More savage than natural men!

One of the more contemptible anti-gay activists is Reverend Scott Lively, a true liar for Jesus who considers it his sacred mission to rid the world of homosexuals. He was proud to have inspired the Ugandan death penalty for homosexuality law (although in the face of the outrage that generated, he backed off, claiming they should give them the choice of prison or gay conversion “therapy”).

His other claim to fame is that he is a holocaust revisionist. He has written a book, The Pink Swastika, in which he claims that Hitler and his entire inner circle was gay, that the atrocities the Nazis committed were driven by the immoral impulses of the gay Nazi elite, and that the well-known anti-gay laws and mass murders of homosexuals in the Third Reich were just a cover, a distraction to conceal the fact that Nazis were all gay. Oh, and also that the reason they were murdered is that gays are intrinsically violent, anyway.

Lively is an evil little liar, so it was delightful to see him exposed on the Daily Show. This is one of the clearest illuminations of the insanity of these gay-hating evangelicals I’ve seen.

The best moment was after Lively expounded on his ferocious gay Nazi theory and how the Nazi’s public denunciation of gays was evidence that they were all secretly gay, the interviewer asks him, “That which you hate the most you secretly are?” Reverend Scott Lively sits there stunned for a moment before he can say, “I’m not gay.”

I don’t see how we can conclude that he’s not, though, given the Christian logic he has so impeccably applied to the problem.