1. Pen says

    I’m really impressed by the way Atheism+ is actually tackling problems that have been flagged all over FtB and sometimes been a matter of heated debate. The social justice 101 forum should help solve some of the problems of newcomers to social justice. At least everyone can find out what the content of the debate is without being agressed.

    Actually I’m really impressed with the way FtB morphes to tackle problems that are flagged. Since I’m here, I just wanted to say that although I’m apparently one of the more determined supporters of civility, I think the Thunderdome is a great solution for people who want to vent. It kind of reminds me of paintball: you know when you walk in that you’re likely to get stung, and if that floats your boat, or you need to lash out so much you’ll take some back, then great.

    I’m pretty excited to see where it all goes next.

  2. kevinalexander says

    Thank you Greta!

    Even if you leave anothers sex or sexual orientation out of the equation, if you’re just a garden variety * it’s still divisive to tell someone else in your group to fuck off and die. It’s not divisive to point out such stupid behaviour and say ‘Don’t do that guys’

  3. nohellbelowus says

    Hello, Greta! I give the URL to your website to all working ladies I see, and…

    Click. Dial tone….

    Hello… Greta?

    Click. Dial tone…