Poll on the fate of a creationist biology teacher

Beau Schaefer is a biology teacher in an Illinois public school. Beau Schaefer has admitted to promoting creationism instead of science in his classes.

The law is clear on this one: teachers in public schools do not get to peddle their personal superstitions to a captive audience. They especially don’t get to do it if it compromises or replaces teaching the mandated curriculum.

This is such a serious national problem that I think the school district ought to come down on the incompetent jerk hard…but I also think it ought to be the responsibility of the school system to police this sort of behavior, and it’s not up to random mobs on the internet. So what does the NY Daily News do? Makes it the subject of a stupid internet poll.

Should be is allowed to teach creationism in public schools?

Yes, it is a legitimate belief. 39%
No, it is a religious concept not a scientific one. 59%
I don’t know 2%

Of course it is a stupid poll. They couldn’t even put the question into proper English.