1. qwints says

    I like Roy Zimmerman, but this is one of his less coherent efforts. Almost Sam Harris level. Catchy tune though.

  2. Matt G says

    As Rev. Lovejoy from the Simpsons says, freedom of religion means that everyone is free to worship Jesus in their own way.

  3. colonelzen says

    Er … I have no doubt that there was a great deal of horror and wretchedness that never made the history books …. but (there’s always a but) the *official* and verified histories say we hanged our witches. In what became the US there was no sanctioned burning.

    Now in Europe … I think the horrors go far beyond what was recorded – which is horrorific enough. The old religions were scourged. While there is probably a lot preserved in dark recesses of family histories, no open cultural practice of them survived at all into modern times. (Modern versions are invented recreations from what I’ve read)

    To completely destroy cultural beliefs and practices requires prolonged and incessant *terror* literally beyond imagining. My best guess is that hell is real … and it’s what Christians did to those who would not completely abjure their ancestral heritage in belief *and* practice.

    It gives me the willies to think of how pervasive it must have been.

    — TWZ

  4. says

    Federal Intl Religious Freedom Act IRFA is as bad as state laws because IRFA outsources religious-freedom to govt commission called USCIRF. Instead of Courts, USCIRF acts as prosecutor, judge and jury. Far worse, USCIRF is filled with representative of Church, Anti-Gay, Far right groups & career politicians. This dangerous cocktail of religion, politics and power, causes conflict of interest and dishonest reporting favoring one religion over other violating establishment clause.
    For all practical purpose, Religious Freedom is christian right to act as per cannon regardless of damage to equality. This is similar to Muslim demand for Sharia. Foisting this on other countries is like global demand for Sharia.
    There is a prima facie case against USCIRF violating US Supreme Court’s Lemon Test:-
    • Seeking excessive govt entanglement in religious affairs globally.
    • Religious figures influencing US foreign policy.
    • Favor one religion over other.
    • No secular purpose.
    • It creates a perception in the mind of a reasonable observer that the government is endorsing religion.
    See details at