Last call for the Midwest Science of Origins Conference

The conference starts here in Morris tonight, with an opening lecture by yours truly on the evolution of creationism in the science auditorium on campus. It’s just the one event, so you’re forgiven if you only show up tomorrow for the main course — a day of science and philosophy, starting at 10am and continuing with breaks until about 7. All talks will be held in the science auditorium, except Neil Shubin’s at 2:00, which will be held at the elementary school gym (just a few blocks down the road from the university).

Then, on Sunday, we wrap up with Chris Stedman talking about community service or something.

Come on out! It’s going to be a grand couple of days, and we’d love to make the community wonder what’s going on by swamping all the local restaurants at lunch and dinner.

I’ve received questions about this: what if you haven’t registered? DON’T WORRY. SHOW UP ANYWAY. It’s entirely free, they just want you to register to help keep track of how many show up, and to get contact info for future events. You can also just show up for any one talk you want to hear (Shubin is in the Elementary School because we expect more will show up for that talk than the others). It’s OK — this is all casual and fun, the goal is engagement with the region and community, and we’re not going to force anyone to jump through hoops.


  1. tfkreference says

    evolution of creationism in the science auditorium

    I hope your talk stops this process–a science auditorium is a horrible place for creationists to be evolving.

  2. Rich Woods says

    I’d like to think that a science auditorium could seat a larger crowd than an elementary school’s gym.

  3. Just_A_Lurker says

    Is there anyway for streaming of events? All of these awesome conferences and I only get to watch some of it afterwards. I mean with the economy and everything you could do registration for streaming and show that more people want these sort of events. Maybe as a way to help with the getting the word out to people of low income, women scared for safety or single parents without time? I fit all of those things and people like me are sorely underrepresented in the community. =(

    Or is there a place to find good quality video all in one place?

    Basically, WAHHHHHH I want to go to!