Radio reminder

NEEERRRRRRRDDDS! They’re turning over the radio show to seriously geeky humanists: Scott Lohman, Minnesota’s King Trek Fan, will be interviewed on Atheists Talk radio on Sunday, at 9am Central time (keep in mind that tonight is the night we jigger our clocks forward an hour, just to make everything a little more confusing).


  1. clinteas says

    keep in mind that tonight is the night we jigger our clocks forward an hour, just to make everything a little more confusing

    Paging SC,OM !

    SC,OM to the time conversion rescue !

  2. Brian says

    Dang it. If I’m up late enough to see these reminders before I retire, it’s too late for me to wake up in time to catch the show.

  3. says

    Perhaps we should hold Sol hostage and not let it rise above Morris until Pee Zed starts to use UTC? ;-)
    No, maybe not, that’s too cruel to the non-tentacled people in Morris.

    Anyways, it’s 14h00 UTC:

    $ date --utc --date='9am CDT'
    Sun Mar 8 14:00:00 UTC 2009

  4. John Phillips, FCD says

    Another three weeks foe us this side of the pond PZ. Still, at least we will be able to get it an hour earlier for the next three Sundays.

  5. SC, OM says

    Yeah, when they mentioned the topic at the end of last week’s show, my first thought was “Geekfest!” (and I mean that lovingly), but my next was “Huh – sounds interesting,” since they said it would be about humanist themes in Star Trek.

    For times:

    [I have no idea whether that site’s been updated for DST, so it may be wrong.]

    One MN zip code:


    For anyone who misses the live broadcast, they also put up the podcast later in the day (and usually post the link here).

  6. says

    Speaking of nerds, so it’s not that off-topic,
    I found two Firefox add-ons that should help
    fellow pharyngulites.

    1. ScribeFire:
    A blogging client that let’s you add entries to
    your blog as you roam the web. Easy set up.

    2. BBComposer: Which is what I used here to
    handle the link I put in.

    Hope these are helpful.

  7. says

    Alan, not only are those two comments a good anti-recommendation for that particular Firefox addon (or at least for your ability to use either it or Preview), I think you’ve also got the wrong thread. ;-)

    Go get some sleep… or coffee… depends on which hemidisc you’re in.

  8. says

    That would be BBComposer, not BBCode, which I just dumped. I now demonstrate BBCodeExtra. Which doth seem to be handier and less fussy than the inferior beast.

    (At least I post different things when I multi-post comments. :) )

  9. says

    Hey, It won’t just be me, I’ll be talking to Bob Price. So it will be the nerd and the Biblical Scholar talk about humanism and Star Trek.

  10. says

    Yes, Robert M. Price, who wrote the “Paperback Apocalypse (he read Left Behind so You Don’t Have To” will be co-geeking on the show today.

    Also, for Star Trek fans who have never been to a Minnesota Atheists Monthly Meeting, Scott will be moderating a discussion at our monthly members meeting in March at the Southdale Library in Edina.

    Look to for details.

  11. says

    Trust nerds will go to Scott’s presentation on the Humanism of Star Trek on March 15 at 2 p.m. at Southdale Public Library in Edina.

    Bring your Tribbles.

  12. says

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  13. says

    Whee! They tooks my question…

    listening from france on teh intertubes… good stuff!
    earlier you commented some of the extrapolated science in Star Trek is better than the make-up shite in, e.g., ID, how about the other way around? are they any cases where the theology in Star Trek is better than the exceptionally flawed shite of, e.g., ID?

    Of course, there was some on-the-fly editing as it was read out… <evil grin>

    The answer was some examples (not all of which I’m familar with) where various culture’s mythologies were used to advance Good Things™ and/or discourage evil. Yeah, that seems reasonable. Thanks!

  14. BMS says

    tonight is the night we jigger our clocks forward an hour

    I really like DST.

    Without it, the sky would be lightening between 3:15 and 3:45 am here in the desert southwest. Full on daylight by 4:15 am. I used to work 2nd shift and later so I’ve seen sunrises here with my own little eyes.

    Daylight at 4:15 am would suck.

  15. bPer says

    Alan Kellogg @#12:

    I think you’ll find BBCodeXtra reliable and easy to use. I wish more commenters here used it, especially when quoting others.

    I woke up this morning at 10:00, the time that the radio show starts here. I had a choice – the show or coffee. Guess which won. It really wasn’t much of a dilemma, given that you can catch the show afterwards via podcast from the MN Atheists website (once it’s posted).

  16. says

    Terilynn’s Trek is happy to see the links provided for this podcast – and I am stoked about listening to it. I also have to say thanks for the links to the list of Trek fanfiction! I’ve been running a little low and was looking for additional inspiration! Some fanfic may be crap but a lot of it carries on the humanist ideals that Paramount seems to be spitting upon…we shall see!

  17. says

    I listened, but am not fluidly conversant in all the myriad spinoff and sequels, which made it less enjoyable than it otherwise might have been.

    Even with the previous caveat, it was well worth the time. Beats watching the Sunday morning political asshats on TV.