The party got a little wild last night

1300 atheists unwinding after the Reason Rally and a long day of talks at the American Atheists National Convention leads to…costumes. Trekkies and a multitude of Jesi and Mohammeds. Loudness and alcohol. Raucus laughter and grand plans for world domination. Somehow I ended up in a strange hotel room late at night with a bottle of Jim Beam and a swarm of well-known godless folk you’d probably all recognize.

Regrettably, I had to extract myself from the scene and get some sleep, because today I must stand up in front of all those hung-over, weary atheists who are just now experiencing the symptoms of the creeping crud from standing in the rain for 12 hours, and talk coherently for a while. This is going to be a harsh day, I think.

And then…hurtling through the sky to Minneapolis! Long drive home! Frantic scramble to prep for tomorrow’s classes!


  1. DLC says

    See no evil, speak no evil hear PZ Myers ?
    One of those Jesii looks suspiciously like someone from around these parts. . .
    Luck on the talk, PZ.

  2. jimnorth says

    Some religiously prejudiced sources are claiming that barely 1,000 people came to the rally. In that case, how did 1,300 come to the after-party? It’s obviously A Miracle!

    Well, according to Creatinist math, that 1000 would actually be 750,000,000 people. (if 6000 yrs equals 4.5 billion, etc.) Freethinkers for the win! (FTFTW!)

  3. Ogvorbis: shameless AND impudent! says

    And then…hurtling through the sky to Minneapolis!

    Wait. PZ is Superman?

  4. otranreg says

    Isn’t ‘Jesus’ a fourth-declension noun? Nom. Plural should have the same written form as singular — ‘Jesus’ (albeit the pronunciation would change — /jesūs/).

  5. HaggisForBrains says

    Yeah, what happened to all these xians who were going to turn up to convert you all?

  6. helenaconstantine says

    Most commonly, the -us ending in Latin is second declension and takes its plural in -i, but the Latin form of the Hebrew name Yeshua is actually a forth declension, Jesu, and takes it plural in -us with a long u.

  7. swampfoot says

    Guy on the right is our beloved Thunderf00t! (aka Phil Mason!)

    Who are the other two?

  8. says

    Good to know I wasn’t the only one who recognised the mightiness of the f00t… but yeah, the other two the costume’s a lil too much coverage (god no, don’t get naked guys)

  9. onion girl, OM; social workers do it with paperwork says

    I just got back from the drugstore and have now returned with meds for the aforementioned creeping crud, aka Reason Really flu. I suspect, had I not already had the foresight to request today off, I would be joining the many atheists that are calling in sick today.

    Except, of course, for all the ones that will be calling in sick tomorrow after returning from the AA convention. ;)

    Still. Worth it. :)

  10. Crudely Wrott says

    Heh! I interpreted the three be-robed figures as signifying the three wise kings who traveled afar to witness a were-birth under a new star.

    Their posing as the three famous monkeys just seemed so right somehow.

  11. says

    @13, Pentatomid:

    No probs with the embed, this is a special case. I guess this video captures the experience of being in a large crowd of loud people, with the attendant chaos and foolishness I would expect. Anybody have a link to some cleaner, clearer video (or even better, audio) of the sideshow attractions at The Reason Rally? I really want to hear the interplay between the motivated counter-attendees and the Reason crowd. Guess I should’a been there . . .

  12. CompulsoryAccount7746 says

    @CX316 #17:

    god no, don’t get naked guys

    Google Images: hunky jesus contest

  13. madscientist says

    I would have guessed Jesus, Moses, Mo’ – it can’t be three Jesuses, the bible says there’s only one.

  14. Bjarni says

    Now you see? These are the kind of filthy, morally bankrupt, despicable actions that make people like me upset we couldn’t be there…

    Glad to see much fun was had. Good luck with the rough schedule PZ!

  15. DLC says

    Look! nobody’s to throw any stones until I give the word, even if they do say Jehova!

  16. says

    Althea gives a great Python, but Imma thinking one of those must be Walton. [Shines Walton signal]

    And Ing @ 3 gets a +3, that there was some funny shit, I don’t care who you are.
    And just an aside, but maybe American Atheists might, ya know, kinda get more uptempo?

    Seriously folks, AA is a defunct airline, the other AA is a friend of Bill’s, and the third grasping hand is American Atheists!? We can do better.

  17. Ogvorbis: shameless AND impudent! says

    it can’t be three Jesuses, the bible says there’s only one.

    Although if Jesus H. Christ was actually the Three Stooges it would sure explain a lot, wouldn’t it?

  18. says

    Wow, awesome! I’ve made it onto PZ’s blog! I’m the Jesus in the middle. Unfortunately, the one who’s hair isn’t real. And the one no one knows. :(