Rage rising…rising…rising…

Now Bora has left ScienceBlogs. And all is still quiet from Seed Media Group.

A lot of the bloggers here are talking behind the scenes, and I can tell you what it feels like. Bora compares it to Bion’s Effect, where the departure of a few people at a party triggers a sudden end to the event. He’s wrong (Bora wrong? It happens sometimes). This is a situation rather more fraught. The ship is sinking. The Captain stands at the wheel, saying nothing, doing nothing. All of us on board are edging towards the lifeboats, completely baffled by the paralysis up top, and wondering when some action will happen, when the crew will show some life, when steps will be taken to address long-standing complaints amplified by the current crisis.

And the eerie silence continues.

At some point, there will be a loud noise, a sudden lurch (Bora’s departure may even be it), and everyone will abruptly turn and run screaming for the lifeboats. I personally may trample a few women and children to get a good seat. There may be riots and recriminations. Shots will fired, flares will go off, people will be thrown overboard, boilers will explode.

This doesn’t feel like a dinner party. It’s beginning to feel like the goddamned Titanic.

Seed desperately needs to WAKE UP. And hope it’s not too late.