed. Very thoughtful answers. Educational and entertaining.

  2. johnlee says

    Thank you for your answer, PZ. My babies might have made a nice snack a few years ago, but I wouldn’t want to try it now – I might end up in a bit of a stew.

  3. tezcat says

    Creationists remind me of cats. Even though I really like cats, they cannot extrapolate at all. If you try to point something out to a cat all they will do is investigate the end of your finger. Similarly, if you point out to a creationist that you can make a great dane and a chihuahua out of a wolf in a relatively short period of time, they will not be able to extrapolate that into the possibility of a new species.

  4. Holms says

    As a reply to the first question, the one posed by johnlee, it might be useful to point to Kangaroo mothers, who have the very unusual (unique…?) ability to selectively pause or even terminate the gestation process, depending on the maturity of the young they may already have in their pouch (which can only have one occupant at a time) and the scarcity of food supply.

  5. lesherb says

    PZ, while the questions & your answers were great, I had a ball reading the captioning included. ?