The FtB crew also did another podcast tonight

Here we go again: this time, Ashley Miller, Chris Rodda, JT Eberhard, and I hung out to chat about the perfidy of Christian corruption of education and government.

Some other people asked to join in midway through: these are chats among the community of bloggers here at Freethoughtblogs, so they’re a little bit exclusive…but maybe in the future with some advance warning we could think about bringing in an ‘outsider’ or two to give us a different perspective. Write to one of us and ask!


  1. Tony aka The Psychic Octopus [safe and welcome at FtB] says

    If you get flatbread or use a wrap, you can make a pizza in *no* time. Less than an hour.

  2. kreativekaos says

    Really enjoy the info, ideas and interaction of these discussions
    P Zed. It dovetails nicely with my You Tube lecture listening habit.

  3. 'Tis Himself says

    So it’s confirmed. JTE is an Andre Agassi wannabee, only without the talent at tennis.

  4. kitlane says

    Just anecdotal:
    Wheaton High School English Teacher said to my daughter (an atheist an A student) in front of the class during a discussion of “The Crucible”.

    “You have no moral compass if you reject god”

    She was 15 at the time. My daughter had had enough and so had I. That’s when we decided to enroll her in PSEO to attend UMN.

  5. julietdefarge says

    Over on Friendly Atheist there’s a discussion of how the Haredim affect Israeli society. The comparison with how fundamentalists here are ghettoizing themselves with poor education is interesting. In both cases, I hope I live long enough to see an anti-religious backlash.

  6. julietdefarge says

    Services for parents- look into Meetup’s Parenting Beyond Belief groups.

  7. porlob says

    What are the chances of getting these FTB/Pharyngula podcasts as audio-only in a discreet feed, so we can listen to them on our collective iPods at the gym?

    I’d even volunteer to do the file conversion.

  8. leftygomez says

    ditto #13 except I’d like to listen in the car and I don’t know how to do the conversion (I’ve used the web site YouTube-to-Mp3-Converter but it is not especially reliable, at least for me).

  9. kreativekaos says

    PZ,… interesting ideas about connecting the music and the arts in general with the groups thoughts about strengthening connections between the freethinking/atheist community and those concerned with social issues…. what one might term a socio-atheist movement.

    Don’t forget the visual arts as well. As you know, both music and the visual arts have deep historic connections to religion; the socio-atheist movement needs to nurture the same connections with all the arts as well.

    Perhaps creating contests would be an idea: art exhibits or contests addressing themes around atheism’s connections and influences on social issues and the arts; maybe a ‘Battle of the (Atheist) Bands’ concept, and other things that would bring artistic types who share a freethinking worldview into the fold.

  10. John Phillips, FCD says

    porlob, if using FireFox, get something like the Easy YouTube Downloader addon. Then on the blog page, click on Pharyngula Podcast #n, top left of the video window, to take you to the YouTube page. Under the YouTube video window there is now a Download button. Click this and you will be offered a list of the available formats to click on to download. MP3 is one of the audio only options offered. Other browsers have similar addons, e.g. there is a chrome version of the above addon. For IE8/9 I use the Java app, JDownloader, this allows you to right click on the Video window on the FTB page itself, copy the url ,and JD will grab it from the clipboard and display the formats available, one of which is MP3. Just delete the ones you don’t want under the linkgrabber tab and let JD download the MP3.

  11. porlob says

    John Phillips, Yeah, I can download and convert the file, which is what I’ve been doing… It would just be nice to have a discreet audio-only RSS feed for FTB content like this, so iTunes (or the podcatcher of one’s choice) will automatically download them without a lot of manual jiggerypokery.

  12. kreativekaos says

    Speaking of music and art to express the wonder of science, and even atheism (Dawkins is featured in a few)… have got to check this site out.

    PZ, are you listening? I know you occasionally post videos that in some way promote or encourage an appreciation of science.
    If you haven’t been to this site, you may be able to grab some great videos from here (similar to the one you posted with Mr. Rogers encouraging kids to explore with their minds.)