We’ve angered another crackpot

Uh-oh. Seed Media has received some demands from Robert Lanza, MD, Scientist, Theoretician, Genius, Renegade Thinker. He wants us to take down a few posts by Orac and myself. I guess he doesn’t like being compared to Grandpa Simpson, or seeing disagreement with his ideas about the afterlife, or being exposed as a quantum woo-meister.

Gosh, what will I do?

Seed has a very clearcut policy on our posts, and there is going to be no attempt to censor any of them. Gee. So I’m not going to edit them.

I’d hate to think that anyone might link to this post, or to these presumably objectional posts #1, #2, or #3. That might increase the likelihood that Google will return those links in searches for Robert Lanza. Whatever you do, don’t link to any of these posts about Robert Lanza on Scienceblogs!


  1. sjefskjekkasen says

    Hee hee I like what you did here. Though it interrupted my daily check-out-pharyngula-on-my-phone-browser-while-taking-the-morning-crap-routine a little since apparantly my phone crashes when multiple links to same url are present on a site.

    Rebooted my phone three times, and my legs fell asleep before I gave up and left (partly) unsatisfied.

    Well, heres for doing my part.

    I’ll use this link in the crash report to Opera.