Are you 4th year med students experiencing stress or something?

Tomorrow is match day for med students — they’re all competing for residencies, and apparently, it leads some of them to make comparisons with the upcoming movie, The Hunger Games.

(That’s a former student of mine, Katie Glasrud, playing the role of Katniss. She’ll do fine. If the Match is anything like the Hunger Games, though, her fellow students ought to worry about getting killed!)


  1. says

    “Reflex Hammer as Weapon of Choice” for the lulz.

    My younger brother went through this about four years ago. He is now finishing his 4th years of residency at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP.) He will be pasted this link momentarily.

  2. M Groesbeck says

    I’d be able to laugh more easily if medical-physics residencies weren’t going the same way. At least people know what the hell a “medical doctor” is!

  3. aleopold says

    The same is true with veterinary students right about now. Matching to internships and residencies – I am not looking forward to this process!!