On my way to Skepticon

I’m at the airport, soon to rise up into the sky and spend a few hours hurtling along at several hundred miles an hour, which is awesome, except for the part where I land in Missouri, which is not so awesome, except for Skepticon.

I’ll be looking for you there, and will be very disappointed if I don’t find you.


  1. Annie Bruce says

    cicely- Not even across town for me!

    If I was still in my 20’s I’d probably consider it walking distance

    Debating what name to put on my nametag… most internet people I run into are likely to know me by this name, but I’m not out and I live in this town. I’ll probably decide when I get there.

  2. robro says

    Sadly I can’t be there. I’ll look forward to the reports. Gladly I get to keep my new job. Also gladly, I will play music with friends at the SF Folk Club tomorrow night, an honest to god old time folky club started in some form in the late 40s. Have fun, PZ and all.

    Wildly off topic, but this might be the moment Trump jumped the shark.