What a brilliant scam!

It’s called the Reincarnation Bank. You put a bunch of money in now, and then when you die and are reincarnated, your new incarnation comes to bank and gets the money back so you can start your new life with the advantage of a wad of moolah. I presume you must have to do something like memorize a secret account number before you die, and remember it again once you’re reborn.

Their web page has a link to make deposits, but strangely enough, there isn’t a link to make withdrawals. I have to marvel at the con — only very, very stupid people are going to fall for it.

That said, though, I’m planning to reincarnate as a squid, so I’m wondering…can I deposit a couple of buckets of fish heads and guts, and how am I going to get that back in my nonverbal, illiterate and innumerate form?