Why do airline pilots have such a bad reputation?

I don’t think they do, but a few certainly do their best to taint the whole. Listen to this accidental recording of a pilot ranting about what he really thinks (warning: autoplay at that link): he’s complaining that 11 of 12 flight attendants on his plane are gay, and the 12th is a granny; he complains about going to a bar and finding only one woman who is “doable”; he just goes on and on about hating gays, old people, and ugly people.

It’s a repulsive look at how some people think. Or don’t think.


  1. Walton says

    Defending one’s own established territory is not recognized as “violence” by anyone but a few weirdos like yourself.




    Apologia for rape and violence

    Death and suffering occasioned by deliberate neglect

    I oppose the idea that people should be treated like animals because they had the misfortune to be born in the wrong place, or to the wrong parents. If that makes me a weirdo (which, in our sick and greed-driven society, it probably does), then I’m proud to be a weirdo.