1. David Marjanović, OM says

    Just insert the usual suspects here. There’s no bandwagon yet that I could jump onto…

  2. Sigmund says

    We do occasionally have Scienceblog meetups here in Stockholm (MartinR of Aardvarchaeology sometimes gets a crowd together in a nice Irish bar in Gamla Stan). If Emmet makes his way there the next time (he’s in Uppsala, isn’t he?) I’ll get him his well deserved Molly pint.

  3. says

    Congratulations Emmett.

    Do we nominate for December here or is that another thread? If we are nominating I say Nerd of Redhead for graciously admitting a mistake and then challenging Pete Rooke to do the same. It was classy and awesome.

  4. Jason A. says

    Off topic:

    Remember the ‘national science standards’ poll that was linked to at the beginning of the month – Here’s the thread

    Well for anyone who didn’t vote then, now’s the time. Voting ends tonight, and it’s currently in 4th place, needs 3rd to make it to the final round. As I write this we need about 300 votes to get to 3rd.

    Vote here

  5. says

    Wait what?

    I’m not going to have the opportunity to worshipfully celebrate this glorious religious holiday this year. At least, not properly.

    I’m going to be staying at home tonight, playing on the Wii with my nieces and parents as we wait for midnight to strike.

    Alas, this year I’ll be bereft of booze and instead be ‘celebrating’ with good clean wholesome mario kart instead. I feel vile already =

    Maybe I’ll toss a few extra bananas on the track to make up for it.

  6. says

    Bah, that last was intended to go into the War on New Year thread. -_- Tabs are delightful, but on rare occasions they bite me on the ass.

  7. SC, OM says

    Buy him a beer, someone.

    Ale do it! :)

    Congratulations, Emmet!

    For December, one name: Wowbagger.

  8. Badger3k says

    Not to derail, but FYI, PZ – I think you are being misunderstood (or maybe it is me) by an IDiot over at the Bathroom Wall (;f=14;t=1272;st=10260#entry131738). He refers to your SEED article on Trichoplax. I was curious to see if you have/will see this and if there was any comment. I haven’t read the article, and the quote doesn’t give enough information to know if you meant what it sounds like (at least, to the degree that Daniel seems to think – I can see there being very similar genes like Hox).

  9. Sastra says

    I thought I was being clever this month — I kept a little pad of paper nearby on which I scrawled the nick of anyone who said something particularly Molly-worthy (when I could find a pen, that is.) Not so clever, it seems, because there are like 20 names on it.

    But, for unknown reasons, 3 are circled, so perhaps I thought they were especially bright, or maybe they posted something nice twice, or could be I was going to look up the name later for correct spelling.


    Iain Walker
    AJ Milne

    Wowbagger is also on my list — and I made a special note that Dave L won the thread on “Another Mind Poisoned” with his Monty Python-apologetics satire on #367.

  10. Patricia, OM says

    Congrats Emmet, you slut!

    Nominations for the Molly, Janine for snarky comments and boldly going where most women fear to tread, Kel for battling on with the idiot brigade long after I’m tired of them. Nerd of Redhead deserves a nod for his tard fixing.

  11. speedwell says

    Nerd of Redhead for sure.

    I de-nominate Wowbagger for not knowing when to tone down the uncalled-for rancor just a tad bit.

  12. Patricia, OM says

    Sastra @14 – We must be really old school, I keep a yellow notepad by my machine to take notes, write YouTube links, and bible verses. Your idea of keeping Molly notes is good, I’m going to try it starting today. The computer whizzes here would laugh if they saw the huge PILES of books around my desk.

  13. says

    Yay, it’s me!

    I’m desperately trying to think of something witty to say, but failing miserably. Rather than risking a Martin Landau, all I’ll say is this: thank you.

    This month, I have to admit that I haven’t been very active and haven’t paid a great deal of attention, but I suspect that a couple of people I’d nominate alongside Wowbagger haven’t been around much either, so I’ll go along with SC,OM and leave it at that.

  14. Nick Gotts says

    Congratulations Emmet! Can’t remember if I voted for you, but if I didn’t, I should have!

    For December – Wowbagger. There are several other deserving candidates, but IIRC, he’s been at the crease throughout the month, snatching a quick single off his legs, driving straight through mid-off, or skying it over the bowler’s head to the boundary as occasion demanded!

  15. Nerd of Redhead says

    Emmet, your good work has been rewarded. Congratulations.

    For this month I will nominate Kel and John Morales. Both have shown insight in philosophical discussions that go far beyond my understanding, and allow me to understand with their clarity.

  16. oaksterdam says

    CJO has been showing up all month with fancy book learnin’ and whatnot. Awesome troll stomping jujitsu. Bonus points for style and quickness. Molly worthy. Although CJOOM is a bit awkward.

  17. Teleprompter says

    I nominate Nerd of Redhead, and also Kel and Wowbagger.

    This is only the second time I’ve done this and it isn’t getting any easier. You’re all doing a great job, there are others who are deserving, too.

  18. Feynmaniac says

    I vote for Kel. My irregular North American sleeping schedule means that I get read this a lot Aussie’s comments (the sun never sets of Pharyngula!). He brings a delightful mix of humour, insight, and wit to the conversation. Plus, he can really pummel a troll.

  19. AdamK says

    I don’t pay much attention, so it often surprises me who doesn’t have a Molly yet.

    I vote for Nerd.

    And Wowbagger. Who I would have thought already had one, for the very reasons the nomination was opposed above.

    But look who else is deserving. I mean, Kel? No Molly? Really?

    And I would have thought Emmet had one long ago.

    Sheesh. Let the Mollies shower down upon you all, I say.

  20. Nerd of Redhead says

    But look who else is deserving.

    AdamK, I understand your problem. I have 8 people on my primary list, and 4 5 on my secondary list. I feel I need to apologize to all those on my primary list who I didn’t nominate this month. Please be patient folks, as you will be nominated by me in due course.

    And if we were giving tentacle clusters to an OM winner, Owlmirror has been dealing with Piltdown Man, and deserves recognition for his work.

  21. E.V. says

    Congratulations to a very insightful and witty Pharyngulite. I have laughed and had “aha moments” over Emmet’s posts. It’s long overdue. And as many have pointed out, there are several worthy warriors in the wings, to which I would add Jadehawk to the list.

  22. DGR says

    Off-topic: A Catholic high school teacher in San Antonio, Texas was terminated because she married a man who had been divorced. I can accept that an employee of a religious institution needs to conform to the beliefs of that institution, but this is going too far in my opinion.

  23. says

    Echoing the calls for Nerd of Redhead and Wowbagger. Will also throw Clinteas into the mix as those three among other regulars are posters I will read their comments of regardless of the thread it’s in.

  24. Bride of Shrek OM says

    I don’t get around to posting much these days but I’m always lurking around reading and this month, for all around wittiness, intelligence and logic, I nominate Nerd.

    As a redhead myself I’m also impressed by his loyalty to us gingernuts.

  25. Bride of Shrek OM says

    If I can throw in a second nomination I’m always gunning for Clinteas. He makes me swoon.

  26. John Morales says

    With heroic restraint, I’ll restrict myself to one nomination: Bill Dauphin.

    I’ve learnt to have high expectations in the areas I consider important (cogency, relevance, informativeness) when I read one of Bill’s posts, and I’ve yet to be disappointed.

    (And I take this opportunity to say that my expectations of previous OM recipients have not been let down, either!)

  27. Wowbagger says

    Congrats Emmett – well deserved.

    My votes for this month go to Kel – since we’re often on at the same time and have had some good discussions – and John Morales, who’s done some great work refuting the trolls who show up on mostly-dead threads at odd hours.

  28. Crudely Wrott says

    Sure. Here’s a couple of virtual bucks and a virtual attaboy.

    Surely equal to a virtual beer. That is, if you’ve ever been in a real bar.

    Again, well earned, Emmit.

  29. Nerd of Redhead says

    Patricia will be by to serve the drinks in a bit. Sounds like she’s pulling her hens out of the snow banks. There’s no age limit at the e-saloon.

  30. clinteas says


    thank you,and nobody makes me swoon like yourself or the Naked Bunny LOL….

    John Morales ,Wowbagger and Bill Dauphin for December.

  31. Torbjörn Larsson, OM says

    Um, oh wow. I’m on a New Year’s late morning drunk drive by at “places I like but haven’t visited in a while”, when I notice that there is a Molly awarded, and to a fellow Uppsala citizen no less. So, Uppsala for the Molly win?!

    Congrats, Emmet!

    We do occasionally have Scienceblog meetups here in Stockholm

    That sounds like fun – and I guess I’m cheaper than Emmet, I’ll buy my own beer: hic transit gloria mundi.

  32. Sili says

    Emmet is Swedish?!

    Congrats anyway!

    I used to try to keep notes of good comments in the browser (because I’d never be able to recover a pad once it was put down on my desk), but I’ve been terrible at keeping up with the threads for months. Too many blogs in the aggregator, obviously.

    Good suggestions already (I mean, even I know those names) for alround goodness, but I have made one note in December, so even if they don’t have a sporting chance, let me just say arachnophilia for demonstrated some lovely knowledge of Sumerian(?) deities.

    And then in order to get a vote counted, let me second (nth?) the Vile Bitch.

  33. says

    Thus spake Sigmund:

    We do occasionally have Scienceblog meetups here in Stockholm…

    Sounds good. Next time there’s one I’ll come down for it.

    Thus spake Torbjörn Larsson, OM:

    …I notice that there is a Molly awarded, and to a fellow Uppsala citizen no less.

    I didn’t know there was anyone else in Uppsala who posted here. We should have our own mini Pharyngufest some time.

    Thus enquired Sili:

    Emmet is Swedish?!

    No, Irish. I’m not nearly good-looking enough to be a Swede — I just live here.

  34. John Phillips, FCD says

    Have to join the bandwagon as any or all of wowbagger, Kel or Nerd would make me happy.

    Oh and I agree with Sastra, a special mention written in squid ink for DaveL.

    OH and before I forget, a Happy New Monkey to one and all.

  35. hery says

    Who I would have thought already had one, for the very reasons the nomination was opposed above.