British Humanists schedule their meeting to avoid me, too

Ah, well. If only I could be in two places at once, and could also afford to fly to Europe on a whim. I’m going to be in Arizona in early June, and the British Humanists are meeting at the same time in London, with what looks like a very interesting schedule bracketed by talks by Dawkins and Grayling. It will be a fine event, and you should all go…if you can’t make the one in Arizona, anyway.


  1. Uncephalized says

    Arizona? Coming to Tucson by any chance, or are you going to make me drive up to Phoenix?

  2. 'Tis Himself says

    It’s actually cheaper and easier for me, and most people living on the East Coast, to go to London than to Arizona.

  3. says

    I see the handiwork of GOD in this.
    I don’t think dealing with enemies by double booking their calnders is God’s style. IIRC, It’s more into violent slaughter

  4. SiMPel MYnd says

    What’s the event in Arizona? I did a little searching on the interwebz but didn’t find anything advertised. And none of the creationist groups down here are breeding hell God hounds and sharpening pitchforks yet. So, if it’s a stealth strike you’re attempting, good work so far…

  5. JackC says

    Count me as another “What are you doing in AZ” tally. My mother is a house mom in Tucson and it would be great if I could give her some info on any public event you may be doing.


  6. Slaughter says

    Arizona? Coming to Phoenix by any chance, or are you going to make me drive down to Tucson? (Take *that,* Uncephalized!)

  7. CJ says

    I might actually try and go to the London one. Scary as I find going up to capital on my lonesome what with my being one of them posh southerners who gets confuzzed by city environs. Thanks for this, PZ – I never know what’s going on with this stuff in the UK and it’s probably about time I made an effort.

  8. says

    I checked your iCal calendar in the sidebar, but it hasn’t been updated since September. So, what city in AZ? Or is there a link to the humanists? (Regrettably, I won’t be there.)

  9. says

    I’ve got to fix that iCal thing someday.

    Arizona is the American Humanist Association convention.

    California is the Keck School of Medicine at USC.

  10. trog69 says

    It’s in Tempe, so Slaughter wins the “shortest drive” contest, and it looks like Uncephalized and I will be touring scenic (:p)I-10west.

  11. says

    Then I read the other comments… :) Nevermind! :D Too bad it’s so expensive, though. Will you be doing anything outside the event? I’d love to have the chance to buy you the alcoholic beverage of your choice!

  12. mikeg says

    christ on a cracker pz… you must come to bisbee… come stay at our hotel the bisbee oliver house, ill spring, free room and beer… plz, plz, plz

  13. says

    Phoenix…pfft. Come to Flagstaff. Way better than Phx. Except I got to see Leonard Cohen there a couple of weeks ago, so points for that.

  14. Mike Phillips says

    British Humanists schedule their meeting to avoid me, too

    What a lousy headline! Most unlike you, PZ, especially when we are all supposed to be on the same side!
    I cant imagine that your European cousins would schedule a meeting deliberatly to AVOID you.
    Could it be that both dates have been in the schedule for a LONG time, and that this is pure coincidence?

    Mike Phillips, Leeds, ENGLAND

  15. says

    Yes. It was a joke. No one would seriously schedule a major meeting around my availability — I thought that was obvious.

  16. says

    That’s where the term “Close captioned for the sarcasm impaired” comes in handy. ;) Do you expect to do any hanging out with the hoi poloi outside the meeting you’re attending?