Oh, no, another goodbye

We’re losing Evolgen now, so say farewell. It looks like a combination of general burnout and the fact that he’s a young guy on a career track, and this is a time of transition, when he’s leaving his post-doc and looking for a real position. And as you all know, this isn’t the best of times to be trying to secure a job, so as he mentioned in a private communication*, he has to keep his options open in case the only openings are at Biola, Liberty, and the Discovery Institute.

*Those of you who have met RPM know that his real expertise is in sarcasm. Oh, and drunk karaoke.


  1. speedwell says

    Oh, goody, maybe the students there will learn some real science for a change! (Kidding.)

  2. Creobot says

    Yeah! The scientists have finally found true faith!

    Now God will drown them all in the Red Sea with his divine mercy!

  3. DGKnipfer says

    He’d make a fine addition to the DI. They are in need of an actual scientist after all.

  4. Shadow says

    definition from the Japan/America Friendship Society fundraising dinner (attended with spouse, who is from Tokyo):

    Ka-ra-ok-e: Japanese for tone deaf.