The Myth of Junk DNA gets dismantled

Larry Moran has a copy of the hideous Mr Wells’ new creationist book on junk DNA, and he’s going to be taking it apart chapter by chapter. Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 are already up — it looks like it’s a rather lightweight and superficial book, so I expect the Moran buzzsaw to shred it up fast.

The comments are a weird mix: the always informed and interesting Joe Felsenstein shows up, but there are some ranty clueless IDiots as well. Don’t clutter it up more unless you’ve got something intelligent to say.

I’m seeing that I can pretty much dismiss Wells’ bad book as worthless, so I’m in no hurry to pick up a copy for myself now. I probably will anyway, at some point, simply because Wells is a magnet for stupid arguments that I’ll hear regurgitated many times over.