Everyone wants our money right now — presidential candidates are begging every day. But there are two other organizations that could use some help.

  • Skepticon! They have a contributor matching all donations until midnight tonight. You’ve got six hours!

  • RationalWiki! Help them out in their quarterly fundraiser — it’s all that’s keeping the doors open.

Oh, sure, give some money to Clinton, too.


  1. says

    Thank you very much :-D

    RationalWiki doesn’t need much money, but it does need it. We’ve decided this year to put a dot of actual effort into the fundraiser, as we have Plans (like getting someone to help with our creaking IT infrastructure since the volunteer wants to quit, and so on).

    As well as being a super-tiny wiki community, we’re a super-tiny 501(c)3, the RationalMedia Foundation. Our main activity is hosting and fostering RationalWiki.

    RationalWiki is highly imperfect, but very sincere!

  2. pipefighter says

    If I wasn’t broke right now I’d donate. Will rationalwiki’s fund raiser still be open in a couple weeks?

  3. says

    RationalWiki’s PayPal is open 24/7/365 :-) This is just the period when we have a thermometer bar up the top of the page with excessive significant digits on the percentage.