1. Svlad says

    It seems these local organizations are springing up everywhere. I’m still waiting for mine… Hang on, maybe I should start it!

  2. Chas says

    Great for Omaha! I know that if Oklahoma did not have such a strong organization life would be oh so lonely here.

  3. Richard (with an arr) says

    Hmm, looks like something I might be able to get into, but I’m only around Omaha for summers, out in the middle of Iowa the rest of the year.
    Thanks for the link!

  4. says

    I thought Omaha already had an atheist who’s a pretty high profile celebrity in Warren Buffet! Although his atheism is not that well known I guess.

  5. BorgHunter says

    What, exactly, does an atheist organization do, anyway? I’m an atheist, but I couldn’t imagine myself sitting in a group of people who keep chanting how little they believe in gods. One of the advantages of being irreligious is supposed to be the lack of a special groupthink meeting to go to every Sunday, but the entire concept of an atheistic organization seems to negate that.

  6. Samwise says

    Borg, it is a bit odd, like a group of non-stamp collectors. But especially in a society where religion is expected, and where lack thereof may have deleterious effects on your social standing and even employment, it’s nice to “let your hair down” and know there’s an environment you can socialize in free of the facade. It’s a great relief to be able to share experiences and find common ground, hear stories of deconversions, learn about upcoming lectures and events, etc. Or just have a drink and conversation with interesting people; who could argue with that?

    I can assure you, there is no “chanting how little they believe in gods” going on.

  7. says

    If you’re in the Omaha area also consider REASON Omaha. We’re not specifically atheist, but we have active programs and are atheist friendly. Several of our members are Pharyngula regulars.

  8. Svlad says

    Argh, I keep reading “Omaha” as “Ohama”, as in sounding like “Obama”. I need sleep…

  9. Ashlee says

    thanks pz! i’m a couple of hours away still, but hoping to work at the zoo in omaha in a few months. i’ll look into this for sure…and i might retract a small part of my previous statement that i am ashamed to live in nebraska.

  10. Sandy says

    Let the record show that a wealthy Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett’s company) investor and former ad agency owner, Dick Holland, has funded a lecture series sponsored by the First Unitarian Church of Omaha. They recently sponsored a lecture by Richard Dawkins at the Holland Center, Omaha’s beautiful, privately-funded performing arts (symphony) hall. The approximately 2,400 free tickets were claimed within a couple days of being made available and the hall was packed with Dawkins supporters. There are many atheists in Omaha and Nebraska.

  11. says

    That doesn’t surprise me. Cursive, one of the most outspoken bands in the realm of religion and idiocy is from Omaha, so they must have fans there that agree.