Happy Halloween!

A Red Angry Squid-Like Creature Monster Holds Up A Wooden Board In Its Tentacles With "Happy Halloween" Written In Orange On it

If you want candy, don’t come to our house tonight — we’re following the recommendations of the Teal Pumpkin Project and are handing out glowsticks, instead. Not only do we not have to worry about child allergies, but we won’t have a house full of tempting candy. It’s also cheap: glow stick bracelets are less then ten cents each, so we’ll give out a bunch.

Otherwise, we’re celebrating by staying home and maybe getting a scary movie on netflix.

P.S. Daylight savings time ends tonight, so don’t forget to set your clocks back.


  1. Saganite, a haunter of demons says

    That’s a cool project. As I kid, I always loved those glowy things. Hell, I still love them today. That said, it’d kind of suck if EVERYBODY participated in this project.

  2. Saganite, a haunter of demons says

    Ah, I didn’t check the relevant sub-page at first. This is a cool idea, I would’ve loved to get slinkies and other small toys during Halloween. Stuff that actually “sticks around”.

  3. opposablethumbs says

    Happy spookery to those who spook this kind of thing.
    There will be a very light smattering of witches/vampires/ghouls etc. about this neighbourhood (it’s a thing, just not such a huge one here as in the US from what I gather), but I doubt anyone will make it to our door; nobody ever has, probably at least in part because it’s considered too frightening after dark. Those few who did make it up the long dark path were never seen again, the weeds are growing well in the waste ground this year …

  4. says

    This year we’re giving out feral kittens from under our front deck. The only hitch is that anyone who takes us up on the offer has to catch their own. We did manage to trap the momcat get her spayed, and returned her to her brood. She’s probably to wise now to get caught.

    OTOH, if anyone does come to our door tonight it will be the first trick-or-treater to show up in the 33 years we’ve lived here — single lane private road, 1/4 mile from the nearest public thoroughfare. And it’s gonna be dark and rainy to boot.

  5. microraptor says

    So I have to ask, what’s on the movie queue for tonight, PZ?

    You said scary, so I’m assuming it’s going to be starring Kevin Sorbo or Kirk Cameron, right?

  6. Saganite, a haunter of demons says

    I won’t be partying or anything of that sort tonight, but I am looking forward to a spoooOOOOoooooOOOoooky Call of Cthulhu night. Which is a bit redundant, but hey, it’s Halloween.

  7. Die Anyway says

    Paul, you improved my day immensely with that correction. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (in my best Mr. Deity voice)

  8. Menyambal - torched by an angel says

    The nearby mega-church is having an “October 31st Party”. I want to go over there and throw rocks.

    It wouldn’t be so bad except the advertisement shows a child in Spiderman costume.

    Can’t they just call it “All Saints Day Eve”?

  9. HolyPinkUnicorn says

    Glow sticks do sound like an interesting non-food treat, however, I’m assuming if you hand out IR glow sticks to trick-or-treaters–which emit light only visible with night vision devices–then you run the risk of getting your house egged.

  10. Akira MacKenzie says

    Menyambal @ 11

    I’m sure that name would be considered too “Catholic” for their fundie tastes.

    As for myself, I’m stuck working until 10 pm tonight and have to get up early tomorrow to put in some mandatory OT. So no time for Halloween fun this year. :(

    Oh well, I got next weekend off and will be at a gaming convention in Madison. A few days of slaying orcs and mutants should more than make up for it.

  11. Akira MacKenzie says

    Saganite @ 8

    Ooooo… I’m jealous. Many years ago my gaming circle played a Halloween game of CoC. We started in the early afternoon and played until dawn the next day. To add to the ambience, we played by candlelight.

    I’d love to do it again, this time playing 7th Ed. or the new Delta Green rules. However, my employer is very stingy with vacation days.

  12. faithfulreader says

    I had to dig into that graphic to figure out what was in the very faint ballons in the background. I see they are watermarks for the Vector Toons site. That’s just a small disappointmen;, I thought there might be a hidden message from the cephalopods.

  13. Lady Mondegreen says

    Movie recommendation: The Dark Hours. I think it’s still on Netflix.

    A fine and scary movie that should be better known. (It’s a thriller, though; if you’re in the mood for supernature or non-human monsters, save it for another dark night.)

  14. roachiesmom says

    P.S. Daylight savings time ends tonight, so don’t forget to set your clocks back

    OMFG IT REALLY IS A HOLIDAY!!! *Blinding holy light rays beam down and angels chorusing glory on high!!!!*

    Ding dong, the evil time is dead……

    I must go and amass goodies. I really do have something to celebrate now, and Halloween was already one of my favorite things anyway! I have too much Very Stressful Stuff™ pending right now, and this…this just made my whole day better.

    PZ, I’d totally trick or treat for glowstick things. Surely I could snatch a child from somewhere to front for me. Mine went and grew up, and the current kids at home are all feline.