Oh, no! I was graded!

When I gave my talk at Minot, ND a few weeks ago, one of the things the Northwest Art Center (which hosted the talk) did was to have the audience evaluate me. This could be useful, I thought, but they actually mailed me copies of the forms, and…umm, no, they weren’t. As I rather expected, the evaluations are highly bimodal, with a majority giving me an enthusiastic thumbs up, and a substantial minority giving me a thumbs down. The negative reviews might have had some potential for helping me out, except, well, take a look at one example.


I’ve got a surprisingly consistent subset of reviews in which the listener seems to have spent most of their time doodling praise for Jebus on their forms.


That last one was an entirely positive review of the lecture, but still…I see signs that some people walked in with their brains firmly switched to the “off” position.