1. zaledalen says

    Holy shit. That is a question beyond answering, unless idiots are just impressed by emotionalism, meltdown and misplaced passion. Otherwise, beats me.

  2. A Masked Avenger says

    You just don’t like it when people use spiritual discernment to detect when what looks superficially like a human female is actually a shark-faced banshee demon from the pits of harpy hell. You’ll be sorry when a noise awakens you in the middle of the night, and it’s Hillary devouring your children.

  3. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    Right there in the title of his show: Info War.
    Meaning He’s fighting a war on information.
    aka, Imagination is better than Information, donchano?.
    The answer is prolly the same as to why Drumph is a candydate [sic] for what used to be “the most respected office in the world”.
    Because many people have gone loopy, out of anger and frustration. He just expresses, on air, their loopy frustrations; giving them a boost in their egos that they really are not loopy.
    *harrummphhh* *fold arms*

  4. peterchapman says

    I strongly suggest that this person contact his medical team as one of two events are on his horizon: brain aneurysm or cardiac arrest. Also ,chewing the scenery is frowned upon by The Actors Guild.

  5. blf says

    The dark depths of hatred for Hillary Clinton (the BBC’s edits in {curly braces}):

    Of all the Hillary haters, one of the most vitriolic is […] Alex Jones, described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “the most prolific conspiracy theorist in contemporary America”.


    In a shouty performance on the BBC’s Sunday Politics in 2013 he reduced host Andrew Neil to twirling a finger around his temple, saying, “We have an idiot on the show today.”


    She’s a creep, she’s a witch, she’s turned over to evil, Jones said, referring to Clinton, in a special broadcast during the Democratic Party convention.

    Look at her face{…} All she needs is green skin.

    During the same show, Jones played a video comparing the former first lady’s laugh to a hyena.


    [… Columnist and author Michelle] Goldberg says mockery of Clinton’s appearance and her laugh represent “misogyny at its most elemental”.

  6. Saad says

    That’s the worst thing I’ve seen all day and I’ve been on We Hunted the Mammoth, RawStory, and Facebook.

  7. Scientismist says

    Thank you SO much for that! Honest truth, I haven’t laughed so hard in months. The video and audio effects (most likely added after the original recording) were over the top, but it would have been a real giggle even without them. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a kitschy Halloween pseudo-horror clip. And then the punch line, “Excuse me.” Glad I wasn’t drinking anything, my keyboard would have been a total loss.

    But yeah, it’s scary for real to realize that some people don’t see this for the farce that it is.

  8. MichaelE says

    I saw on the Maddow show from yesterday that Alex Jones apparently had offered people money for wearing a shirt that said Bill Clinton was a rapist and for getting that shirt on camera at, I’m not sure if it was only HRC campaign events, or democratic events in general.

    So that’s nice…

  9. davidnangle says

    Please tell me that was some giddy snarker that added the zooms and sound effects! I don’t want to believe that someone actually on his side did that.

    That said, the editing could have used more over-the-topness. Flames at the edges of the screen, smoke from his ears, burp and fart noises added in, quietly, and in the right places, that slurp noise when he wipes his mouth… ten times that disgusting.

    Man, I want to see THAT video.

  10. MichaelE says

    Masked Avenger; That’s exactly it, Maddow showed one with Bill Clinton on the podium as well.

  11. Spoo says

    I know he isn’t perfect but compared to what’s on offer this time/ could he just stay? Please stay.

  12. says

    By the way, Alex Jones’ face was not digitally altered in that clip. He actually does turn that shade of puce when he gets worked up.

  13. says

    The sad thing is that Alex Jones is not just a flash in the pan. When I moved to Austin, Texas 20 years ago, he was just one of a multitude of nutjobs that lurked on Austin’s Cable Access TV station, and had an audience of dozens. His shtick hasn’t changed in all the time since, but today he has an audience of millions around the nation and his net worth was closing in on $10 million before his recent divorce settlement.

    Trump may retire to his golden penthouse after the election is over, but Alex Jones will not. His profile has never been higher, and he and his audience will continue to feed off the scorn of the press and the wider public in the belief that the more others pile on, the more it proves that Alex Jones is right. Unlike, the more mainstream (lol) Rush Limbaugh, Jones is all but immune to normal market forces since he makes his money hawking snake oil to his loyal followers. That bubble will not be broken until he decides to call it quits, or (more likely) he has a heart attack or an aneurysm.

    So, it’s going to be rinse and repeat in 2020. All the need is another Trump-like figurehead to rally behind.

  14. ck, the Irate Lump says

    peterchapman wrote:

    Also ,chewing the scenery is frowned upon by The Actors Guild.

    Unless you’re Tim Curry. Then it’s celebrated.

  15. quatguy says

    I must admit that I have never really been aware of Alex Jones (being a mild-mannered Canadian), but my eyes have now been opened. Yuck, his anger level and rhetoric resembles Hitler in some of his speeches. Imagine the universe that you have to live in in order to not only believe this stuff, but actually scream it out to millions. Does he actually believe it or is it all part of his shtick? Hard to fathom that much delusion and hatred.

  16. says

    Obviously a certain percentage of Jones’ audience thinks he’s a kook, and listens to the show so they can have a good time shouting at the radio. The question is what percentage of his audience actually take him all or partially seriously. The people who believe some of what he says, while thinking other parts of what he says aren’t believable, are probably the biggest problem.

  17. markkernes says

    He is SO FUNNY! Plus, can’t wait to see Hillary’s head spin around in the White House. Waiting, waiting, waiting….

  18. says

    Let me guess, he is a christian?

    I doubt he goes to church more than once in a blue moon. He’s a Christian the same way Donald Trump believes in family values.

  19. says

    The question is what percentage of his audience actually take him all or partially seriously.

    Most of them, unfortunately. The only saving grace is that they are almost all armchair warriors — they believe The Republic is on the brink of disaster, and they’re only one election away from needing a second revolution to stop the New World Order, but they’re not dumb enough to put themselves on the front line, leading the charge (nor is Alex Jones, it should be noted).

    It’s that difference between saying “we have nothing to lose” and knowing that they really do have everything to lose, which keeps the Infowarriors in line.

    The danger comes if and when a demagogue far more effective than Donald Trump arises to harness their pent up anger and frustration. It’s not likely to happen, but its not unthinkable.

  20. Matrim says

    @19 timgueguen

    The scary thing is that the line shifts constantly. There are a few people I know that started out listening to Jones or other righ-wing talk radio as a goof and to make fun of the shouty-men. Cut to years later and all of them, to greater or lesser degrees, have bought into the bullshit. If you put enough garbage in, eventually you’ll get garbage coming out.

    @8, scientismist
    On the surface it’s funny, but I didn’t feel much like laughing. It’s not just that people like that exist, or that other people buy into them, it’s that MILLIONS of people do. That is a chilling thought.

  21. blf says

    A few choice excerpts from his entry in The Encyclopedia of American Loons (May-2011):

    #197: Alex Jones

    Alex Jones is the guy who has yet to meet a conspiracy theory he doesn’t endorse, no matter how batshit insane it is (and, interestingly, no matter how much it conflicts with other conspiracy theories he already believes). For at least ten years he has predicted […] the imminent roundup of Americans by the New World Order.

    [… I]n general it is hard to find a loon that Jones does not take seriously. He is basically a living embodiment of


    The interesting thing about Alex Jones’ reasoning is that he does not seem to run with the common fallacy ‘authorities (e.g. scientific) say X; I don’t like X; hence there must be a conspiracy’, but rather with the inference rule ‘everything is part of a conspiracy; authorities say X; hence X is false’ […]

    Now, some may think Alex Jones is batshit crazy, and he is. But surely he is beaten by Lorie Kramer, who believes that Alex Jones is a pawn created by the New World Order to divert attention. Seriously. And if that is not enough, [], run by Gary & Lisa Ruby, claims that Jones is part of a scientologist conspiracy to take over the world and demolish Christianity. I guess this is what you risk when you start to gain notoriety in the hyper-paranoid and chaotic field of conspiracy theory.


  22. leftwingfox says

    Well, first there was Ruch Limbaugh, and the realization than conservative ranting on AM radio could be quite popular. If what he said was often full of lies, well, he’s an entertainer, not really a news caster. People shouldn’t get their news from him, even through he’s a straight talker. Wink Wink, nudge nudge.

    Then you had Fox News, a program with real news (plus some conservative spin) and a lot of pundits. The pundits weren’t really delivering “news” just their opinions, so it didn’t matter if the facts were twisted up. Eventually, the opinion edged out the reporting. And now people had multiple sources telling them the same thing.

    Then you add the internet and the conservative blogosphere. Then you add Glenn Beck, who worked himself into sobbing horrified rants about the dangers of liberal terrorism. Then you had GOP members using the language of tyranny and dictatorship to describe the actions of the president.

    Step by step, the path had been laid, so now Alex Jones is building what people have been hearing for years, from radio, from TV, from the National Enquirer, from the WSJ and Washington Times, and the internet. He’s just flying the freak flag off the tower of right wing media.