This one goes out to the Trophy Wife™

It’s the sweetest song I’ve ever heard. I’ll be her filthy gibbering lunatic, always.

“Always” may not last for long, though, once she hears a song that compares one’s beloved to a “quasi-ichthyan angel”. It’s the sentiment that counts, not the literal interpretation, OK?


  1. C. S. King says

    Wow, and I just read the H.P. Lovecraft story on which this song is based just a few days ago.

    Talk about eerie.

  2. says


    Ron Sullivan

  3. Phro says

    Does anyone else think this song would have been even more awesome if it had Glen Benton on back up vocals?

  4. Joshua Zelinsky says

    Don’t forget to prepare the children for Dagon and Cthulhu from a very young age! This will help a lot:

  5. Lynna, OM says

    I’ll have to ask Janine if there are other songs with this lyric phrase, “your bulging, watery eyes” — that’s sweet.

  6. Sili says

    But where are the immolated goats?

    I can’t blame the TW™ for being angry if you call her quasi-ichthyan.

  7. JayK says

    I hear she wore the most wonderful jewelry.

    But like a commenter above, I just finished reading this short story about 3 days ago. The elder gods must be trying to tell me something.

  8. Gregory Greenwood says

    This is the kind of song i would use to serenade a woman.

    Maybe that is why I am still single . . .

  9. rich says

    Yes, Norm Sherman’s music is hilarious. My favorite so far is “Pimp My Satellite,” a hardcore gangsta rap EastCoast/WestCoast style about Russia’s deteriorated space program (as if we were still in the space race and America is completely oblivious to the fact.)
    “Step up your product,
    you gotta get on it
    cuz we be ballin’
    With a telescope that rules
    even harder than Lenin or Stalin”

    His podcast “the Drabblecast” is great too. Great scifi with full proudction, check it out.