A True Scotsman™ keeps his Bible in his sporran!

So why is the University of Edinburgh Christian Union pushing to have Bibles put in the students’ rooms? It seems like a slippery slope to me—before you know it, they’ll have verses emblazoned on the caber, you won’t be able to dive into your haggis without reciting a prayer, and they’ll be replacing the whiskey with wine.

It’s an interesting case of the tyranny of the majority. The Christians are writing this proposal, consciously making it inclusive and saying that any group can take advantage of it and stuff student rooms with their literature…while knowing full well that only the Christian Union is large enough, and backed by large international organizations dedicated to pushing religious propaganda, to be able to take advantage of the rule. Sneaky little gits.

It is a good sign, though, that other students are speaking out ferociously against the idea. That probably wouldn’t have happened in my generation.