Atheist bus signs in Austria

I await the day when someone proposes to put a sign advocating godlessness on a bus, and the Christians and Muslims are so accustomed to it that they regard it with complete nonchalance. That day isn’t here yet, as we can see by all the ongoing perturbation at very simple, innocuous statements. Now Vienna is joining in, and of course we get a poll. We can see that even in secular Europe there are people who are disturbed by mere signage. Go say hello from America (and Australia and Europe and all the other places you’re from) and give some worldwide input to this silly poll.

Was ist Ihre Meinung zu der Atheismus-Kampagne? (What do you think of the atheist bus campaign?)

39,76 % Ich finde sie sehr gut. (very good!)
47,1 % Sie stört mich. (it bothers me)
13,14 % Sie ist mir egal. (I don’t care)