Now, ID has an iconic illustration

I really detest that iconic ‘march of progress’ illustration seen all over the place to promote misconceptions about evolution, so it seems only fair that Intelligent Design creationism get their own version.


(found on an otherwise boring and stupid facebook rant by a creationist)


  1. birgerjohansson says

    The aliens may explain the whole “virgin birth” business mentioned in a previous thread. In The X-File they had sort of the opposite, with aliens teleporting fetuses of endangered animals out straight from the womb.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    BTW if the aliens are Predators, wouldn’t the ship be cloaked?

  3. Dick the Damned says

    Without reading the text, what am i supposed to understand from this? That ‘god’ has a skinny little body & a big head, & instead of angels, it has bats, one of which is pissing on the god?

  4. Sastrei says

    Personally I’m rather fond of the cloud-sheep-poodle cartoon just below it. That cloud is just so darn cute!

  5. rq says

    [not entirely related]
    Nice examples you have in your post. Here‘s one of my favourite emergence versions…

  6. johnniefurious says

    I wish I had the glowing eyes of my ancestors. Stupid non-persistent bio-luminescence.

  7. blf says

    Other than having been found on an idiot’s site, I don’t see the connection to cretinism. Would a cretinist version be something like:

    1. POOF!
    2. Classic naked Eve and Adam.
    3. A seasick breaded gent shoveling manure on a big wooden boat.
    4. Some guy being tortured to death on a T-shaped device.
    5. A silly-looking git in a ridiculous hat raping a child.
    6. FOOP!

  8. gingerbaker says

    You think it is even possible to find a ID’er who would not insist the illustration include Adam and Eve, or the hand of god delivering a soul into the sequence?

    Answer: No. No, it is not.

  9. ernezabet says

    For creationist the illustration should be read right to left.

  10. birgerjohansson says

    Aliens do not use wetware and bipedal bodies. They are into strong AI and smart dust.

  11. robinjohnson says

    I quite liked a version of The March of Progress that I saw once – on some literature for the Leicester Secular Society, I think – where a bible appeared in the human’s hand, and the subsequent figures marched back to monkeyhood.

  12. Kevin Kehres says

    Funny, that’s my new reply to the pre-suppositionalist crowd.

    “Prove it wasn’t aliens.”

  13. Usernames are smart says

    It his scientific diagram is WRONG!!!!11

    The alien should be either at the beginning or the end.


    Where’s the one with the monolith?
    —mikeconley (#6)

    Thank you!! That’s like leaving out magnets from a perpetual motion machine. Everyone knows you can’t have perpetual motion without magnets, just as they know you can’t have EVILoution without monoliths’s!!

  14. mikeyb says

    A more accurate rendition would be the alien “intelligently designing” Phillip E. Johnson who then further devolves into Ben Stein.

  15. anteprepro says

    Intelligent Design: Like Evilution, except with dancing disco aliens!

  16. What a Maroon, el papa ateo says

    How did alien technology devolve so quickly from flying saucers to clubs and spears?

  17. mikeyb says

    This also reminds me of some crazy claims I hear sometimes from Christians, for example, that they are the ones that are really open minded because they accept both natural and supernatural explanations. Somehow believing in both is more rational.

  18. Vicki, duly vaccinated tool of the feminist conspiracy says

    Context is weird: I followed a link to the article about marriage equality in Idaho, then saw “ID has an iconic illustration” and thought you meant Idaho had a particularly appropriate illustration for that.

  19. microraptor says

    How did alien technology devolve so quickly from flying saucers to clubs and spears?


  20. David Marjanović says

    I’ll actually use it in my next two conference presentations. ^_^