1. says

    That chordate may be fake too. Those cute rosy cheeks…FAAAAKE.

  2. Carlie says

    First the occasional kitty photo, now cute smiley babies? I DON’T KNOW WHO THIS BLOG IS ANYMORE. *sob*

  3. Zeno says

    The chordate appears to be unconcerned that its hand is being devoured. Perhaps its tiny brain has yet to notice.

  4. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    I think PZ’s sabbatical is finally getting to him. I see we’re headed for Saturday Sunshine, with all sorts of cute pictures. As long as he doesn’t agree with moonenbaum…

  5. Janine, Mistress Of Foul Mouth Abuse, OM says

    Great. Now PZ setting his violent horde upon cute young children.

  6. Gavin McBride says

    But remember this kid is not a Cephalopod lover. He is the child of Cephalopod loving parents!!!! :)

  7. Peter G. says

    You call yourself a biologist? And you don’t recognize the species Octopus Polypropyli? Admittedly their range is generally limited to bathtubs and sunny sandy beaches and they do seem to have some sort of symbiotic relationship with certain immature chordates but that doesn’t excuse ignorance. You need to visit these beaches more often.

  8. Brownian, OM says

    I really wanted to make a snarky comment, I really did. But the more I look at this picture and see the excitement on the kid’s face, toddling off with mom or dad and his little octopal to explore the beach, I can’t help but melt. (Reminds me of much younger Brownian–though older than this child–and his rubber pet Carcharodon carcharias from the Waikiki aquarium from whose jaws no LEGO® person was safe.)

    Hey, what’s that ticking, as from some sort of clock? Gah, it’s coming from…inside…me!

  9. keenacat says

    Everybody join:

    Also, who knew the squid apocalypse will be brought upon us by an innocent child? Those squid are sneaky. Even squid-haters would instantly worship this cuuute messenger.

  10. says

    The only thing more powerful than the Invertebrate Cult is the Dinosaur Cult. T-Rex wants his sashimi!

  11. Ewan R says

    Apparently atheist cephalopods eat babies hand first. I guess they like to see the anguish in the (backassward constructed)eyes of their victims

  12. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    That chordate is a little old for eating. They’re best while preambulatory. I assume this chordate is being raised as breeding stock.

  13. Egaeus says

    @#1: This isn’t 4chan, digg, fark, reddit, or any other site that encourages the Pedobear meme. We prefer it that way.

  14. Fil says

    On the downside, if the kid thinks all cephalopods are cute toys, he’s more likely to pick up a blue ringed octopus if he sees one in a rock pool, as happens from time to time here in Tassie. Beautiful creatures, but rather poisonous.

  15. blf says

    On the downside, if the kid thinks all cephalopods are cute toys, he’s more likely to pick up a blue ringed octopus if he sees one in a rock pool…

    Yes. This is another reason why it’s recommended to gut them and freeze the unconsumed flesh at an early age. They won’t get into trouble.

    The calamari, that is…

  16. Moshe Reuveni says

    For the record, that’s my two year old Dylan up there (and I can report he survived the octopus enconter in one piece).
    Luckily, he takes after his mother in the looks department.

  17. Fil says

    Luckily, he takes after his mother in the looks department.

    She must be a stunner, if Dylan is any guide then. :-)

  18. Bastion Of Sass says

    I think that this may be a photo of a young transitional species, primarily Homo sapiens but with a cephalopod of some unknown kind growing where the right hand of the chordate would be.

  19. Bride of Shrek OM says

    I figured tht photo was taken in Australia. My kids all have exactly the same occie in different colours. I was going to nick them and bring them to tho GAC dinner as a table centrepiece but forgot :-(

  20. Kliwon says

    So that’s how atheists are sacrificing babies nowadays! Feeding them to cephalopods disguised as harmless toys. I’ll bet that sadist PZ is behind this.
    Insidious and perverse bastards.

  21. jrsutter says


    Really kind of gross that your mind instantly went to that.

    Really. It betrays your thoughts, and I would refrain from posting similar things in the future. Yes, this is a photo of a child. Congrats on figuring that out, now get your mind out of the filthiest of gutters.

  22. Carlie says

    I like how the tentacles are making a heart shape. He likes Dylan back!

    (Gavin @7 ftw)

  23. iambilly says

    I am shocked and appalled that the liberal progressive atheist wing of the Biology Party has resorted to using children, innocent children in their attempt to convince voters that the promotion of cephalopodia will not create an ocopi takeover of our health care system. How dare they use a child to promote such filth. Won’t someone think of the children?

    Or, I can go the Limbaugh route and attack the child himself.

    Thinking about it.

    Thinking about it.

    No. Sorry. I can’t. The top paragraph was all the pseudoneoconservatism I can imagine in one day.

  24. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    iambilly #31

    Your first paragraph was very credible for an early attempt at conservative ranting. Permit me to make a few comments:

    * You were in William F. Buckley Jr. intellectual conservative mode. This is more difficult to pull off than the redneck conservatard mode unless you can be erudite to the point of pedantry.

    * “Won’t anyone think of the children?” has become a cliché and should be eschewed.

    * You missed a question mark at the end of the penultimate sentence. When in intellectual conservative mode grammar, spelling and punctuation are extremely important in maintaining the proper pedagogical manner.

  25. iambilly says

    ‘Tis Himself, OM: I have written (admettedly very bad) poetry, short stories, a government website, perhaps a hundred pamphlets, have prepared perhaps a hundred guided tours to be presented at an industrial historical site, but writing in conservatese seams to be beyond me. Or maybe I just need to practice more and get in touch with my inner Beck.

    No, that won’t work. I just threw up in the back of my throat a little bit. I’ll settle for Buckleyesque conservatese.

    And sorry about the question mark. I’ll add it now?

  26. iambilly says

    Monado: If your raison d’etre was being strapped to someone’s feet so they could slide down a hill covered with small ice crystals, would you want anyone to know who you are?

    Of course, if you park your skis in the wrong place, they put a ski boot on them, so . . .