Evangelical Christianity: a movement built on hypocrisy, by the worst people in the country

Samantha Bee gives a history lesson, and as always, evangelical Christianity has been on the wrong side of history, and for the worst reasons, and under the leadership of some of the most awful, terrible, horrible people. It’s also telling that they have so consistently rejected the people who espouse positive Christian values (like Carter) to support scum (like Reagan). At least nowadays they’re reduced to choosing between scum (Cruz) and scum (Trump), and they still favor the least Christian, and most bigoted choice.

I also have to note that two of the most scathing critics of modern American politics, Bee and Wilmore, are also the kind of people these conservative Christians would love to oppress.


  1. laurentweppe says

    Evangelical Christianity: Bunch of white dudes who tried to disguise their bigotry and parasitic egoism as lofty principles (see also: Objectivism)

  2. Larry says

    Bunch of white dudes who tried to disguise their bigotry and parasitic egoism as lofty principles

    and, when the disguises fell and they were revealed for what they are, cried and whined incessantly that they were being persecuted for their xtianity. (see also: Hypocrit, Liar)

  3. HappyHead says

    As a Canadian, I agree – even our most horribly conservative past government run by Harper the Republican Wannabe (global warming denial and no rights for gay people and all) is still practically communist compared to US “liberal” candidates like Hillary. Sanders would fit right in here and not even raise that many eyebrows.

  4. jrkrideau says

    Well it would be difficult to tell Harper and Cruz apart but even his horrible cabinet looked liberal and fairly sane compared to Evangelical Republicans.

    Sanders would probably be considered a bit conservative.

  5. raven says

    Fundies own the Dark Side of our society.
    Their three main sacraments are hate, lies, and hypocrisy.

  6. says

    Samantha Bee has just been killing it in every episode, such perfectly focused & articulated ridicule and rage, at all the right people.

    I cannot imagine such effective activist comedy will be allowed to continue for long. Someone will find an excuse to cancel it. Sigh.

  7. anchor says

    @raven#9: “Their three main sacraments are hate, lies, and hypocrisy.”

    Do not underestimate the exploitation of FEAR in the origin and amplification of these.

  8. Ichthyic says

    I keep telling you, the patterns you see with evangelicals in the US is all about authoritarianism.

    it has fuck all to do with religion itself, really, to them, it’s only a tool for tribalism.

    authoritarianism is the single variable that best explains the behavior you see. I’m not making this shit up, you can look it up in many assorted psychology and sociology journals, from independent researches, over the last 40 years.

  9. rorschach says

    Give Sam Bee the Daily Show stat. The US damn sure needs a real politically aware and sharp comedian right now. Part of the Trump mess is that Jon Stewart and Colbert went away.

  10. Matt Cramp says

    They’re on the wrong side of history for a reason – these were the same people who opposed mixed-race marriage and used the Bible to support slavery.

    That reason is that their approach to interpreting the Bible was designed to make it easy to make these kind of bullshit arguments – specifically, the justification of slavery. The Bible says a lot of shit, and it requires interpretation to try and tease out whatever point it’s making. If you decide that the literal words of the Bible is what’s important, and that it’s all equally important, why, then it doesn’t matter if Jesus goes on and on about feeding and clothing the poor, it’s equally important to observe the bigotries of Leviticus. If you couple that with deciding that it’s way more important to talk about man’s relationship to God than to talk about man’s relationship to man, because of course what’s a little hating the poor as opposed to making sure you don’t spend eternity in hell, you can safely jettison basically everything Jesus said while still claiming you hold his word sacred.

  11. John Phillips, FCD says

    @rorschach #15, she’s not interested in doing a four nights a week show as she has young children she wants to enjoy and which her weekly show allows.