1. carlie says

    Ok, if I ever managed to take a picture like that, i’d be happy for the rest of my life.

  2. rogerfirth says

    Speaking of raindrop lenses. I happen to ride my motorcycle in the rain a lot. Occasionally a raindrop will hit the edge of my face shield just right and I’ll get a little puff of mist on my face.

    One time this happened and a droplet hit one of my eyes just right and formed a little “contact lens”. The rain drops all over my face shield, about 2 inches in front of my eyes, were suddenly in perfect focus. I could still see down the road just fine with my other eye, but with my one eye I could see every drop on the face shield in perfect focus. I looked around the faceshield for a second because it was so bizarre, then blinked and it was gone. Never had it happen before or since.

  3. pHred says

    That is absolutely, insanely gorgeous!

    Makes it much easier to cope with the subzero temperatures and 50 mile an hour winds outside just knowing that such beauty is out there.