Why I am an atheist – Natasha Yar-Routh

I’m an atheist because I noticed that what little evidence there is for gods and goddesses, more hearsay really, is equally valid for the lot of them. The problem is the claims made for the nearly 1,000 gods and goddesses are contradictory. Quite simply they can’t all be true, but they can quiet easily all be false. Factor in that we have well tested scientific explanations for much of existence and there is no need for any supernatural beings running around causing trouble.

Natasha Yar-Routh
United States


  1. Sili says

    Wow. That’s a blast from the past.

    Good to see, you’re still around, Yar-Routh.

  2. natashayar-routh says

    Oh yeah I’m still around and doing what I can to cause trouble for the theocrats.

  3. Rich Woods says

    I agree with your argument and your conclusion, but I’m not sure where you got your figure for a thousand gods and goddesses from. To the best of my knowledge, the ancient Egyptians had 20,000 gods and goddesses alone (once local variants over three thousand years were taken into account).

  4. Rich Woods says

    Addendum (because I clumsily hit Submit before).

    There are five to six thousand languages in use in the world (however small their current usage), each of which implies the existence of a different culture. Obviously in the modern era the world religions have taken over in many (if not most) of these cultures, but going back through the history of humanity many of these cultures must have developed their own ideas of gods, and while that would be a branching structure it still suggests religious interpretations much more diverse in history as the two hundred or so extant Christian sects who claim to be the true Christianity today. So, there are loads of god-beliefs and with all the in-fighting over ever smaller points of contention, rather than a broader analysis, an ever-decreasing possibility that any single one of them has actually grasped the true nature of reality.

    I’ll stop there. I’ve had too much to drink and even I’m no longer sure I’m making sense!

  5. kerryberry says

    I am new to commenting here, really. I just want to chime in with a tangential comment: I love the word play in your name – Natasha Yar-Routh *he says gushingly”. Just fantastic. I have to come up with a better cybername.