1. AJ Milne says

    While this did, in fact, make me laugh so hard it hurt (punchline, FTW), I am forever unsatisfied, and found myself desperately wishing they’d also throw in a reference to the MST3K take on The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.

  2. Aquaria says

    I didn’t really find it funny. The all-time funniest film about a head without a body is still The Brain That Wouldn’t Die. It’s heads above the rest.

  3. Akira MacKenzie says

    Wait, Salomone is Larry’s girlfriend? I thought Larry didn’t have genitals, something a lusty gal like her just wouldn’t do without.

  4. gr8hands says

    Let’s hope he can avoid any head-to-head confrontations.

    Of course, rather than a massage, he might like some head.

    He could take a college course, and easily go to the head of the class.

  5. skeptical scientist says

    Is it bad if my favorite bit was the part at the end where he asks people to donate? “If you’re freaked out about me asking for money… you could be pure evil.”

  6. Thebear says

    I must admit – I thought the begging-part was funnier than the actual episode.

    Headless jokes can only be taken that far…

  7. Colin says

    @TheBear #10

    Headless jokes can only be taken that far…

    …unless they’re mounted on skateboards.

    I skipped the begging part, unfortunately, I’ll have to go back watch that. I suffer from credititis – when the credits roll, I press “STOP”.

  8. Sili says

    show some class, they should have done it this way.


    Presumable people aren’t tithing enough to support a good SFX department.

  9. Amy Gahran says

    Since tvilot is too modest to say, I’ll note that Tom Vilot (who played John the Baptist in this BMr Deity episode) is also Skyguy. He explains space & astronomy topics to kids in this video podcast:

    – Amy Gahran