Where did Donald Trump’s hair come from?

It’s a strange, thin, and airy fluff, unlike any human head air I’ve ever seen before. Now at last, though, secret documents by a master artist from 1989 reveal the true origins of his distinctive hair style.


And now you know.


  1. dick says

    I see his mastery of oratory has improved upon “Blub, Blarble, Glurble”, just a little.

  2. says

    IIRC this panel is from the “Happy ending” of Crumbs fantasy meeting with Drumph. The “real ending” has Drumph walking away with the ladies because his wealth fame and power makes him immune from everything negative Crumb has to say about him.

    Pretty realistic as far as a Crumb comic goes.

  3. wzrd1 says

    Aw, come on, you can’t even get such a simple fact right about the origin of dumb donald’s hair?
    It’s the tribble that overcame the Klingon Empire, until they recovered and began the Great Tribble Hunt.
    That evil mastermind got away and has been giving Donald hints ever since.

    Be careful, they’re practically born pregnant…
    Tribbles, that is.

  4. blf says

    The hypothesis I read somewhere (don’t recall where now, sorry), is similar to the Tribble idea: His hair is an extraterrestrial alien who has a hate for all humans (and/or who wants to occupy Earth). The alien has latched onto teh trum-prat as an easy-to-control eejit, and is now carefully steering him into multiple armageddons (that is, a thug for president (with teh crud and teh robot as backups)) as revenge and/or planetary suicide.

  5. says

    What is it with (wannabe) dictators and bad haircuts?

    First they came for the barbers, and I did not speak out…

  6. unclefrogy says

    just what I needed I feel much better now.
    I do love me some Crumb!
    uncle frogy

  7. dogfightwithdogma says

    I wonder what the reaction would be if some similar attempt at humor based on the hair style or some other physical feature of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders were posted on some blog such as Breitbrat?
    I dislike Trump as much as any progressive liberal possibly can, but I thought that attacks based on physical appearance were considered unacceptable.

  8. wzrd1 says

    @9: At least in my case, I’m an equal opportunity insulter. I pick on everyone, even myself.
    As for Trump, all I can say is that Trump makes Robert Welsh sound sane.

  9. Azkyroth, B*Cos[F(u)]==Y says

    Really not enjoying the implication that classic bullying tactics are sometimes deserved….

  10. wzrd1 says

    @11: I’ll put it this way, when I was working in counterterrorism, bullying the bully was a highly effective way to stop markets full of women and children from being blown up. That saved the bombs and missiles for more deserving stinkers – the planners.
    That said, that was dealing with terrorists. The idea was, letting them know that an implacable adversary was present and prepared to destroy them if they continued and it was a war zone.
    I employ some of those methods here at home as well. I engender some ideas in the adversary’s mind, for in truth, it matters not what you will do, but what the adversary believes that you may do that actually counts.

  11. klatu says

    @9: Yeah, this is basically equivalent to criticisms in the vein of “lol your fat!!1!!”.
    Also of note:

    unlike any human head air (sic) I’ve ever seen before

    The implication being that his hair is not that of a human, and he is therefore not classifiable as a human.
    This is othering/dehumanization down to a T.

    We should be laughing at his terrible ideas and odious bravado, not at his physical appearance.

    I wish self-identifying progressives would stop this petty bullshit already.

    It’s 2016, I kind of expect better.

  12. wzrd1 says

    @13, once you get accustomed to my humor, you’ll realize what I’m saying.
    I’m the fellow that says, “hold on, let me get my reading goggles”, “am half deaf and the other half can’t hear”, “excuse me while I comb my fur” and refer to needing to “trim the caterpillar over my upper lip”.
    I’m also known to be a great deal cryptic when fatigued, courtesy of dyslexia.
    That said, I’m not highly progressive, recessive or any other extreme of political or social thought, I’m more middle of the road, wanting peace and quiet kind of guy.
    As for Trump, in my considered opinion, he’s the external OS of the rectum. His entire behavior set is consistent with being a true fascist and I grew up with elders who fought fascists in the second world war.

  13. Vivec says

    Guess it’s illiberal of me, but I don’t think there’s much you could say about Trump that I’d consider too far. Racist fascists aren’t worth my sympathy or consideration.

  14. anteprepro says

    Vivec: Here’s my two cents.

    I wouldn’t say that the comic is too far, I’d say it is inept and stupid and an indirect support for bullying. Specifically a violent and dangerous physical bullying tactic. It is a splash damage, if you forgive the pun. Zero sympathy for Trump, I just think the message here is sloppy and honestly kinda makes the author look bad in my eyes more than it makes me chuckle about imagining Trump getting his comeuppance. (But perhaps I just missed the joke).

    By contrast: I don’t give two shits about mocking his hairdo and calling him Drumpf, two things that others on this site object to ( while others don’t and I have yet to see any real clarifying debate on the subject) .

  15. Vivec says

    I mean, I guess I can agree? I don’t think swirlies and whatnot are a great thing in general – although I’d probably give a sizable monetary donation to anyone that gave one to Trump.

  16. Vivec says

    Well, I don’t think that mocking someone’s appearance/name is always wrong. It’s wrong the vast majority of times, but I have no problem with mocking evil bigots.

  17. Dark Jaguar says

    I reacted to the art style of that comic about the same way that artist reacted to the sight of the Donald. I can’t believe people accepted that’s how comics should look back then. I honestly couldn’t really even tell what I was even looking at half the time. Not to mention the “joke” isn’t all that funny… A toilet swirlie? Is that what we’re doing here? Chock up another one for the generation gap I suppose.

    Besides, we all know that Trump’s hair is actually cotton candy.