I get email

Eugene Delgaudio, a fellow calling himself the “Public Advocate of the United States” and from an organization called “Traditional Values”, writes to me a lot. To be fair, I think some kook somewhere signed me up for his newsletter — I get a lot of peculiar email that I only get because random organizations have an open sign-up process that allows them to be used for harassment — but poor Eugene is such a persecuted sad-sack that I thought I’d point and laugh at him a bit. He’s always complaining.

Dear PZ,

In the past, the radical homosexuals have attempted to kill me, even threatening and stalking my family. [Evidence?] However, all that did was make me more determined than ever to fight them. [Oh, come on, Eugene. You’ve been salivating over gay men for ages]

And with Public Advocate supporters’ help, I did.

Together, pro-family Americans have really rocked the Homosexual Lobby. We’ve held off so much of their agenda for so many years. [Like equality? Way to go!]

But now they want to take supporters like you out of the fight.

I’ve received letters from three different government agencies ordering me to stop sending mail to members like you. [Well, you know, I sympathize with the agencies here, since I’m a perfect example of a recipient of email abuse. I didn’t sign up for his deluge of paranoia, but he has such a sloppy opt-in sign-up that anyone can sign anyone else up for his crap.]

One letter from a Post Office bureaucrat actually declared my correspondence with Public Advocate members to be obscene! [This is one of his milder efforts. He actually is obsessed with homosexual practices, and tends to fantasize graphically about them.]

You see, in their sick world radical homosexuals can desecrate churches [Like that would bother me], spread their filth across the internet [I could send him lots more heterosexual porn, if he’d like], and run naked through the very halls of Congress [Has anyone seen that? I haven’t.].

But when I try to tell people about it, my letters are labeled obscene by those who serve the homosexuals’ purposes. [Like the post office? Your mailman might be gay, Eugene!]

And if they can find a judge who agrees with them, the legal consequences could be severe. Even if we win, the legal fees could destroy your Public Advocate. [Tell someone who cares.]

That’s why I’m desperate for you to send a contribution of $50 or even $100 today. I need your help right away, so I ask you to send whatever you can afford today.

Wait, what? This feeble complaint is a fundraising gimmick? I have seen the light! Christians have been poisoning the body politic for centuries, they send me threats, they frolic in the halls of Congress (clothes mostly on, but maybe you should read about the degenerates in The Family), I find their prudery obscene, and look! Wackos are sending me harassing email! Send me money. Paypal accepted. Cash in small bills also accepted. OK, very large bills are also fine, if you insist on forcing them on me.


  1. Larry says

    Mr. Delgaudio sounds like somebody whose advances were rejected during some anonymous men’s room encounter and now he’s out looking for revenge.

  2. otrame says

    People like Eugene don’t bother me nearly as much as the ones who say, “Well, he goes too far, but he has a point.”

    If all we had to contend with was people like Eugene, there would be no problem, and sexual orientation and/or gender issues would have no affect on your legal status in this country. Unfortunately, some much more able people have decided that these issues are useful to keep them in power.

  3. says

    Mr. Delgaudio sounds like somebody whose advances were rejected during some anonymous men’s room encounter and now he’s out looking for revenge.

    He just takes a dump with a “wide stance” and picks toilet paper up from the floor to use, like we all do.

    Didn’t Sen. Craig teach you anything?

    Glen Davidson

  4. says

    Sadly, I’m not on the email list. I like a good chuckle.
    This blog series “I Get Email” reminds me not to send email…

  5. Simon says

    Definitly the poll – got it too and something like that would be very rare.

    I love in particular how Eugene adresses one so directly. And makes it clear that only we two, we happy two, stand against the incoming days of gay reckoning. Only your money can save mankind …

    I feel empowered.

  6. Glodson says

    Here’s my fantasy: I want evidence of one of these crazy accusations. I want to see one “radical” homosexual advocacy group actually have in their agenda the goal of being allowed to desecrate churches at will and run naked through congress.

    Oh, I get it. It is a metaphor! The stupid bastard that the sick gay people that want to be able to act like everyone else and possibly attend a church of their choosing would be desecrating it by their mere presence. Wow, those horrible radical gay people trying to get the same treatment as anyone else. They must be stopped.

    But I am all for the running naked through congress. That should be a right we all fight for. It would certainly make C-SPAN more fun.

  7. beetle says

    and run naked through the very halls of Congress [Has anyone seen that? I haven’t.].

    This might increase their approval rating.

  8. Rey Fox says

    That’s why I’m desperate for you

    Oh Eugene, don’t you know the Rules? Never show desperation!

  9. Glodson says

    Just read the rest of the comments, checked my email too… Goddamnit. It was the fucking poll.

    Now I get to read the lunacy first hand as well! This is less fun than I expected.

  10. Inane Janine, OM, Conflater Of Arguments says

    I am grateful that I did not answer that disingenuous poll and get counted as a supporter of their bigoted bullshit.

  11. MikeMa says

    On the list. Got the email. Responded that he is a homophobic, anti-American asshole. I’m sure he’ll drop me now, right? Right?

  12. Inane Janine, OM, Conflater Of Arguments says

    …and run naked through the very halls of Congress…

    I am having a hard time believing that either Tammy Baldwin or Barney Frank engaged in this activity.

  13. says

    Oh, it’s worse than I thought, then. I assumed it was someone else intentionally signing me up, but it looks like he’s harvesting email addresses from site visits. He’s a scumbag, then, and yeah, legal agencies should be shutting him down.

  14. Inane Janine, OM, Conflater Of Arguments says

    No, MikeMa, content is not important. And act of communication with that liar means that you support his fantasy.

  15. Inane Janine, OM, Conflater Of Arguments says

    PZ, on the undead thread, quite a few people have mentioned that they got an e-mail stating that they are now part of the petition and begging for a donation.

  16. Captain Mike says

    To be fair, I had to give him my email address to take the poll. He didn’t exactly steal it.

  17. MikeMa says

    @Inane Janine,
    I suspect you are correct. I responded before I saw this post and realized that many of us are on his list. I will gladly add him to my spam filter but his comments were so outrageous, I felt a basic need to throw something. I will try to refrain in future.

  18. Mr.Kosta says

    That’s why I’m desperate for you

    …And kids, this is what we call a freudian slip.

  19. Akira MacKenzie says

    …and run naked through the very halls of Congress.

    Watch: “They know we’re stalling. And seriously, I can’t come up with a way to be more intimidating.”
    Ward: “I can! We get completely nude! Naked army! Go all Braveheart on them!”
    Watch: “I think the Eunuch Division might gross everybody out.”
    Ward: “Yeah, maybe. But the Women’s Auxiliary, that’ll rule.”

    –The Venture Brothers: “The Revenge Society”

  20. says

    Got it here too – it’s definitely the poll. If he’s claiming that my voice is on his side because he has my e-mail, I want to know who he’s claiming it to, so I can disabuse them of the notion.

  21. anbheal says

    Yep,got it too. What I also love is the disclaimer at the bottom, that says our contributions are not tax deductible, even though it’s a non-profit, because, well, we’re not really what we say we are…except it’s the fault of the damn radical homosexuals!

    It’s worth noting that he chairs the overseers of the richest county in the country, is enormously wealthy himself (as our his supporters and constituents), yet here he is begging for socialist hand-outs. And the charges against him are essentially for doing what he’s doing in this mailing. How come conservatives don’t get irony?

    Also, worth noting that blacks, Latinos, the poor, and women have also loomed large in his sorry history of hatemongering. He really can’t stand the humnan race in general.

  22. San Ban says

    I’m on the list, too. But the email he sent me said I’d signed one of his sick petitions! A bald-faced lie, of course. I’ve emailed him back asking him to cease and desist, but the email bounced back undeliverable, and the spam keeps coming.

  23. Inane Janine, OM, Conflater Of Arguments says

    Sounds like everyone who got a return e-mail thanking them for their “support” should gather everything together in order to show the dishonest actions of “Public Advocate of the United States” and shut down that operation.

  24. San Ban says

    Delgaudio is Supervisor for Sterling district in Loudoun County, Virginia. The local paper is the Loudoun Times – anyone feel like writing a letter to the editor (LTMeditor@timespapers.com) about their Supervisor’s extracurricular activities?

  25. truthspeaker says

    I got signed up for his newsletter on 10/13. I just unsubscribed after getting something about radical homosexual activists threatening him.

  26. Wes Koster says

    Yes. Eugene Delguadio and his organization hijacked our information when we filled out his survey. Despite answering his survey questions FOR equal rights, he used the submission of the answers as a signature for his hate-fear-based petition, without informing survey respondents that he was doing so. Yes, he has our names as proponents of his mush-minded agenda on his petition. I’m sending a certified letter to him demanding he remove my name from said petition. It’s a matter of principle, even if he happens to be a sad-sack nobody.

  27. anbheal says

    SanBan (#29), I think it’s a lost cause. He’s been doing this sort of stuff for years, and he’s the darling of the county establishment. I presume his neighbors would be delighted to learn that they have a public bulldog to spew the venom they all feel toward anyone committing the sin fo not being them.

    They are the 1 percent.

  28. Kieran says

    Eugene Delguadio is completely hetrosexual, isn’t that how the song goes. So who wants to start a pool on when he is found with a young man paying for sex?

  29. says

    I’ve been receiving this as well, and it’s being sent to an address that I originally set up to order DVDs from Hovind’s site, though I may have used it to sign an AFA petition or something as well. So it’s possible that churches trade email lists as freely as they copy-paste each people’s text.

    Because, you know, things like privacy and proper attribution are tools of the devil.

  30. Inane Janine, OM, Conflater Of Arguments says

    I get just a little bit tired of the trope that if a person is so against homosexuality, that person must be a self loathing homosexual. Just because some are does not mean all are. Most are just hateful humans.

  31. SteveInMI says

    @MikeMa #16: I kindly offered a similar reply, signed with my professional title (Reverend). No word yet on whether I’ve been welcomed in to the fold or removed from the mailing list. :)

  32. tynk says

    oooh, I didn’t know homosexuals are allowed to run through the halls of congress naked! That’s great. Do I need to sign up somewhere for this or can I just show up and start streaking?

  33. Cosmic Snark says

    Dang. I got the same email an hour ago. I thought I had something new to blog about, but I see as usual PZ beat me to it.

  34. raven says

    I wonder how much money he gets for his bizarre ramblings*?

    Might be more than anyone can imagine.

    Harold Camping raised millions of dollars with his End of the World schtick. Despite being wrong once before. His third wrong prediction is for jesus to show up in three days.

    Oh well. Money sent to lunatics, fakes, and fraudsters is money they can’t use for something else.

    *Cthulhu knows what he does with it. Throws wild parties with lots of cute boys or something. I didn’t say that, just thought it.

  35. says

    Definitely the poll listed above. It used to be just porn that landed in my throw-away email box, now I get this crap too. It’s more dehumanizing than any porn I’ve ever seen.

  36. Nes says

    Yes, it’s from the “poll”. I signed it as “Joe Plumber” and used a mailinator email address. Anyone who’s interested can see it in full at jplumber.mailintor.com for as long as mailinator keeps it.

  37. Fox says

    I also received an e-mail from this guy thanks to that recent poll. (I guess they don’t check your answers before adding you to their mailing list.) I assume that many of you received the same, but I’m c/ping here for the amusement of anyone who didn’t. (Apologies for the length, but it really is a hoot.)

    I immediately wrote back to Eugene, but sadly my reply bounced. What’s the point of having a your.name@yoursite.com address if no one can write to you?

    Also, if you look closely, there is (or should be) an unsubscribe notice at the very bottom of his emails, right after the disclaimer that donations to his cause are not tax-deductible.

    Thank you for your recently signed petition. I am excited to know you are an American who is willing to take a stand for pro-family values.

    Here at Public Advocate, fighting for and defending the family values our nation was founded on is what we are all about.

    If you are looking for a hard-hitting pro-family organization with a history of victories against the growing radical Homosexual Lobby, look no further than Public Advocate of the United States.

    Founded in 1981, Public Advocate quickly took center stage as the nation’s leading family advocate with over 400,000 united pro-family activists.

    Time after time, Public Advocate has beaten back the attempts of the Homosexual Lobby to pass legislation aimed at making homosexuals a special class of citizens.

    But, victories these days have been harder and harder to come by.

    Which is why I so excited to have your signed petition!

    With it, I will prove to Congress that the American people still hold traditional family values dear.

    And if you believe the threat of the Homosexual Lobby is being blown out of proportion, think again.

    At this very moment, individuals and organizations with hundreds of millions of dollars that comprise the Homosexual Lobby are working to pass their radical agenda.

    Here are just a few names and organizations you may recognize: Tim Gill, Barney Frank, Pat Stryker, Jared Polis, Cindy and Meghan McCain, The Advocate, GLAAD, and the Human Rights Campaign.

    All of these people are working towards what they call “equal rights” for homosexuals, when in reality, the rights they are trying to acquire would be unique to homosexuals only.

    A Thought Control bill was just recently passed. This bill puts into law regulations that deem so-called “hate speech” as illegal.

    This has me worried, and I hope you are too. Because who is to say what language will be considered hate speech?

    Don’t believe me? In Canada and Europe pastors have been thrown in jail for preaching Biblical teachings against homosexuality.

    This very well may be the reality of Thought Control in the United States.

    I hope you know how serious this issue really is.

    Which is why, as President of Public Advocate, I have devoted my life to protecting family values and defending our freedoms.

    I want to leave a legacy I am proud of, knowing the United States is still the nation I grew up in.

    But without your support, this year alone we could see Barney Frank’s so-called “Employment Non-Discrimination Act” put into law.

    We call this the “Gay Bill of Special Rights” because it doesn’t eliminate discrimination, it destroys workplace protection from radical homosexuals whose only mission is to spread their agenda.

    If passed, the Gay Bill of Special Rights would require workplaces to meet a quota of homosexual employees, forcing employers to choose a radical homosexual over a potentially more qualified candidate.

    And no workplace will be exempt. Churches, daycares, nursing homes, private schools, you name it, all will have to adhere to these regulations.

    And Obama is even looking to push for the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” this year, which would remove the protection our soldiers have from the Homosexual Lobby.

    And even the Healthcare bill is filled with numerous paybacks to homosexuals, giving lower healthcare premiums to “unmarried” homosexuals than married couples, all paid for at taxpayer expense.

    I hope you understand this threat is real. . . and imminent.

    And I also hope you will consider making a donation to Public Advocate to help protect our family values.

    Public Advocate will never waver from the firm conviction that political decisions should begin and end with the best interests of American families and communities in mind, and that marriage is a sacred union between one man and one woman.

    Public Advocate has been 100% dependent on the financial support of contributors, we do not receive any government or taxpayer money, nor do we want it.

    I would appreciate it if you could help support Public Advocate by making a charitable contribution, please click here.

    No matter the amount, be it $5 or $50 or more, every dollar you give is greatly appreciated and will go a long way towards defending our pro-family values.

    It is my hope to keep you up-to-date on the fight for pro-family values through email alerts.

    There are some tough battles coming up very soon and I am going to need your help if we are to win.

    Thank you for your support.

    Eugene Delgaudio
    Public Advocate of the U.S.

    P.S. Public Advocate is the leading force in defending the conservative pro-family values our nation was founded on.

    Please consider a donation to Public Advocate to help defend our pro-family values from the Homosexual Lobby’s attacks.

  38. Dr. Audley Z. Darkheart OM, liar and scoundrel says

    Calling all radical homosexuals: take this survey!

    Well, holy shit. I just checked the disposable email addy that I used for that “survey” (nomorezombies@makemetheking.com) and it’s chalk full of crazy town.

  39. Gwynnyd says

    Am I one of the few who keeps a spare name and email address around – that I rarely to never look at – to use when answering these kind of polls?

  40. Akira MacKenzie says


    Oh, it’s worse than I thought, then. I assumed it was someone else intentionally signing me up…

    That’s what happened to me when I came out atheist to my Mother’s side (the WELS side) of the family. My Inbox was flooded with messages from various fundagelical e-mail lists. I demanded that they stop our else I’d contact their respective ISPs about the harassment . “We’re trying to help you,” one of my cousins, the one who said that atheists must be watched by the police, lamented.

    In the end, I had to hunt down unsubscribe instructions for all of the e-lists and killfile my relatives addresses. I refuse to speak with any of them anymore.

  41. Gareth says

    Haha, i’ve never met a radical homosexual. I wonder what are their distinguishing features? What is their agenda, other than wanting equal status under the law? People like ol’ Eugene do nothing other than reinforce the need to fight against discrimination against homosexuals. A fight that is largely being won even in the US.

  42. Pierce R. Butler says

    Delgaudio Famiy Values:

    “You’ll see men hand-in-hand skipping down to adoption centers to ‘pick out’ a little boy for themselves,” read a 1998 letter from Delgaudio seeking money to fight gay adoptions. …

    Between 1997 and 2000, the group reported spending more than $4.5 million out of total revenues of $5.6 million on a joint educational and fundraising campaign. …

    Some of his demonstrations have included a “Man-Donkey Mock Wedding Ceremony” outside the Democratic National Convention in Chicago and a “Perverts for Cellucci” rally to protest President Bush’s nomination of then-Massachusetts Gov. Paul Cellucci to be ambassador to Canada. …

    Richard Delgaudio, brother of Eugene Delgaudio, was arrested in 2003 for producing – not possessing – but producing child pornography.

    Richard Delgaudio plead guilty and faced charges for the child pornography after paying two teenage girls to pose for highly-graphic and fetish-inspired sexual photos in a low-budget motel in Baltimore, Maryland.

  43. Christopher says

    Joe.My.God. reprints Delgaudio emails all the time. Some of them are pretty funny in that they’re very very difficult to tell from Poe. He imagines all kinds of adventures- sneaking around warehouses, being attacked by homosexuals wielding heavy rocks, etc.
    His organization, if you can really call it that, has been investigated and fined for their fundraising activities, a fact that Delgaudio sites as further evidence for his persecution. I’m guessing most of his money comes from the same people who believe every right wing email forward they get.

  44. Aztec says

    Me confused. Me not understand.
    What is exactly a “radical homosexual”? I can’t really understand the message of this e-mail without a proper definition. Where does the line go between a regular (mellow, laid-back?) homosexual and a radical homosexual? Is it the kind of clothes you wear, or what? Does the willingness to take one penis in your anus make you a regular homosexual man, double penetration a borderline radical gay, and a wine bottle a full on radical homosexual? And what about gay women?

  45. Spamamander, the Good Kind of Spam says

    I agree with not knowing any “radical homosexuals”. I DO know some extremely fabulous ones!

  46. EnriqueH says

    I have been a reader of Pharyngula for about 3 years now, but have never participated in the comments section. Of course I participate in poll crashing and today when I received the email from these person I read half of his rant before proceeding to send it to the spam folder and didnt gave it much thought after that. Later I came here to check Pharyngula as usual I was suprised by this post. It felt good to be part of the community. In a way I kind of have this loon to thank for that his email is full of garbage my favorite part is when he says: “quick! send me 50 or if you can 100 dollars”. Yea right!

  47. MsV says

    this was from one of the polls we pharyngulated – I think we’re all getting it (unless you have terribly clever spam filters)

    The infuriating bit is how bad their software is, given this is clearly going out to everyone, even the dissenters

  48. Xios the Fifth says

    In the past, the radical fabulous homosexuals have attempted to kill me give me advice on how to be a fashionable person with a shred of decency, even threatening whining pitifully and stalking my family attempting to educate me and those around me.

    /fixed it!

  49. wes koster says

    The problem is, we’re not just on a ridiculous spam email list. Our names, real or not, were put on a petition supporting his twisted agenda. It’s funny if you put a name like Daffy Rabbit, or some such, as it will just make him look all the more a fool, but I don’t want to bolster his raw numbers for that petition if I don’t have to.

  50. amphiox says

    I got one one too.

    Could it be from that crazy on-line questionnaire on homophobia PZ linked to a while back? IIRC, you had to give an e-mail address in order to fill out the questionnaire….

  51. amphiox says

    Oh, I see Kevin DeGraaf already noted it.

    (Stupid Apple magic-mouse scrolling too fast….)

  52. evilDoug says

    What is exactly a “radical homosexual”?

    Well, if it is the same as a “homosexual radical” it would be one with an unpaired electron in an open shell. There will fewer of them once same-sex marriage is well established.

  53. Coyotenose says

    I briefly visited Eugene Delgaudio’s website, having followed a link in the description of a pro-gay rights petition from Change.org or Think Progress. His site was linked as an example of the bigotry problem, though I don’t recall the exact petition offhand. The site was unimpressive gibberish, and I closed the tab after a few moments. That’s all I did.

    The next day, I got an email from his site thanking me for supposedly signing an undescribed gay-bashing petition and asking for further contributions. I did no such thing, or anything remotely similar.

    What’s up here?

  54. Coyotenose says

    Ah okay, it was from Pharyngulating, not from one of those other sites. I should read the other posts before commenting :P

  55. Ms. Daisy Cutter says


    He imagines all kinds of adventures- sneaking around warehouses…

    I don’t have any problem imagining DelGaudio sneaking around warehouses looking for, um, some sinners to document. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  56. says

    San Ban!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I was wondering who to bitch at. Thank you for the link!

    I also sent a complaint to whitehouse.gov and I sent this story to alternet.org.

  57. mikee says

    Dear Eugene,

    If you want to stop being “stalked” by other closeted gay men then stop tapping your foot in public toilets

  58. numenaster says

    @thunderbird5, #56:

    I dunno, I get more of an Arnold Layne vibe from him. But you made my day anyhow.

  59. Midnight Rambler says

    Funny, I didn’t get the message in the OP (I didn’t vote in the poll), but I just checked my junk email account yesterday and found a similar one from Delgaudio arrived last week. Not sure how I got on the list, but he must have different sets derived from different sources or something. It was a rant about “Congress mandating homosexual education”, but the best part was the typo in the disclaimer (I’m not even sure what it’s supposed to say):

    Because Public Advocate of the U.S. lobbies to Homosexual Lobby, contributions are not tax deductible for IRS purposes.

  60. Martin B says

    I too got a copy. I was added to the list last Thursday apparently while I was speaking to a conference. I did help pharyngulate the poll but this means they waited a bit to add the email addresses from it. A script would not take weeks. Somebody decided to pull the supplied addresses later.

    I really wonder who … if anybody … read the answers. A moments thought would suggest I am NOT a good target audience for his rant to be converted to money.

    Poor him too … he does not qualify as a charity. One small mercy IMHO.

  61. Peter says

    Hey, I got the same email. I’ve had 3 now. I wondered what it was. Thought he didn’t know me well at all. I sent a curt reply back, but somehow it wouldn’t send. Blocked perhaps. Frightening there are still such bigots.

  62. Jett Perrobone says

    A little poem, from the perspective of homophobe jerkwad Eugene Delgaudio:

    The radical gays like to squirt mayonnaise
    All over their cesspool of sin
    It makes me perspire, but when I inquire
    They insist that I cannot join in

    Every homo flick, it just makes me sick
    With its gyrations, jerkings and jizz
    I study this slime, for hours at a time
    To judge just how filthy it is

    Because they’re not straight they will desecrate
    Our churches with ugly rainbows
    They slap the caboose of the kids they seduce
    Unlike Catholics, everyone knows!

    Your e-mail I stole because you crashed my poll
    How dare you maggots have the hide!
    I’ve been told by “The Man” to stop sending you spam
    Even though you are not on my side

    A bureaucrat dared to be smug and declare
    That my mail to PA’s was obscene!
    This hardly is fair for gay porn I’m aware
    Of turns me a flaming shade of green

    Pro-family means that all of those drag queens
    Should not get their hands on my kids
    Does logic support it? No, Christians report it
    Is reason that religion forbids.

    The homosexual lobby’s favourite hobby
    Is to spread the ridiculous lie
    That those who are like a poofter or dyke
    Are humans just like you and I

    I’ll feather and tar all of them who are
    The filthiest of all human trash
    They streaking through Congress, continuing unless
    You’ll only just give me some cash

  63. says

    Jett Perrobone, really enjoyed your poem!

    When I read of these crazy people in the US, I despair and doubt if India would ever wake up from its religio-homophopic slumber..

    I think one of the greatest lines of gay poetry I have ever read is from Don Leon.
    Quoting it to counter ‘your’ position:

    “Though law cries ‘Hold!’ yet passion onward draws,
    But nature gave us passions, man gave laws,
    Whence spring these inclinations, rank and strong?
    And harming no one, wherefore call them wrong?”

    I do really wish it was Byron who wrote this but most scholars agree it wasn’t him…

  64. ZachPruckowski says

    This guy’s actually up for re-election in a less than three weeks. The Democrat opposing him is Al Nevarez. Take your donation dollars and put them somewhere that’ll piss Delgaudio off!

  65. nazani14 says

    Here’s a way to complain: Contact his superior:
    Scott K. York,
    Chairman At Large (Independent)

    P.O. Box 7000
    Mailstop #01
    Leesburg, Virginia

    Office Phone:

  66. jayh says

    I can confirm this creep harvested email addys from that survey (on a totally different site, with no opt-in or -out for being signed up).

    Answers to his paranoid rantings are not read, since he has continued to email once every two days. It just gets creepier, by the way. He’s now claiming children in kindergarten will be taught about gay sex acts.

    I tried to report him for spam, but interestingly he seems to be using a popular munging service, via bluehornet.com. Spamcop couldn’t find an abuse address to complain to.

    Lots of LGBT blogs ripping him a new one, with bets being laid as to how long before he’s outed.

  67. says

    He turned up in my spam filter, but I had to read the latest screed:

    The Homosexual Lobby is now pressuring Sesame Street — the long-time beloved children’s show — to portray Homosexual Muppet “marriage.”

    That’s right, the Homosexual Lobby is demanding that Bert and Ernie get married.

    They want Bert and Ernie to set a pro-homosexual example in order to teach your children that homophobia is wrong and homosexuality is beautiful.

    They claim that if only Bert and Ernie were allowed to marry it would help put an end to bullying and end the suicides of LGBT youth.

    The reality is the Homosexual Lobby wants access to your children and they want them while they’re young.

    Only with that access can they turn your children against your traditional values — against you.

    But that’s not all. These radicals also demand a transgender character be added to the children’s show in a “tasteful way.”


    In what sick world is introducing cross-dressing perverts to 3 year olds “tasteful?”

    This has to stop.

    You mean these e-mails have to stop, I hope? Please.

  68. Flakko says

    The paranoid ramblings sent today is in a league of its own. That dude is losing his shit. Apparently if we don’t send him $50 the Radical Homosexual Lobby will conquer all, and he will be forced to shutter his office. I can think of worse things to happen.

  69. says

    Thanks a lot PZ. Because of that Family Values poll you had us all take, this guy is emailing us all the exact same crap. It’s funny in small doses, but it’s getting nauseating. Also he seems to be able to get around my spam filter somehow