It’s another job reminder

We are hiring! I am the chair of the search committee! Make my life miserable by sending in applications to our temporary full-time cell- and microbiologist position (also listed at the official University of Minnesota human resources site), so I’ll have stacks and heaps and piles of paperwork to read and evaluate! Also, because we want to hire a really good person for this job.


  1. says

    Now I’m tempted to apply even though I’m nowhere near qualified and only have a rudimentary understanding of biology.

  2. teammarty says

    I’m from Michigan. You’ll have to explain that strange word, what was it, er, “hiring”.

  3. Invigilator says

    Are you going to get grief from Michelle Bachmann (or her ilk) for advertising this on your godless blog?

  4. 'Tis Himself says

    If I apply and I’m hired, can I have a sabbatical so I can play computer games all day long?

  5. Enkidu says

    Is this anything like becoming a “research fellow” at the Discovery Institute, or do I have to, like, know things about biology and cells and that hard stuff?