I’m still wondering, Mr Stewart

He’s a funny guy, but I’m still completely baffled by Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity. He supposedly addressed his many critics last night; somebody tell me what it means, other than that it was an amusing self-deprecating schtick.

It still doesn’t answer the question! He is aware that there’s a problem of perception here:

I do think the rally was about something, just not necessarily what they wanted it to be about or what they think it was about…

Excellent, I could have just missed it. I’m sure Jon Stewart will now take this opportunity to clarify. And here it comes, here it is, the ultimate meaning and message of the rally:

“be more judicious in our blanket slandering”

Insert trademark Stewart double-take, followed by disbelieving stare into the camera.

That’s…nice. Who would have thought that that could be a cause that would draw a few hundred thousand people together in a mass event? It really doesn’t address the complaint that it was an exercise in false equivalence, though, since gathering a mob of cheerful liberal/progressive folk and telling them to stop the blanket slandering of the right wing does sound like he’s complaining about the wrong people here.

He does mention that now he and his fellow liberal pundits can spend the next ten years debating the point of the rally, which is probably true if the primary instigator is going to be that reluctant to state his goals.