Come together in sympathy and to help

Won Chong Boyd, the wife of Mark Boyd, president of the Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics, has died suddenly while on a trip to Korea. This is a deep personal shock for him, of course, but it’s also a serious financial hardship. If any of you can help out, go to the link.


  1. PaleGreenPants says

    You’re a good man, PZ. Hopefully, the hoard will come out and make this man’s grief a minuscule amount more bearable.

  2. Peter Reynolds says

    I’ve donated a little…hope it helps. I can’t imagine what he must be going through.

  3. Sili says

    I’m not a good man, but luckily I can be shamed.

    Let’s call it my little token of gratitude that Patricia has been allowed to log in.

  4. DLC says

    Wish I could do something to help, but with $n in bills and $n-5 in the bank I can barely keep my head above water myself.

  5. okb says


    As someone who has dealt with sudden death twice in my short life, I can understand what he’s going through and every bit of comfort you give now is so appreciated.
    Cheers to you all who left comments and or donated to help with his wife’s final bills….

  6. sunioc says

    I actually live near Fresno, and have been meaning to get to a CVAAS meeting ever since I found Mark’s blog a year and a half ago. I wish I could help with a little cash, but I just lost my job yesterday so I’m not much better off.

  7. says

    sunioc: you didnt post about it in the JREF community forum by any chance? :)

  8. skeptical_hippo says

    So sad. I chipped in; hopefully all these little donations will add up.

    I bookmarked his blog while I was there. Being new to the world of atheism, I appreciate finding new reading.