Quick! Register now, Chicagoans!

It’s another CFI conference, titled Dangerous Nonsense – Exploring the Gulf between Science and its Impostors, which is being held in Chicago on 24 April. I just got the notice today, though, and noticed that the cutoff date for discounted early registration is 7 April, right now! If you’re interested, work fast, save yourself a few dollars.


  1. Ry says


    I came across this insane page on facebook put up by astrologers to “discredit” Brian Cox because he said astrology is a load of rubbish.

    One example comment:

    Erin Sullivan:
    Look, the man is just ordinary, he has no sense of meta-physics. He is no scholar, certainly not to the degree that so MANY of my own astrology colleagues have! So, he’s a wanker, and they are always around to play CSICOPS. The witch hunt is over, hasn’t he heard, and we are on the cusp of the unified theory, which will put all this to rest. … See MoreThis person’s contribution to the history of ideas is about 1/4 inch deep. Scratch the surface and you get more surface! Gravitational pull is not one of the reasons astrology “works” . . . more like the highest forms of unified systems theory and fractal/unified nuclear centric systems.

    Wow, just wow. Just an ordinary man that is a physicist! We know that doesn’t make you a scholar at all! Heck no. Bumpkins without any grasp of reality are so much smarter than he is.
    Sheesh. Gives me a headache.

  2. vanharris says

    Brian Cox went up a few pegs in my estimation when i heard his assessment of astrology. Good for him!

  3. Andrew T says

    Oh crapola. FINALLY some Illinois skeptic action, and I have a prior engagement for that day.

    And while I know that anything and everything in Chicago costs an arm & a leg, and that these are some great speakers, still, couldn’t those ticket prices be a little bit lower? Not all of us have $80K annual salaries. (Or even $40K….)

    Skepticism for the masses!

  4. Anni says

    Figures. I’ve been waiting for something like this to come around for ages in Chicago, and I’m working that morning.

    Hey, PZ, come give a talk out here! Preferably on a day I’m not working, haha.

  5. Becca says

    Anything ever happen closer to Ann Arbor (Michigan)? I just can’t travel so far for a 1-day conference.

    (signed, Lonely in A2)

  6. Rey Fox says

    “and we are on the cusp of the unified theory, which will put all this to rest. ”

    Someone tell Stephen Hawking to give me my horoscope already.

  7. sharky says


    It starts!

    “A Tennessee father says a biology textbook should be banned from his son’s curriculum because of it’s ‘bias’ against Christians.”

    It ends!

    “Local papers report Zimmerman pulls a quote from page 319 in the book, Asking About Life, where creationism is described as, ‘the biblical myth that the universe was created by the Judeo-Christian God in 7 days.'”

    So “bias” is now “summarizing.” What’s non-biased, then?

  8. four-thirteen says

    All the way down in chicago… I can’t afford that much gas. I wonder if PZ will carpool with me…

  9. MolBio says

    Idiots hold their opinions more conviction, frauds hold opinions with most convictions. :p

  10. Nineveh says

    Of all the weekends, it has to be the one where I leave Chicago for Vegas.

    Can the Atheist conference be here at least? At some point? Grr.

  11. Sili says

    Sunsara Taylor again?

    Oh, this is gonna be fun. Any bets on who gets escorted away by the police first? PeeZed has form, too, after all.

  12. chgo_liz says

    PZ, your link to the Craigslist ad tells us only that the chat will be on April 16th (no time listed) and gives an ambiguous location (unless it is true that the talk will take place in the cafeteria dining hall).

    It does not appear to be listed anywhere on the University of Chicago’s event calendar.

    If you have any more details, please reveal them to your horde.

  13. Vashti says

    The time is listed at the Revolution Books site:

    Friday April 16, 2010 – 7:00-9:30 PM at University of Chicago Co-sponsored by: Chicago Theological Seminary · Philosophy Club · Revolution Books · Secular Student Alliance U of C A Communist, A Scientist, and A Priest Sat Down to Discuss… Morality to Change the World With Sunsara Taylor, PZ Myers & Bob Bossie, SCJ Theodore Jennings, moderator University of Chicago – Reynolds Club – Hutchinson Commons 5706 S. University Ave

    A little odd that it is not listed on UofC calendar or on websites of the other co-sponsoring groups. How are the minions supposed to assemble without clear instructions?

  14. chgo_liz says

    Thanks for that, Vashti.

    Yeah, nowhere on the UofC or Chicago Theological Seminary websites, definitely. Didn’t check the others.

    I was able to determine that Hutch Commons closes at 5:30pm on Fridays, so an evening event is possible there.

    Why no publicity?

  15. https://me.yahoo.com/a/rRcY2aw8t81CJqubKNpilL.co1.8PK8-#78fc0 says

    I’m from the SSA from UChicago. We apologize for the lack of communication because we put this event together very quickly. Anyways, the event is now official and up on the student events website.
    There is also a facebook page if you want to RSVP

    We hope to see you soon!