1. Louis says

    That was a courageous message of hope against the tide of feminazi spew. Truly Dan Cardamon is a Brave Hero on par with all those who stormed the beaches in Normandy and anyone awarded the Victoria Cross.


  2. Owlmirror says

    He missed out on borrowing from Churchill.

    “We shall defend our privilege, whatever the cost may be, we shall attack feminists on Twitter, we shall attack feminists on Youtube, we shall attack feminists with Photoshop, we shall attack feminists on blogs and podcasts, we shall attack feminists with sockpuppets; we shall never surrender.”

    Obviously, this missed opportunity is Rebecca Watson’s fault.

  3. congenital cynic says

    The messages posted by the males in response are just fucking unbelievable. What a bunch of useless, lowlife shit. This just supports a contention that I’ve had for a long time. One of our biggest problems is men. They have no respect for women. We need to raise better men. Sometimes I’m ashamed to be a man because of what other men do to women.

    My parents taught me to respect people. Being respectful was a big positive in relationships with girls and women (imagine that). I just can’t imagine the head space occupied by the deranged assholes who posted their vitriol in response to RW. Sad. Very sad.

  4. Jessie says

    I hate that women think they can just go around deciding whether they engage with a man or not, on their own terms. Don’t they realise how much it hurts some men not to get whatever they want, whenever they want it?

    Sisters, you are truly heartless.

  5. smhll says

    It’s probably wrong that I think “pepper your angus” was one of the funniest bits in the scrolling hate speech.

  6. says

    You guys should all be cowering in fear right now. You know Rebecca will be back in Dublin next week…in the same hotel…with the same elevator. I think the apocalypse begins soon.

  7. marcus says

    @12 Cowering in fear? You mean there are men who are afraid of strong, honest women? They must be very weak and insecure.

  8. consciousness razor says

    Two, three, it’s been years too many, and it’s felt like 50.

    I don’t know who came up with the idea that this shit started, in some meaningful sense, in the atheist community just a few years ago, but it’s pretty … funny. It is all Rebecca Watson’s fault of course, but this is an important date to remember because it’s when she invented a time machine and took off on her first adventure which involved being both Hitler and Stalin. Kids just don’t understand history anymore. Get off my lawn.

  9. Owlmirror says

    Rebecca Watson is so terrible she went back in time to make Elevatorgate happen a whole year earlier. Retroactively.

  10. Randomfactor says

    I know it LOOKS like he should’ve said “two years,” but he’s just thinking ahead. You don’t want him to have to make ANOTHER video next year as well, do you? I mean, what’s going to change in the meantime that would otherwise make this memorial obsolete?


  11. says

    That Pinkie Pie in the background.

    1.5-2.5 years ago I crossed swords with a lot of people at Ponychan’s /dis/ (discussion) board over feminism. I never saw so many people get so bent out of shape over a guy being a feminist. That was some of the most intense, vicious argument that I have ever been involved in. I had so much fun.

    I wonder if this is one of the guys that I smacked around? I had to save all those threads in documents for the memories.

  12. says


    I don’t know who came up with the idea that this shit started, in some meaningful sense, in the atheist community just a few years ago, but it’s pretty … funny.

    Yeah. I think back to so many furious threads at Sciborg Pharyngula, all to do with rampant sexism, funnily enough, in the atheist community, long before any elevators descended into the discussion. Get off my lawn too.

  13. LicoriceAllsort says

    You know Rebecca will be back in Dublin next week…in the same hotel…with the same elevator.

    Prepare the cleansing ritual! Assemble the following:
    • a cup of black coffee—it cannot contain cream or sugar, as it has been ordained that it must be “just coffee”
    • 3 hairs, freshly plucked from the head of a MRA; joined by Preparation H
    • a foreskin—symbolic of circumcisions of all people everywhere and a reminder of our greater purpose

    Just before midnight, gather 7 feminists in the elevator, close the doors, and light a candle. Combine ingredients in coffee cup. Invoke PZ 13 times. Stir and drink.

  14. Owlmirror says

    Rebecca Watson obscured the word “satire” in the title, and broke the sarcasmometer.

  15. frankb says

    When listening to the MRA’s one would think that in the original video Rebecca vilified elevator guy calling him a rapist and nazi and condemning all men. But the evidence shows that she just told us what he said, told us her feelings and advised men in a friendly tone, “Don’t do that”. The lies about elevatorgate have been so prolific it’s incredible. And it is still going on even with the evidence so available.

  16. Illuminata, Genie in the Beer Bottle says

    #20- You win all the internets for the months of june and july. That was excellent. Lol

  17. hjhornbeck says

    In a cute coincidence, the intro to Brave Hero Radio uses a snippet of Churchill (“This, will be our finest hour,” IIRC).

  18. screechymonkey says

    You know Rebecca will be back in Dublin next week…in the same hotel…with the same elevator.

    Wait, she’s willing to go back there? This is PROOF that she was LYING when she said she was terrorized* by Elevator Guy.

    A real Equity Feminist who was hit on by someone in a creepy way would just brush it off and tell guys not to do that in the future.** But NOOOOO, Ms. Man-hating Gender Feminist had to scream rape*, claim that all men are sexist* rapists*, and that skeptics and atheists are more likely than the general population to be sexist* rapists.*

    *She said no such thing.
    ** She said pretty much this thing.

  19. says

    You know Rebecca will be back in Dublin next week…in the same hotel…with the same elevator. I think the apocalypse begins soon.

    Looking forward to breaking another movement next weekend!
    We should install a plaque in that lift, to commemorate the occasion.

  20. anteprepro says

    *She said no such thing.
    ** She said pretty much this thing.

    Those asterisks are shrill misandrist suppressions of free speech. Why can’t you just let people simply disagree? What is it with your groupthinking tribalistic dogma? I thought that this was “Freethought blogs”, not “Imprisonedbyfacts blogs”. You guys overreact and care about things way too much and say too many mean things. Which is why you are clearly Nazis, or at very least a North Korean dictator. And your whining is so annoying to me, it hurts my head, and I wish you would stop whining so that I could stop having to post complaints about how much whining I hear everywhere, screaming from the rooftops about how you guys are taking things way too seriously. Anyway, I’m bored with your pathetic little echochamber over here. Now off to another website where everyone agrees with me about how wrong you guys all are.

    Mr. A.

  21. Banecroft says

    I think that jerk would have come off better if he had said “I find you interesting, and if you wish my further attention get back to me at your convenience.” Probably would have done better without cornering her, also. Of course, that might be hoping for too much.

    Or perhaps it would have been better if they had waited until the next day, not sleazed unto her in a confined space. If they had given control of the situation into her hands and not tried to seize it for them-self. Hindsight being 20/20 and all, assholes seem to always be shortsighted. The comments showcased in that video make me sick. I am a guy who has trouble approaching women that I am interested in, and fuckwits like that make my job harder, so hard that I feel I cannot approach anyone without causing some harm.

    Understand… SHE OWES you NOTHING. YOUR FEELINGS ARE NOT WHAT MATTER. SHE IS NOT MEAT! IF YOU CARE FOR SOMEONE AT ALL YOU SHOULD CONSIDER THEIR FEELINGS. And, although, there might be some people who would welcome such attention, when you find someone who doesn’t, who reacts in a negative way to your advances, there is a civilized go-to response that is called “I’M SORRY”. “I am sorry for placing my wants before your own. Please, forgive me.” Anyone can make a stupid mistake, a genuine person will own up to it and do their best to alleviate another’s concern over the incident.

    @33, Yes, such Nazi’s… Your comment is so historically invalid Time Cops are policing it.

  22. John Phillips, FCD says

    Banecroft, you’re relatively new around here, yes? Anteprepro is simply extracting the urine and just riffing on the theme started by screechymonkey , i.e. not a baddy.

  23. Banecroft says

    @36 I figured as much, hence @35. :)

    But… I couldn’t resist the Time Cop comment! :p Sorry. :D

  24. says

    When listening to the MRA’s one would think that in the original video Rebecca vilified elevator guy calling him a rapist and nazi and condemning all men.

    One of the things I just can’t wrap my brain around.
    I remember I watched the original video way when it came out.
    It was absolutely not remarkable. I like Rebecca, but I wouldn’t have recommended that video to anybody on accounts of being meh.
    And then the internet exploded…

  25. crocodoc says

    The guardians of reason and science are finding out about Dan now. It’s only a few weird comments now but I wonder if SGB will also disable comments once Tf00t or the amazing Atheist post a “rebuttal”

    Some of the highlights:

    John Maddin “Equating someone trying to chat you up with sexism is ridiculous. If men were to do what this woman wants there would be NO relationships between the sexes. Totally batshit crazy and way over the top. All she has to say is NO THANKS, end of story, if they take it the wrong way then tough shit. Does anyone think she’d have acted like this if she fancied them, yeah didn’t think so. This is not an Emily Davidson momentfolks.”

    Azraelseraphim mansplains how women lack any gratitude to men: “I saw her videos. She seem pretty dumb. MRAs, Feminists, Anita Sarkeesian. Just people bitching about first world problems. I’m pretty sure a number of women who were raped during the Bosnian War would have loved to live the west instead of that dirty shithole. But hey people just don’t appreciate what they have. Where is the gratitude. At least you’re not in Africa or the Middle East. Lots and lots of dirty shithole around the world.”
    Then he goes on how entertainment is certainly not part of our daily lives: “Yeah hey was elevator girl raped? No. Whats more relevant. The girl who was raped in Steubbenville or Anita’s Sarkeesian’s videos about stupid shit like Christmas songs and what not. Don’t you fucking strawman me with your bullshit and imply that I don’t care about rape or victims of rape in the West. Instead of talking about the patriarchy in entertainment how about we address the pertinent issues in our daily lives.”

    UraniumMan “Who is this hipster dude? Being so heavily featured on this channel, I am wondering if he is the creator of “Some Grey Bloke”… In any case, I agree with him; feminists suck!”

    oneiros666 found out who poisoned SGB: “Somegreybloke is firmly in the FtB-camp. He can fuck off.”

    MisterLepton cannot be fooled. He looks through Dan’s disguise: “The way this guy is dressed proves he’s a male feminist.”, then provides solid rape statistics and debunks them: “One more thing. Every time you look at or approach a woman (especially if you find her attractive) you are sexualizing and therefore raping her. In other words, 99.99% of women are raped every day. In order to avoid rape men should go to big prisons with no TV. Our species has been around too long as it is. And if continuation of the species means rape I mean sex is necessary then we should go extinct.”

    caveman73 makes another good argument: “I know he basically raped her right there in the lift…. The monster!” and “Maybe what some men are fighting back against is preferential treatment of women. SOme of these feminist don’t want equality, they want special rules and special treatment.”

    stompySharpNpointy: “what a BIO itch :P”

    Mglosk makes it clear that rape- and death threats are not an overreaction. Saying stuff like “I felt uncomfortable” is, and that’s the point. “I get the sarcasm, making teenage boys and the immature look bad, and all. I get it. But this hides the real issue. RW over reacted. Ok so she felt uncomfortable. Big deal. Did she loose a hand? Was she beaten up? Did the guy insult her? If I got upset every time I felt uncomfortable and made people not do those things, it would be insane. She should have gotten over it right after it happened. She also made it look like all men are evil rapists, just by asking her out in a polite way”

    Tim Strange exposes how bad feminists are for feminism: “I was with you until you mentioned Sarkeesian. She’s a sex-negative neo-feminist. People like her is what the public perception of feminism is becoming and it hurts the fight for equality far more than it helps.”

    buntcubbles points out that nasty comments are a fantasy product: “LOLOLOLOLOL I dunno where you’ve seen responses like that but it’s obviously in a very weird place. No-one would ever say shit like that and if they did it would be because they’re arseholes and not because someone’s female.”

    anonumousarchdevil nails it: “But Rebecca Watson and Anita Sarkeesian are cunts, so, much of what was said is certainly earned.” and thejellymonster888 agrees: “It’s true women are such bitches when it comes to men.”

    FatLingon is actually really funny: “I’m gonna unsub hulk style. Video bad, me angry!”

    Danny77uk “What a stuck up bitch.”

    That being said I’d really like to know what Rebecca has to say about DPRJones

  26. crocodoc says

    Oh no, I made a collection of outstanding comments under this video, did that get swallowed by a naughty language filter?

  27. anteprepro says

    You know it’s easy to forget just how innocuous Rebecca’s video was.

    As someone who never saw it until now, that was my first thought. I knew it was innocuous, having seen the text of it, but never realized just how mild her objection was, in terms of tone and content. Never exactly knew how small the molehill was that the MRAs and their allies took and turned into shit mountain. I really don’t know how to feel considering that. It is somewhere between “Smug self-satisfaction” and “righteous, exasperated disgust”.

  28. Thumper; Atheist mate says

    @F1tz and anteprepro

    Yeah, I never actually watched it before either… it’s entirely inoffensive. She even specifies that she’d just finished a talk about how that kind of thing makes her uncomfortable, so the guy blatantly ignored her wishes.

    And even if that talk hadn’t been given, the thing that jumped out at me the very first time I heard about the “incident”; surely the briefest, most half arsed attempt at seeing things from her point of view would reveal that a stranger following you into an enclosed space, where you are alone with them and have no escape route, purely to proposition you, would make you feel uncomfortable? Surely it is not too difficult to see that that is the wrong way to go about it?