1. Brian D says

    There’s one other thing they got wrong: Sarah Palin is about as informed as to the VP’s duties as Bush is.

  2. Levi says

    Hey, I’m from the Adirondacks, and John McCain wouldn’t find this place a good refuge. This here’s Obama country.

  3. benson bear says

    HEY! Why no post here yet about the Palin fruit fly remark! Cmon! Could she get more topical for you?

  4. negentropyeater says

    A really interesting video :

    John McCain on taxing the rich in 2000

    (compare with the main argument of his campaign nowadays, the “Joe the plumber” story)

    What happened to McCain between 2000 and 2008 (apart from the fact that he got 8 years older and completely let the far-right neocons take over his campaign) ?

  5. SC says

    Aux armes, citoyens! FSMdude’s host desecration videos are gone off YouTube again.

    Seriously – what can we do to support this kid? (For some reason, until now I didn’t pick up on the fact that he’s F-C. Now it’s more personal.)

  6. Helioprogenus says

    “A vote for John McCain, is a vote for me, George W. Bush”, hmmm now where have I heard that before? Seriously funny thought. What I don’t understand is the 25% that still support Bush and this Administration. What more must they do to peel those bastards from their behinds? Shoot every 3rd infant? Kick every puppy they encounter? Sell their daughters to the Eastern European sex trade? And to those who voted Bush in for a second term and just lost their homes, jobs, retirement funds, and the college fund for their children, hope you learned your lesson this time around. Voting your idiotic religious concepts, fear of foreigners and terrorists, or your big government bullcrap packaged as small government values is the least of your problems. It’s good to have SNL type humor in such financially and economically volatile times as these.

  7. says

    Thus spake SC:

    Seriously – what can we do to support this kid? (For some reason, until now I didn’t pick up on the fact that he’s F-C. Now it’s more personal.)

    Je n’sais pas. Given that he was essentially intimidated into “voluntarily” taking down the vids by doc-dropping, I don’t think there’s a whole lot anyone can really do: there’s no use emailing YouTube since it wasn’t their decision. The only thing I can think of that would be an effective protest and a real statement is a whole lot of people replicating his vids in an “I’m Spartacus” kind of way. For my part, all I could do is reproduce the ones that can be done in front of a fixed webcam (I own neither a laptop nor a camcorder) and that don’t require stuff that I don’t have access to, which is almost all of them (really, saltpeter, an airgun, and a belt-sander?). If anyone wants to send me some appropriately holy crackers, I’ll happily eat ’em, pee on ’em, smash ’em to bits, burn ’em, or whatever.

  8. OctoberMermaid says


    “FSMdude’s host desecration videos are gone off YouTube again.”

    Yes, I noticed this. Some loving Catholic sent a passive aggressively threatening letter to his home, where his father read it, saying that he would distribute more letters if the videos weren’t removed and added something cute like “Maybe the other people who find out this address won’t care as much about his well-being as I do..”

  9. dogmeatib says

    The 25% who are still supporting Bush honestly believe that he is a good man, perhaps even a great man. They believe that the Iraq war was a good idea, that Hussein was behind 9/11, that weapons of mass destruction will be found “any day now,” that the terrorists will come here if we don’t fight them there. They believe that the Democrats are responsible for the financial meltdown, that Bill Clinton wrote the legislation that deregulated the financial markets and that Democrats stopped poor John from fixing the problem in 2006. They believe that Obama is a Muslim, terrorist, homosexual who will bring about the end of the world. They believe that Ayers, Wright, and Obama created ACORN to steal the election. They believe that Obama plans to take away their Bibles, their homes, their money, and their jobs to give them to undeserving illegal immigrants.

    Basically take all of the utterly ridiculous, hateful, racist, lies of the last six years, pack them all together, and that is what these people believe. I’ve discussed and debated these points with a number of these people on a variety of bulletin boards and blogs. They’re freakin’ scary because they didn’t just drink the Cool-Aid, they were freebasing it, injecting it, smoking rocks of it, and bathing in it.

  10. negentropyeater says

    Basically take all of the utterly ridiculous, hateful, racist, lies of the last six years, pack them all together, and that is what these people believe.

    Well, if their only source of information is Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, it isn’t surprising.

    That’s another huge problem with free markets when applied to broadcasting. According to the “invisible hand” theory you’d expect a hyper-biased news broadcaster to be selected against and driven out of the market by its fairer competitors.
    In practice, it hasn’t seemed to work that way.
    As long as the said broadcaster makes an entertaining programme (which Fox News has excelled in) and feeds a certain target audience with what they want to hear, viewers will watch it, and won’t be capable of determining if it’s true or not.

  11. Sili says

    Okay – I’m seriously scared by my inability to tell Sarah Palin and Tina Fey apart.

    This made me think, though. Why hasn’t The Shrub endorsed Obama yet?

  12. Tom S. Fox says

    Sorry, PZ, but I think you mean “Whom does GW Bush endorse, anyway?”
    The sentence as it stands means the same as “Who endorses GW Bush, anyway?”

  13. says

    I think SNL is going to miss President Bush, and if McCain/Palin loses in this coming election, they are really going to miss Sarah Palin…lol

  14. Ichthyic says

    what can we do to support this kid?

    I have approval from FSM dude to post all of his original vids on, in FLV format (or whatever format works, that’s just the easiest to get).

    there is a tool there I posted as an attachment, that if you either can figure out how to use it to wrap flv files to play on the page, or you already know how, you can put the vids up on that site permanently, and nobody can make me take them down (it’s a private domain).

    I don’t have the time to figure out how to use a wrapper to set up the flv files to play on the page.

    I could just upload the flv’s as attachments, but then people would have to download them and play them in media player or VLC, and frankly, with 5 days to go before I leave for NZ, I don’t have time to do that either.

    so, if someone really wants to make sure his vids are preserved online for others to view, send an email to ichthyicATcrackergateDOTcom and I’ll set you up with FSM DUDE and you all can work out what the best way to do it would be.


  15. Canuck says

    You don’t say “Whom does GW Bush support…” “Who” is correct. You only use “whom” after certain prepositions. Correct usage is in “for whom”, “from whom”, “with whom”, “to whom”, “by whom”, etc. This misuse is common among speakers of English because they don’t understand the notion of case declension (unless they studied Latin), and this usage is a vestige of case declension that lingers in English.