I forgot all about Molly!

Here it is, mid-August, and I just let it slide…I noticed the nagging comments back when I was away, but then let them slide until I suddenly remembered today that there was some administrative chore I’d been neglecting. It is now corrected, and the latest Molly Awards for June are now online. My apologies.

There were two winners this month. The first is Jadehawk, and it’s about time. You guys have been throwing votes her way for so long, and at last they reached critical mass. The second winner is a bit troubling. You voted for a fundamentalist Christian on my blog, and I almost decided to void that vote right there. But then I realized that winning the acclaim of the Pharyngulistas means he is definitely going to hell now, so I decided to allow the election of Smoggy Batzrubble to stand. Floyd Rubber is going to have to give him a thorough flagellation and purification this weekend, that’s for sure.

I know July is long gone, so you’re going to have to stretch your memories a bit — but you’re clever, you can do it. Leave your votes in the comments for the commenter most deserving the Molly Award for July 2009.