McCain really annoyed me last night, and there are a few things I have to mention now.

First of all, his gripe about the $3 million “overhead projector” simply marks him as an idiot — and not just an ignorant idiot, but the kind of idiot who ignores readily available evidence. What he is dismissing is a tool for science education. Take a look at what the sky projector looks like — your teacher didn’t have one of those babies to flash her transparencies up in the classroom. And while you’re there, you can always donate to the Adler Planetarium. The other thing McCain leaves out of his complaint is that the projector was not funded, and they’re still hurting for a replacement.

The other trumped-up lie and pseudo-scandal that irritates me is the ACORN mess. ACORN is an organization that works to help the poor, which of course makes it about as anti-Republican as you can get. They have had some incidents of attempted fraud, but the fraud was against ACORN itself, with workers attempting to cheat to get paid for submitting falsified registrations. Furthermore, it was ACORN itself that caught these fake registrations and notified government agencies.

What the ACORN nonsense is all about is a preemptive attempt by the Republican party to cast doubt on the election. I predict we’ll hear much more about this if Obama wins…while the Diebold bias will be ignored, and the unfair policy of using the most unreliable voting machines in the poorest districts will continue.


  1. Sven DiMIlo says

    Oh, Gramps was plenty annoying last night. He’d lie, Obama would coolly and clearly refute the lie, and in response he’d repeat the exact same lie in the exact same words, over and over. And “pro-abortion”? Bite me, asshole.

  2. Ray S. says

    I’ve heard McCain call that an ‘overhead projector’ two different times now. Though technically the dive does project overhead, I’ve come to believe that understanding this issue is over McCain’s head in another sense. It would be my pleasure to attempt to explain it to him next year in his Senate office if given the opportunity.

    Regarding ACORN, I have no doubt that they try to find Democratic voters more so than Republican ones, but how is that different from Republican attempts to sign up voters inside fundamentalist churches? Find some evidence either has broken the law and then let’s prosecute. It must be my elitist background that makes me differentiate between voter registration fraud and vote fraud.

  3. says

    Joe the plumber related to Charles Keating

    Turns out that Joe Wurzelbacher from the Toledo event is a close relative of Robert Wurzelbacher of Milford, Ohio. Who’s Robert Wurzelbacher? Only Charles Keating’s son-in-law and the former senior vice president of American Continental, the parent company of the infamous Lincoln Savings and Loan. The now retired elder Wurzelbacher is also a major contributor to Republican causes giving well over $10,000 in the last few years.

  4. the petey says

    McCain is 100% right about the “overhead projector” I picked on of those up the other day in OfficeDepot on sale for $29.95. It’s GREAT and showing my porn.

  5. Andi says

    These two things made me angry, also, but what really got my blood boiling was McCain’s attempt at defending his choice of Palin as VP. Come on, who in their right mind believes she is qualified to be president. Hmmmmm, maybe that says something about McCain in his senior years?

  6. JBlilie says

    Why John McCain doesn’t deserve our votes.

    We really can’t take another 4 years of Bush-style neo-con piloting. McCain promises change but he’s Bush redux. McCain Rev. 2008 is very different from McCain Rev. 2000. He hadn’t proposed any changes to any important Bush policy. McCain says he’s going to get tough on lobbyists but fills his campaign and staff with them. The McCain’s change theme is borrowed from Obama; and for McCain, it’s a lie. The neo-cons have had their chance and they’ve driven the country into the ditch: constitutionally, economically, morally, and in international affairs. (The judgment of history on GW Bush’s presidency will be: Epic Fail. Like the bumper sticker says: When Clinton Lied, Nobody Died.)

    Economy bad? Give tax cuts to the wealthy. Economy good? Give tax cuts to the wealthy. How can such feedback possibly be logically correct? How can it be morally correct? As 1929 and now 2008 have shown, purely free markets are a disaster in economies the size of the US. McCain has pushed long and hard for financial deregulation. His top economic advisor is Phil Gramm, author and promoter of the loosening of the SEC regulations that have brought us to the current economic black hole. (The neo-cons continue to shout for less regulation to fix this problem: Driving towards a cliff? Press the gas harder …) The “Masters of the Universe” investment banks, run by those “really smart guys” have freely chosen to have their bottoms wiped (and covered!) by the US taxpayer by converting to commercial banks (Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.) These “really smart guys” have voted with their own feet and wallets: they needed more regulation and protection.

    We are now viewed (rightly) internationally as a nation that will commit a first-strike war against anyone we don’t like, that we will treat our prisoners in ways for which we prosecuted others for war crimes in the past. We will take and hold other nations’ citizens without charge, access to lawyers or trial and we will torture them and “render” them to other countries for torture or death. (Everyone should watch the film “Rendition.”) McCain has stated he would stop torture in the past; but now he doesn’t seem so sure about it.

    We now violate our own citizens’ privacy and end-run the warrant system that is basic to our legal system (the government is not allowed to “go fishing.”) More of this will be on the way with angry, tough-guy McCain.

    Probably more than anything else: We also can’t take any more Supreme Court justices in the mold of Scalia or Thomas. McCain has publicly stated that his models for Supreme Court justices are Scalia and Thomas. If you care about, for instance, the right to privacy generally, the right to use contraception, the right for consenting adults to privacy in their own homes and bedrooms, the separation of church and state, voting rights for minorities, retaining a woman’s right to choose an abortion, the right to be a homosexual and a full citizen, then you wouldn’t want to vote for McCain.

    McCain is temperamentally unsuited to be the leader of the free world. The adjectives that best suit McCain’s decision-making style are: erratic, hip-shooting, opportunistic, and self-serving. His behavior during the week of September 22, 2008 regarding the Wall Street Bailout bill was embarrassing even to conservative commentators: George Will described his actions as “un-presidential.” Will also described his running mate choice, “The man who would be the oldest to embark on a first presidential term has chosen as his possible successor a person of negligible experience.” McCain is not a maverick; he’s just erratic and thereby appears to run counter to prevailing Republican themes. He does sometimes, almost by accident. I quote George Will again:

    “It is arguable that, because of his inexperience, Obama is not ready for the presidency. It is arguable that McCain, because of his boiling moralism and bottomless reservoir of certitudes, is not suited to the presidency. Unreadiness can be corrected, although perhaps at great cost, by experience. Can a dismaying temperament be fixed?”

    “Channeling his inner Queen of Hearts, John McCain furiously, and apparently without even looking around at facts, said Chris Cox, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, should be decapitated. This childish reflex provoked the Wall Street Journal to editorialize that ‘McCain untethered’ — disconnected from knowledge and principle — had made a “false and deeply unfair” attack on Cox that was ‘unpresidential’ and demonstrated that McCain ‘doesn’t understand what’s happening on Wall Street any better than Barack Obama does.'” (Washington Post, 23-Sep-08)

    McCain, the oldest person ever to run for the Presidency (and who doesn’t have the greatest health record), chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. The choice of Palin was a cynical sop to the religious right constituency of the Republican Party – and it has worked for that purpose. It was also a failed attempt to appeal to women generally. Palin has negligible experience to prepare her for her potential role as leader of the free world. She only got a passport last year (as part of her role as Alaska governor, she visited Alaska National Guard troops in Kuwait. It’s pathetically humorous to watch the campaign try to beef up Palin’s international resume: the proximity of Alaska to Russia, the Shannon airport, a single trip to Kuwait.) She has lied about her stance on the “Bridge to Nowhere” (which is just another facet of the lie that McCain will bring change.) Palin believes in young-earth creationism (YEC) and wants magic (so-called “Intelligent Design”) taught in the place of science in public schools. Palin believes the doctrine of her Pentecostal church such as speaking tongues and personal revelation and prophecy. Palin wants abortion banned across the board, even in cases of rape or incest or when the mother’s life is in danger. What we don’t want with her finger over the trigger to the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world is a person who thinks God will tell her what to do, who thinks that the war in Iraq is part of “God’s plan,” who believes anything as foolish as YEC, and whose most trusted counselor is “First Dude” Todd Palin. What we don’t want facing our friends and enemies around the world is someone who is so ignorant of and disinterested in the rest of the world that she hadn’t visited another country (besides Canada) until last year.

    The biggest election issue since Bush was re-elected in 2004 (until the economy went into a tailspin) was how to get out of this wrong-headed and incredibly expensive in blood and treasure war in Iraq. McCain has said that he is willing to stay in Iraq for the next 100 years. We can’t afford that. McCain’s plan would finally bankrupt the US. The US has never defaulted. Give us 100 years in Iraq and we’ll be there. The war in Iraq, Abu Ghraeb, Guantanamo, and Rendition have given the US a blacking that it will take generations to remove. If the people we hold are guilty of something, then try them in the US under our court rules and convict them. If you can’t, then by our normal moral standards we must set them free.

    McCain is pathologically out of touch. The McCain’s make well over $6 million/year, almost all of it from Cindy McCain’s legacy. McCain doesn’t know how many houses he owns. This is the person we want in charge of guiding the economy away from the brink we are on? This person understands what a person making $20,000 per year is facing? This person is motivated to help those at the bottom of the economic scale? Well, no, of course he’s not. Several recent analyses have shown clearly that McCain’s plan is the neo-con plan: continue to move more wealth from the lower and middle classes to the upper class. Economy good? Give tax cuts to the wealthy. Economy bad? Give tax cuts to the wealthy. Deregulate everything.

    McCain is wrong on the issues.

    There’s no question that John McCain suffered as a POW in North Vietnam. However, he has been riding that horse for the last 35 years in order to manufacture his career and image. He has been a serial womanizer and ne’er-do-well. He graduated 5th from the bottom (894 out of 899) from Annapolis; and the family link of his admirals father and grandfather is probably the only reason he graduated. He slept around on his first wife and dumped her for a rich heiress, even though she stood by him through his captivity.

  7. says

    The very phrase “overhead projector” shows what an ignorant man McCain is. What a sneeringly sarcastic way of describing a planetarium projector, or “star machine.” I have no personal knowledge of what Adler was hoping to acquire, but at that price I’d be willing to bet that they were hoping to upgrade to one of the new high-end digital planetarium projectors that is capable of filling a thirty or forty-meter dome with realistic sky, including stars, planets, Sun, Moon, constellations, celestial coordinates, cardinal points, full-motion video, and that has a photo database of thousands of astronomical objects and much more. And all of this is what the Luddite candidate of the jesus-lovers dismisses with a supercilious and arrogant mislabeling in order to try to make cheap political points. Fuck John McCain. He graduated fifth from the bottom of his class at Annapolis and he, like George W. Bush, wears his ignorance as a badge of honor.

  8. Karey says

    When the supreme court stuff came up, I found Obama talking about civil rights to be quite moving. I talk to so many people who think civil rights are an appropriate thing to leave up to popular voting opinion and it just pisses me off that people can misunderstand our system so badly. The concept of inalienable rights protects us from the tyranny of the majority, and hearing obama acknowledge that its not good neough to leave civil rights up to the state’s discretion, really instilled a lot of confidence in me that he’s a good guy who really gets the important stuff.

  9. BaldySlaphead says

    I have to say I find it absolutly gobsmacking that with the obscene amounts of money spent on canvassing for this election, it’s nevertheless apparently impossible to ensure reliable counting of the votes.

    Here in the UK (and I know we’re smaller than most of your individual states) we seem to manage ok by employing human beings to count the Xs. If it’s close, we count ’em again.

    (We do scan postal votes, mind you).

    I hope this doesn’t come across like snotty American-bashing; I’m just sincerely bemused that this essentially simple process seems to cause such major trauma, and bearing in mind what’s happened the last couple of times, I’m really hoping you guys manage to have one that’s not endangered by allegations about the voting process.

  10. marcia says

    What it feels like to watch Barack Obama debate:

    It feels like a late afternoon fall breeze, the sun low in the sky, warming one’s delicate, aging skin.

    It feels like a calm and reasoned mind rescuing one from the clutches of 8 years of emotion and ideology.

    It feels like…. freedom.

    It feels like…..Marvin Gaye.

  11. says

    “We need to encourage programs such as Teach for America and Troops to Teachers where people, after having served in the military, can go right to teaching and not have to take these examinations which — or have the certification that some are required in some states.”

    I know that isn’t what Troops for Teachers currently does, but will someone please tell me McCain was joking about not wanting new teachers from the military to have to get certified?

  12. spgreenlaw says

    The attacks on ACORN really piss me off. They are a wonderful organization who work extremely hard to fight disenfranchisement. I love that the GOP attacks them for turning in fake registration cards when they are required to do so by law (not to mention that ACORN does a good job of flagging the suspicious ones to make it easier for officials to catch). As the Bush II (Oh, and Nixon, et al.) administration has taught us, Republicans have no qualms about breaking laws that don’t protect their elite asses.

    “ACORN is an organization that works to help the poor, which of course makes it about as anti-Republican as you can get.”

    Perfectly put.

  13. says

    When confronted with specifics, like the cries of “he’s a terrorist”
    And asked if he’ll decry them, so to calm the rabid throng,
    It is telling that McCain, instead, decried his opposition–
    He is proud of his supporters, but Obama’s thugs are wrong!
    I can’t wait to see the Daily Show comparing his reaction
    To the videos on youtube John McCain seems to have missed;
    You can pander to Neanderthals, but when the day is over
    There will come the recognition–that’s the Devil you just kissed.

  14. JBlilie says

    Sharon: “McCain was joking about not wanting new teachers from the military to have to get certified?” I think you can bet on that. He’s in favor of the neo-con plan: vouchers, letting non-certified people teach, etc. The point of all this is to bust the (almost) last bastion of union membership: teachers unions. In addition, the neo-cons want to privatize everything (totally destroy our social compact): tolls roads (pay to use the HOV lanes), private cops in gated communities, fess vs. taxes, get rid of Social Security and Medicare, kill public schools (the most successful social program ever invented.) McCain wants to let uncertified people teach math and science (at least). You know: teaching is EASY, isn’t it?

    I’ve already voted absentee for Obama — one of the proudest, and necessary, votes I’ve ever cast.

  15. Nebularry says

    A Cleveland based radio station (WNWV 107.3FM) is reporting that “Joe the Plumber” is NOT a registered voter anywhere in the state of Ohio. I’ve yet to find that on wire reports but it will be interesting to follow-up on the story.

  16. Reginald Selkirk says

    What he is dismissing is a tool for science education.

    McCain is a tool against science education.

    Put his ridicule of the “overhead projector” and bear DNA study together with his selection of a Creationist for a running mate and comments from both of them about “teaching all sides” and you have a dire outlook for science education under a GOP administration.

  17. SC says

    Take a look at what the sky projector looks like

    My first impressions: A sick doll, unhappy to be having his tempearture taken. A bit like Hermie the Elf from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

  18. Nerd of Redhead says

    EV, he/she might be on vacation. I noticed the Rev. BDC was gone for a few days. We all need some time away from the computer (I know, heresy).

    Now just the wait until election day so I can vote for democrats at the national level.

  19. negentropyeater says

    McCain is a tool against science education.

    McCain is a tool against education.

    I would not trust someone who finished 5th before last out of a class of more than 800 in his academy to honestly understand the fundamental importance of education and intellectual development on the future of his country.
    I’m not saying that people can’t change, but it’s just too risky a bet.
    Especially in these moments of crisis, I’d rather go for the guy who finished top of his class.

  20. TBRP says

    So why are you anti-science if you want large amounts of money to be subject to oversight? It seems that’s all this planetarium projector hubbub is about: a large earmark given away as (presumably) part of an unrelated bill. The fact that it seems to have been toward a noble cause seems almost irrelevant to the fact that this is a giving away of federal money. That’s what it appears McCain was trying to attack. How am I reading this wrong?

  21. spgreenlaw says


    If that was what he had actually said, you might have a point. But his decrying of the project as an “overhead projector” painted the argument as not being against just unnecessary earmarks, but against science. His disdain for spending money on studying the DNA of grizzly bears (critical for the preservation of the species) points to the same thing about Senator McCain: that he is anti-science, and is intentionally appealing to those who share his anti-intellectual views, with passion and venom.

  22. Nerd of Redhead says

    TBRP, McSame has to either attack all the earmarks, or none of them. No other position is non-partisan, or logical for that matter.

    Actually, what has happened is that many educational grants that would partially fund items like the plantarium projector in the past have been cut from the budget. As any fundraiser will tell you, it is much easier to get money once a large chunk is in hand.

  23. Pat says

    My wife was rather incensed (she’s a moderate fiscal conservative Republican, I’m not…) by McCain’s dismissal of the woman’s health as an argument in discussing abortion. The nasal, mocking intonation of “the health of the mother” and the tone of disdain as if it were a trivial concern: I think she’s voting non-Republican this year.

  24. says

    There were many issues, like the projector, that Obama could have taken McCain to task for. That he didn’t speaks volumes. I believed he thought these were sufficiently transparent that others can and will debunk the claims without him having to muddy himself. The same could have been said for the Ayers and ACORN link except it has received so much traction in the right wing orgy of hate and their brain dead media tools that Obama gained more by addressing it than ignoring it. However, it went on to long and it was to his credit that he restrained himself from blurting out how ridiculous McCain’s arguments were.

  25. says

    More McCain goodness.

    Cell reception sucks an elephant dong at John McCain’s Arizona ranch. Or it did, until Cindy McCain “embarked on an expensive public process” for Verizon Wireless to build a permanent cell tower at their ranch, reports the Washington Post. That got scrapped, but Verizon did see fit to “navigate a lengthy county regulatory process that hit a snag on environmental concerns” in order to get the McCains setup with at least a portable tower, absolutely free of charge. AT&T caught word of this, and brought in one of their own towers, also free. Wouldn’t ya know, there’s a laundry list of ethical concerns?

    McCain is a senior member of the Senate Commerce Committee, which happens to oversee the FCC, which regulates the telecom industry–like AT&T and Verizon. Conflict of interest much? And it’s not like McCain and Verizon are strangers to each other, anyway. Five of his campaign officials, including manager Rick Davis, have been soul-sucking lobbyists in Washington. A former staffer, Robert Fisher, is now Verizon’s in-house lobbyist. Verizon chief Ivan G. Seidenberg, Fisher and other Verizon lobbyists have plowed over $1.3 million into McCain’s campaign, and Verizon employmees are one of its top 20 corporate donors over the course of McCain’s career.

    That quote from Gizmodo for more conciseness.

  26. Kate says

    McCain is not a tool “against” anything. He’s just a tool. Period.

    Since I don’t watch television I’ve only been able to read transcripts of the debate and commentary on other blogs, but it appears to me that McCain is a dangerous choice for the US and North America as a whole.

    By the way, even up here in Canada there are Obama/Biden signs on lawns. I haven’t seen a single McCain sign, though.

  27. MaryM says

    Sooooooo… I thought I would be a goody-two-shoes and donate some money for this bloody projector. Only, they only accept donations from the US or Canada. So have $20 virtual dollars on me cause you won’t be getting anything else. Why can’t they just use PayPal FFS.

  28. SC says

    By the way (from August),

    How do you know you’re doing something right for working people? When Wal-Mart starts “mobilizing” against you.

    Today the Wall-Street Journal came out with a disturbing report saying that Wal-Mart is organizing its store supervisors against Democrats and other candidates who support the Employee Free Choice Act.

    (Actually, that frowny face also resembles the sky projector a little.)

  29. says

    Did I really hear the Obamassiah say that he was going to prevent insurance companies from considering pre-existing conditions? Apparently he wants to completely destroy the insurance industry in this country.

    That one remark gives me some hope that his candidacy is doomed. Not that I’m a big fan of the insurance biz (I was once upon a time an insurance agent, and I left the business because of the sleaze factor), but the insurance industry collectively has more money than god(s), and is going to take exception to such obvious stupidity.

  30. Tulse says

    Here in the UK (and I know we’re smaller than most of your individual states) we seem to manage ok by employing human beings to count the Xs. If it’s close, we count ’em again.

    In Canada’s recent federal election (last Tuesday), I was given a paper ballot containing six names with a circle beside each, and a stubby “golf card” pencil with which to mark an “X”. Once marked, I inserted the paper ballot into a cardboard box with a slot in it.

    And yet, even with this lowest of low tech systems, for a country of 33 million we knew the results of the election within about an hour after the last poll closed.

    This really isn’t that hard.

  31. Moggie says


    Here in the UK (and I know we’re smaller than most of your individual states) we seem to manage ok by employing human beings to count the Xs. If it’s close, we count ’em again.

    As another Brit, it boggles my mind whenever I read reports from US elections of people queuing for hours to vote because of insufficient or faulty voting machines. I’ve voted at every available opportunity since 1979 (general, council, European and by-elections) and have never had to wait once. Since our voting booth technology consists of a few sheets of plywood, a pencil and a length of string, they cost pretty much nothing and there’s no excuse for under-provision.

  32. negentropyeater says


    So why are you anti-science if you want large amounts of money to be subject to oversight? It seems that’s all this planetarium projector hubbub is about: a large earmark given away as (presumably) part of an unrelated bill.

    $ 3 million, large amount of money ? Fine.
    Let’s talk of other amounts, 200,000 times larger ones, such as $ 700 billion for a financial rescue plan rendered necessary because of irresponsible policies of deregulation of the financial markets and absolute lack of oversight on the way financial institutions, hedge funds, broker-dealers, derivatives traders, obtained unbelievable amounts of credit. Policies pushed since Reagan onwards by all administrations in the USA and particularly accelerated under the Bush administration, which created the largest credit bubble in history.

    What about the $600 billion the US spends each year on military expenditures, exactly half of the entire planet for God’s sake, and ten times more than the second spender, or 50 times more than Iran, complete paranoia, with only 5% of the population, which means that an average American requires ten times more weapons to defend himself than an average human.

    Do you not think that it would be more relevant to discuss FIRST about these 200,000 times larger amounts, before highlighting that specific public expenditure ?

    Have Americans suddenly completely lost sense of proportions ?
    And why does McCain have to pick specfically earmarks that have a scientific content ? Why not the few $100s billions a year that are wasted on the war in Iraq ?

  33. malpollyon says

    Here in Australia we manage to get every adult in the country (minus those in prison or Antarctica anyway) to vote. And none of that namby-pamby mark one box nonsense. We have to number each box. And they still manage to count the whole thing by hand. Of course we have a non-partisan orginization whose sole purpose is to run fair and impartial elections. In comparison I really have trouble seeing what the USA has as any sort of democracy at all.

  34. TBRP says


    Hmmm, I didn’t actually hear McCain when he was speaking about it. I’d always assumed that he was attacking it based on the federal money issue (because then it would make sense), but if he was attacking it because he couldn’t see anything good about it, then make one more checkmark in the “reasons McCain is a douchebag” column.

  35. E.V. says

    even with this lowest of low tech systems, for a country of 33 million we knew the results of the election within about an hour after the last poll closed.
    This really isn’t that hard.

    In the US, the Presidential (National) election is combined with state and local elections. It’s a very large ballot in some states with several dozen separate races, i.e. commissioners, sheriffs, judges, Representatives etc., as well as propositions (such as the notorious California Proposition 8). It’s a much larger issue than who’s going to be the next CiC. And just what was the actual turnout in your election of those 33 million?

  36. foxfire says

    If I hear Joe-this or Joe-that one more time, I’m going to throw up. That entire Joe-the-plumber exchange was surreal.

    I was watching the debate on CNN which used a split screen so one could see both candidates at the same time. Viewing McCain’s facial expressions (in particular the wild eyes) as he reacted to Obama’s statements creeped me out.

    No way will I vote to turn over the nuclear codes to a couple of “mavericks” this year.

  37. TBRP says


    Do you not think that it would be more relevant to discuss FIRST about these 200,000 times larger amounts, before highlighting that specific public expenditure ?

    Not really, because my question was why did that position make him anti-science. I had it answered by spgreenlaw. Thanks anyway.

  38. marcia says

    hey CHL instrucor:
    Pre-existing conditions works pretty weel for Medicare.

    Medicare: 3% administration overhead, compared to 12% private group plans and 29% private individual plans.

    Insurance companies need to be destroyed.

  39. BobC says

    This will not be a close election. McCain’s chances of winning are almost zero. I thank McCain for being so obviously incompetent that his election is virtually impossible.

  40. Leslie in Canada says

    The complexity of US ballots certainly makes voting much harder. In Canada this time only 59 percent of registered voters bothered, which is the lowest ever for a federal election so even a simple process won’t turn the electorate out if they are indifferent. As a keen observer of the US political system I am at a loss to understand why no candidate will admit that taxes will have to be raised at some point. Nobody is thrilled about paying taxes but when you have a government with this kind of deficit and all kinds of additional new costs (unforeseen idiotic wars, unexpected idiotic bailouts of industry etc.) the piper will have to be paid. A lot of Canadians were annoyed that the Conservatives reduced our value-added tax, making the risk of a future deficit all that more likely.

  41. says

    Malpollyon, in all fairness, Australia only has a population of – what – 18 million, as opposed to more than 300 million in America. That’s a heck of a lot of ballots to count by hand. And stop rubbing your proportional representation in North America’s face! Dude, it’s just depressing.

  42. Bill Dauphin says

    Re the “overhead projector”…

    The very phrase “overhead projector” shows what an ignorant man McCain is.

    I can’t help wondering whether this phrase indicates ignorance of science and science education or contempt for same. I have a colleague who suggests it’s not necessarily either, but may be purely cynical pandering to oather folks’ ignorance and/or contempt, regardless of McCain’s own opinion.

    I’ve already voted absentee for Obama — one of the proudest, and necessary, votes I’ve ever cast.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I can only hope you live in North Dakota, Nevada, Missouri, West Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, or Florida!

  43. Quiet Desperation says

    What it feels like to watch Barack Obama debate:

    It feels like a late afternoon fall breeze, the sun low in the sky, warming one’s delicate, aging skin.

    Ummmmmmm, nope, not feeling that. Still just hear the quack of a politician. Would taking heavy psychotropic drugs help?

    I hate McCain, the Melting Man, and can’t abide the thought of Palin even being within a horizon view the White House, but, seriously, this waxing rhapsodic over some senator is just off putting and creepy.

    So why are you anti-science if you want large amounts of money to be subject to oversight?

    Because everything $OUR_CANDIDATE says is holy writ, and everything $EVIL_ENEMY_CANDIDATE_WHO_EATS_CHILDREN says can make your ears bleed and kittens cry. Get with the program, TBRP, if that *is* your real name! I’ll bet you are a plant from the campaign of $DEMONIC_OPPOSITION_CANDIDATE_WHO_BEATS_UP_PUPPIES, and paid money to come to this blog and foment dissent and unres and doubleminus unthink!

  44. Bubba says

    Did I really hear the Obamassiah say that he was going to prevent insurance companies from considering pre-existing conditions? Apparently he wants to completely destroy the insurance industry in this country.

    The health care insurance industry deserves to be destroyed, doofus. It’s not delivering health care to the citizens of this country, it’s delivering billions in wealth to a privileged few by denying health care.

    But hey, keep on believing that the unregulated free market serves all the people all the time. How’s that working out right now?

  45. Scott from Oregon says

    “What about the $600 billion the US spends each year on military expenditures, exactly half of the entire planet for God’s sake, and ten times more than the second spender, or 50 times more than Iran, complete paranoia, with only 5% of the population, which means that an average American requires ten times more weapons to defend himself than an average human. ”


    Proof that Obama is another tool is his reluctance to mention this fact. He’s all about the “supremacy” of the US. He’s handled nicely.

    The only way citizens can address that issue is to elect Congressfolk who care about reducing the national footprint and the amount of capital pissed into the wind cruising military ships up and down other folk’s coastlines.

    That kook Ron Paul said it best and often– “It’ll end because we are going broke”…

    We are now officially broke.

  46. marcia says

    I think McCain IS your man, Quiet Desperation. Your CAPS-infused post is filled with the type of “quiet desperation” we won’t see in the WH for the next 8 years.

    Me. I’m voting for the secularist.

  47. SteveM says

    I can’t help wondering whether this phrase indicates ignorance of science and science education or contempt for same. I have a colleague who suggests it’s not necessarily either, but may be purely cynical pandering to oather folks’ ignorance and/or contempt, regardless of McCain’s own opinion.

    “W” I would credit with pure ignorance of what the projector is and does. McCain however probably knows and, like you say, is just pandering to the ignorance of the voters. To me it sounds an awful like like the proverbial “$1000 hammers”. He is deliberately calling it an “overhead projector” to enhance the outrageousness of it costing several million dollars and counting on most people not following up and discovering what kind of projector it really is.

  48. Tulse says

    In the US, the Presidential (National) election is combined with state and local elections. It’s a very large ballot in some states with several dozen separate races, i.e. commissioners, sheriffs, judges, Representatives etc., as well as propositions (such as the notorious California Proposition 8).

    I’m originally from the US, so I do have some familiarity with the pages of ballots there. We do have a somewhat similar situation when we do municipal elections here. In that case, we use pencils with very basic Scantron-type forms — mark an X in the appropriate boxes, run the paper ballot through the scanner, with the paper ballot retained for doing manual recounts.

    (And after having lived in Canada for two decades, can I just mention how utterly bizarre it seems to me now that in US one votes for sheriff and judges?)

    It’s a much larger issue than who’s going to be the next CiC. And just what was the actual turnout in your election of those 33 million?

    We had about 15 million votes, or 59% of the eligible electorate. Given that Canada is roughly 10% the size of the US, the size of vote tally is comparable.

  49. BobC says

    As a keen observer of the US political system I am at a loss to understand why no candidate will admit that taxes will have to be raised at some point.

    Not a good idea, especially during a recession. A better alternative is cutting spending. Pulling out of Iraq would help.

    It’s fair to say George W Bush was a terrible president and I look forward to his being replaced by Obama. However Bush’s idea to lower taxes, including taxes on capital gains and dividends, was an excellent idea that actually increased revenue. Investors are more likely to sell shares of stock when the capital gains tax is lower. Corporations are more likely to increase dividends if they know their shareholders will have to pay less taxes on their dividend income. The result is the government receives more revenue. It’s not just the rich who benefit. Millions of middle class Americans depend on their stock market investments for their retirement.

    This country would be better off with a flat tax. People shouldn’t be punished for being successful. They shouldn’t have to pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes just because they worked hard to get a higher paying job.

  50. says

    You’re right that the ACORN business is specious, and has no doubt set the foundation for the Republicans to cry foul should Obama win. I thought it quite tragic that McCain talked smugly and judgmentally of ACORN undermining democracy, when our current President (with the help of Kathryn Harris in Florida) egregiously undermined it in 2000, and most likely again in 2004.

    The projector business is just sad. Especially since so many millions of Americans will go about shaking their heads over Obama’s funding for the so-called “overhead projector.”

    Anyone who thought McCain did well last night, and that Obama did not, once again, soundly address all the spurious and inflammatory accusations of a desperate and confused old man, must have his or her head in the partisan sand.

  51. negentropyeater says

    This will not be a close election. McCain’s chances of winning are almost zero.

    4.9% ;-)

    Right now they have McCain losing with 184 electoral votes (Obama 354).

    The question is, can McCain do as bad as Bob Dole (who lost against Clinton with only 159 electoral votes) ?

    I think so.

  52. malpollyon says

    The USA has 300 million to Australia’s 20 million. However, all of our citizens vote, compared to half of yours. So that’s more like comparing 150 million to 20 million. But *all* of that is irrelevant given that the votes aren’t counted federally, but state by state. So *waaaaah* *we’re too big* is a pretty piss poor excuse. And why exactly is it supposed to be impossible to scale up? If we’re already able to count tens of millions of votes, what’s so hard about hundreds of millions? But
    I see this excuse for healthcare too. That the USA is just too *special* for what works everywhere else in the civilized world to possibly work there. Hell I even see it in discussions about eliminating the 1c coin (we did it ages ago, our economy mysteriously failed to collapse (until now, thanks guys!)). I *JUST* *DON’T* *GET* *IT*

  53. says

    Whether the insurance industry *needs* to be destroyed (I suspect you will find some argument on that point), it is going to take great exception to any attempt to do so.

    And if you think the POTUS (or any other part of the US government) is capable of destroying the insurance business, let me assure you that the insurance industry is quite capable of defending itself.

  54. Reginald Selkirk says

    I can’t help wondering whether this phrase indicates ignorance of science and science education or contempt for same. I have a colleague who suggests it’s not necessarily either, but may be purely cynical pandering to other folks’ ignorance and/or contempt, regardless of McCain’s own opinion.

    This is what people often ask about Bush and religion. Is he really a zealous theocrat, or does he simply pander to those who are? In both cases, I don’t see the distinction as being very important. They are doing what they are doing, and it is causing damage.

  55. raven says

    All the smears, lies, and slants are trivia.

    It’s the economy. stupid!!!

    The last Gallup poll I saw had voters most concerned with the failed economy at 70%. The number 2 issue at 11% was the pointless war in Iraq. They didn’t even list a third issue.

    McCain/Palin’s disgraceful conduct shows what their admin. would be like. Theothuglican culture soldiers running amock and ignoring our laws and stomping out our civil liberties while looting the treasury and incompetently mismanaging anything important. Like Bushco only worse. The United Banana Republic would take decades to recover if it tried and it might not have the will anymore. That McBush is even polling 40% says that almost half the electorate think our present trajectory downward is just fine and the Dark Ages were the good old days.

  56. says


    When you’re losing in the middle ground and know you can’t recover,
    The temptation’s irresistible to pander to your base;
    Once you’ve written off the liberals, you’re free to use your rhetoric
    On Bible-issue voters–take abortion as one case.
    Disagreements are expected on a topic like abortion
    When a right to life is weighed against a woman’s right to choose–
    But to sneer with condescension at the “Mother’s health” exceptions?
    First, the voters; now your dignity–what else ya got to lose?

  57. Falyne says


    Suppose we had a 20% flat tax. The person making $20,000 a year would take home $16,000. The person making $200,000 would take home $160,000.

    The drop for the 20k person, while much smaller in real dollars than that for the 200k, is also a much greater burden. It’s much harder to live on 16k than 20k, and people will start to run into those “medicine or food” dilemmas, whereas the difference in bottom-line quality of life (ability to afford housing, food, shelter, etc) between 200k and 160k is not that big of a difference at all.

    It’s not ‘penalizing’ the wealthy. You still take more home at the end of the day if you make more. The tax burden is just shifted more to the people it doesn’t hurt as much, which is rather reasonable.

    Also, yes, the health insurance industry in this country needs to be destroyed. Nationalized health care is working quite well in the entire bloody rest of the industrialized world.

  58. says

    If the final vote is close, the ACORN issue will become deafening. I’m hope it won’t be a close vote. I agree that it’s a non-issue. One effect of this whole made-up kerfuffle is that it’s drowning out the real problems with inappropriate challenges to voter registration.

  59. MikeM says

    Man, that was Obama FTW all the way last night. The things that really stick with me are:

    1) The projecter, as you noted. Wow, talk about not telling the whole story, McCain. What a dick.

    2) McCain’s body language. This was a storehouse of comedy gold right there.

    3) Joe the Plumber. That was a great drinking game. Many Americans are nursing a hangover today. But this was a goldmine for SNL. Just, wow. Joe the Plumber will be a top-10 list on Letterman. Joe the Plumber will have his own hotline in the Oval Office. Joe the Plumber tee-shirts. The board game. All Joe the Plumber, All The Time.

    Yeah, you’re right, McCain just wants to cast doubts on this election with ACORN. We’re headed for an epic blowout. I believe Obama will get close to 60% of the vote. And you know what the Limbaughs and Savages of the world will do? Cry fraud.

    I don’t want to get too enthusiastic here, but I think we’re headed for a Hoover-Roosevelt kind of transition, with Bush taking the role of Hoover, and Obama taking the role of, well, take a guess.

    McCain needed to change pace last night. He needed to attack zero times, to throw Obama off, and he failed. There’s only one thing left for McCain to do: He needs to fire his staff. All of ’em. I don’t know GOP bylaws, but I’d dump Palin, too. Right now, it’s utter desperation time, and if McCain keeps on his current path, the GOP is staring at a force 5 hurricane and is refusing to evacuate. Good luck with that tactic. If that’s what they want, I will not help them rebuild.

  60. Ichthyic says

    That McBush is even polling 40% says that almost half the electorate think our present trajectory downward is just fine and the Dark Ages were the good old days.

    Did I mention I was moving to New Zealand?

    I’m sure I did.


    …2 weeks to go, 1 last hurdle remaining.

  61. says

    I can’t believe people in America are still having serious problems understanding simple concepts like progressive taxation and universal healthcare. Come on, fellows, wake up! It’s the twenty-first century!

  62. says

    “This country would be better off with a flat tax. People shouldn’t be punished for being successful. They shouldn’t have to pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes just because they worked hard to get a higher paying job.”

    Any evidence to back up these statements? So McCain is rich because he worked so much harder than my mother who worked double shifts in a nursing home and raised two kids as a single mom. I see, I thought it had more to do with him boning a rich heiress, my bad.

    And flat taxes sound good, but lets not forget that poor-middle class pay most of their wages on essential items: food, shelter, heat, etc. The wealthy (who generally became wealthy with the hard work of middle class/lower class employees or inherited it) have much more disposable income. Now I am not saying the rich should be punished for having more disposable income (you can pull your panties back out of your ass), but why do you insist that the lower and middle classes be punished for not having any? Is it that you don’t want working class people taking vacations or getting better educations? Maybe its the wealthy engaged in class warfare, they do have the most to lose.

  63. shonny says

    And yet, even with this lowest of low tech systems, for a country of 33 million we knew the results of the election within about an hour after the last poll closed.

    This really isn’t that hard.

    BUT – how’s anyone gonna make hundreds of millions out of THAT??

  64. Jams says

    “And after having lived in Canada for two decades, can I just mention how utterly bizarre it seems to me now that in US one votes for sheriff and judges?” – Tulse

    Oh come on! The sheriff thing is so endearing – it’s all wild westy. I not only think Canada should vote for sheriffs and judges, but we should vote for damsels in distress too.

  65. Walton says

    #75: Not only that, but I’ve always found it bizarre that most US counties elect their court clerk, tax assessor and recorder of deeds. I mean, why? Do these posts really have a sufficient policymaking role to merit the expense and palaver of a popular election?

    Btw, not really on topic, but have any of you seen this story? Apparently a Nebraska state senator filed a lawsuit against God.

    http:// /1/hi/world /americas/7673591.stm

    (spaces added to keep comment out of moderation)

  66. raven says

    The only people I’ve heard directly who are for McCain/Palin are either
    1. low IQ=stupid
    2. uneducated
    3. rabid racists, at least one of which wants to kill Obama and says so often. I hope the secret service has a few words with him (“You have the right to remain silent etc.”).

    Presumably the lunatic death cultists are for them but that segment of the population is one that I don’t concern myself with even reading their babblings (Obama is a Arab Moslem terrorist and so on.)

    In my area McCain/apPALINg signs outnumber Obama signs by 5 to 1 or so. Which is odd because the local polls indicate that most will vote for the dems. My best guess is the local fundie churches spent all their surplus funds on signs and stuck them everywhere.

  67. Ric says

    What bothered me was McCain’s line, “Well, if you had just had the ten townhall meetings with me, I wouldn’t have had to go so negative.”

    What the hell?

    That’s like a wife beater saying to his wife, “Well, if you had just done the dishes, you wouldn’t have forced me to beat you.”

  68. says

    The sheriff thing is so endearing – it’s all wild westy

    Crap, I saw sheriff and started thinking about swords, tights, and drunk friars.

  69. MikeM says

    Pat @30:

    And McCain used air-finger quotes when he said “Health.”

    Since my kids were watching, I kept the “F You” inside my head at that point.

  70. Patricia says

    This may, or may not have anything to do with the post-debate issue.
    Here in Dumbfuckistan, Oregon where I live, across the big road from the Google Borg cube, we’ve been having extra busy air traffic.
    Black helicopters at night and just now the Google jet flew into the tiny local airport (expanded at public cost, just for them) again. It makes me mad to have all this air traffic, but it down right upsets my pullets.
    And just to make the night and morning worse, the GOB got notified this morning that due to the housing crash, he will not be needed to drive his truck on Friday’s, because door’s and windows only need to be delivered four days a week.
    Great, no eggs today – thanks Google, and no income tomorrow – thanks Bush. Yeah, I’m in a pissy mood. :0(

  71. says

    “Nationalized health care is working quite well in the entire bloody rest of the industrialized world.”

    Unless, of course, you actually *need* to see a doctor for some reason…

  72. Joshua BA says

    Just for those outside the US who can’t understand why counting ballots by hand would be simple, here is a list of things on my ballot this November (Vista, CA):

    2 Federal Offices
    1 State Office
    3 Different Education Board Elections
    1 City Council Seat
    1 Hospital Board of Directors Election
    4 State Voter Initiative Constitutional Amendments (NO ON 8!)
    8 State Voter Initiative Statutes (Ignoring Combo Constitutional/Statute Initiatives)
    1 County Issue

    That’s a total of 21 Issues on the ballot with many of the issues being of (to me at least) greater import than the presidential election (for example, the so named “Prop. 8: Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry.”)

  73. Bubba says

    Unless, of course, you actually *need* to see a doctor for some reason…

    Yes, because we see such bad medical outcomes in Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, England, etc. Their life expectancies are way shorter than ours, and their infant mortality is much higher. Oh, wait …

  74. Ichthyic says

    Unless, of course, you actually *need* to see a doctor for some reason…

    I see you bought into the right-wing media’s attempts to portray the Canadian Health care system.


  75. MikeM says

    CNN-Money has a really good article on Joe the Plumber.

    It turns out that McCain didn’t even get that right. Personally, I think he made it all up. Read the article and see if you reach a different conclusion.

  76. Hap says

    #86, 87: I think you all misunderstand the purpose of the US health care – it’s there to make insurance companies money. You can see (well, if you’re not commie liberals) why Medicare, other countries’ healthcare, etc., are such a waste of money.

    (whisper)What, healthcare is supposed to keep people not sick? Oops, sorry, My bad.

  77. Chili Pepper says

    CHL Instructor wrote:
    Unless, of course, you actually *need* to see a doctor for some reason…

    I live in Canada, and my brother lives in the US. We both suffer from kidney stones.

    Yes, when I was scheduled for lithotripsy, it took a couple of months before I could have the surgery (yeah, they couldn’t do the ultrasonic stuff – long story, don’t ask). All costs were covered by socialized medicare.

    My brother, on the other hand, got to see the doc very quickly (his doctor, along with 3 others, pooled their money to buy the equipment and share it amongst themselves). However, with my brother lying on the table, prepped for the procedure, the anesthesiologist told my brother’s wife that he required $250 in cash before he did anything. She had to go running out to find a bank machine.

    Sure, our system has problems, like any system, but don’t believe the hype.

  78. Ichthyic says

    I confess that I expected him to have a big black mustache, a flat cap, and white gloves.

    Luigi: “Anything is possible, Mario, you just gotta believe in it.”


  79. frog says

    TBRP: So why are you anti-science if you want large amounts of money to be subject to oversight? It seems that’s all this planetarium projector hubbub is about: a large earmark given away as (presumably) part of an unrelated bill. The fact that it seems to have been toward a noble cause seems almost irrelevant to the fact that this is a giving away of federal money. That’s what it appears McCain was trying to attack. How am I reading this wrong?

    TBRP, you do understand that we work under a federal system, where a representative at the federal level owes his primary allegiance to his constituents rather than his party?

    Sorry to be snotty, but I find this whole earmarks question besides the point — in a federal system it is inevitable if you have a functioning legislature, that a certain proportion of federal budgetary decisions will be made purely on local considerations. If you try to ban them, they will only reappear under covers: If you outlaw earmarks, only outlaws will have earmarks. That’s not to say they can’t be better administered, though.

    Earmarks: They’re a feature, not a bug. If you want to get rid of them, you need a unitary state, rather than a federal state.

  80. frog says

    CHL: Unless, of course, you actually *need* to see a doctor for some reason…

    Check life-expectancies. That’s the only good measure of how well a health-care system is working — how long do people live. The US is not only not at the top, but it’s fairly well down on the list. Wikipedia lists the CIA factbook numbers and the WHO numbers:

    Both put the US down by Cuba! Cuba, a country that can barely feed itself! While we vastly outspend everyone else, we get crappy results, no empirical question about it.

    Even if you don’t want to include Cuba since you can’t trust their numbers, then compare Chile, a US ally that is ultra-capitalist — even though Chile has a per-capita income that is 25% of the US’s value, they live 1/2 a year longer! That’s a country that until 40 years ago had a sharecropping agricultural sector!

    At the end, we give a crap about results, and not ideology. Funny how so many folks on the right ignore actual results on the ground, yet claim to be hard-nosed…

  81. Leslie in Canada says

    I find this blog interesting on many levels, although I really only admit to coming here for the sexy squid photos. But returning to the comments on my comment about raising taxes in the United States, cutting spending would probably make sense if the money had not already been spent–hence, the deficit and all those outstanding Treasury Notes. Having lived in the United States I will not comment on the virtues of private health care vs nationalized heath insurance except to note that people in the US tend to view the Canadian system at extremes (“You will die waiting for a doctor!” or “The system is totally free!”) but Canadians go the opposite way when it comes to the US system: (“No waiting and the best equipment! vs. “You will go bankrupt if you have the flu!”).
    In any event, I hope that somehow enough money comes together to get that sky projector. There was a Zeiss unit in Toronto at the now-forgotten McLaughlin Planetarium and I spent many happy childhood hours watching the dome there.

  82. Carlie says

    I thought the absolute nadir of his performance was when he was dismissing the health of women with air quotes. I mean, come on. For one thing, he was cavalierly making fun of life-and death decisions that face half of this country’s population, but even aside from that, he used air quotes. AIR QUOTES. On national tv. In a presidential debate. I want a president who is able to comport himself and get his ideas across without resorting to the sarcastic use of air quotes. I can has prezident with more than 6th grade talking skillz nao?

  83. Bill Dauphin says


    The tax burden is just shifted more to the people it doesn’t hurt as much, which is rather reasonable.

    Protecting people from “hurt” isn’t the point. The market is a strict meritocracy, and struggling people manifestly don’t deserve any more. And it follows as night follows day that since they don’t deserve any more money, they also don’t deserve any less hurt. The genius of the flat tax is precisely that it doesn’t shift any social burden from the lazy slackers of the working class to the hardworking leisure class. That’s what’s “reasonable,” you socialist!

    </snark> (in case you had any doubt)

  84. says

    Joe the plumber related to Charles Keating – Turns out that Joe Wurzelbacher from the Toledo event is a close relative of Robert Wurzelbacher of Milford, Ohio. Who’s Robert Wurzelbacher? Only Charles Keating’s son-in-law…” – Rev. BigDumbChimp, #4

    Joe The Plumber Wurzelbacher is related to the Charles Keating of the Savings and Loan / Keating Five scandal.

    And he’s not even a plumber (legally) anymore: Turns out Joe The Plumber’s plumbing license expired in 2002. And he’s not registered to vote in Ohio. So why was he at a voter’s rally for Obama?

    Here’s a hypothesis: He’s a Rethuglican agitprop operative. That’s why he was in Obama’s Toledo event.

    Google “Wurzelbacher Keating” – this just gets better and better.

  85. says

    I think you all misunderstand the purpose of the US health care – it’s there to make insurance companies money.” – Hap, #91

    A corollary of this is that it is in the best interests of the “health care $y$tem” for people to live longer sicker – to maintain the income stream as long as possible. Prevention of illness is anathema to the “health care system” – it’s actually an “illness care system” rather than a “health care system.”

  86. Bill Ockham says

    “I really have trouble seeing what the USA has as any sort of democracy at all.”
    Sigh. So do a lot of us Americans. It would be nice to have a “one man, one vote” democracy like Indonesia or Chile. Our holy forefathers were interested in their interests, not the peoples’, and we have inherited their wind.

  87. Knurl says

    McCain is a half senile old man. At 72 years old nobody is ever near the top of their game, and they’re picking up speed on the downhill. With McCain, it’s apparent.

    “Sarah Palin could have been invented by Monty Python, says John Cleese” He also said that Michael Palin is no longer the funniest Palin on earth. Here’s the interview.

  88. JBlilie says

    Monado: Quote away.

    CHL Instructor: The reason we spend 3X as much on health care as Europeans and get results less than or equal to theirs is that we support insurance companies between ourselves and the care we need, they get guaranteed profits (30+%, year after year) because if they F-up their investments, they just shove it to the premium-payers; perfect system! Also check the compensation of their management — obscene. That position occupied by the insurance companies is unnecessary — as clearly demonstrated by many other developed democracies.

    All the best, JB

  89. Quiet Desperation says

    marcia: I think McCain IS your man, Quiet Desperation.

    Relax, marcia, it was just a bit of satire. The CAPS words were a play on Unix environment variables, but, well, you being a supergenius Obama supporter I’m sure you already knew that. :-) See? More satire. I tease. When you can’t laugh at your own side you need a vacation in GetOverYourself-Land

    Just because a smooth talking member of the subspecies politicus screwusallus doesn’t make symphonies sing in my heart doesn’t mean I’m running to the McCain camp.

    raven: The only people I’ve heard directly who are for McCain/Palin are either
    1. low IQ=stupid
    2. uneducated
    3. rabid racists,

    You forgot:

    4. Cannibals
    5. Death Eaters
    6. Thuggees
    7. Slavers
    8. Sith Lords
    9. NAMBLA
    10. Telephone Marketers
    11. International Brotherhood Of Mimes

  90. frog says

    raven: In my area McCain/apPALINg signs outnumber Obama signs by 5 to 1 or so.

    Well, in my area teenage boys have been going around tearing up folks lawns in their pickups to destroy Obama signs, have been defacing cars to get their bumper stickers off and such. I hear about it every day!

    You know you’ve got them scared when they call out the brownshirts — the teenagers may not be all ideological and such, but the shock troops never are. They’re just looking for an excuse to get drunk and damage other people. But you just know what Mamma and Papa are saying at home.

  91. negentropyeater says

    Paul Burnett,

    Here’s a hypothesis: He’s a Rethuglican agitprop operative. That’s why he was in Obama’s Toledo event.

    And how is all of this at all relevant ?

    His discussion with Obama, which you can see here in its entirity,

    is still of interest to many Americans. Who cares if he was a real plumber or a covert republican who made up everything, his case study was perfectly relevant, the discussion was civil, and Obama IMHO comes out of it as a winner.
    So what’s the point ?

    I think Obama handled it marvelously. People should watch the whole video and be the judge.

    Let’s not take the bait on this one. So far in this campaign, all this “association spinnng noise” has only hurt those who have been spinning it.

  92. Quiet Desperation says

    You know you’ve got them scared when they call out the brownshirts

    Oh! Good one.

    12. Brownshirts

  93. JBlilie says

    “Unless, of course, you actually *need* to see a doctor for some reason”

    And here in the US, we are all paying excess insurance premiums so the excess hospital charges can be paid so the people without insurance can get normal primary care at an ER (when they actually need to see a doctor ;^) ). Great system! Brilliant! So sensible. I suppose we could just give the lazy slugs the finger and let ’em croak in pain … (sarcasm warning)

    We won’t have to wait too long: the way employer-provided health insurance (disappearing up its own bunghole) and individual private insurance are going (through the roof), we’ll all soon be running to one big pool. Which I’m totally fine with. Be done with it and go single-payer.

    I’ve experienced the medical system in Europe, in several countries and it’s much fairer, saner, more moral (didn’t Jesus tell you to look after the poor and hurt?), and simply better. My objection is to paying (exorbitant profits to) a completely unneccessary middle-man for nothing except RESTRICTIONS on my access to health care, which seems to be your worry here.

    All the best, JB

  94. varlo says

    Althogh I am in Florida, I have many Canadian customers every winter. Without exception, all that have discussed their medical program are pleased with it. I am sure that thered must be some who prefer something else, but I have yet to come across one.

  95. frog says

    Quiet_Desperation: 12. Brownshirts

    You’re smirking is tiresome. What the hell do you call young thugs that are politically motivated? Do you want to live in lala-land, using PC language to refer to everything?

    What the hell else is a political vandal but a f*cking brownshirt? They’re trying to intimidate folks — I’ll call them as I see them. We’re not even talking about breaking the windows of a McDonald’s or spray-painting a Starbucks, but going into residential neighbors and attacking homes. You don’t think that’s intended to scare the residents, that the implication isn’t “next time a rock in your window”?

    These same assholes are the ones who play homeless baseball — we had a few incidents of that too a few years ago. If they start thinking of themselves as part of a “political movement”, we know exactly what the next step is.

    I just hate this god-damn doublespeak that the “oh-so-cynical” use, pretending to be sophisticated when your vulgar cynicism is the very definition of naiviete.

  96. negentropyeater says


    if I’m not mistaken that photo is NOT photoshopped, when I saw the gesticulations at the end of the debate, the 3 times hyper nervous “good job, good job, good job” to Obama, etc… I really wondered if this guy wasn’t going to explode in front of the cameras.

    Dick Morris said something yesterday (I’m reminded of a movie about a California senator that is exactly that), now that McCain has nothing to lose anymore, he should just drop the mask, and say whatever he wants, who knows, maybe he could win ?

  97. Bill Dauphin says


    Earmarks: They’re a feature, not a bug.

    I’m so glad someone’s said this, as the whole attack on earmarks strikes me as disingenuous!

    First, lost in the noise is that fact that earmarks, per se, don’t create any spending; they just direct portions of the budget to particular projects (e.g., the $3 million for the Adler Planetarium won’t add $3 million to whatever budget it’s funded under; it only ropes off that portion of that existing budget for the planetarium).

    Next, in the “dialog” about earmarks, it’s become accepted practice to assume all projects funded by earmarks are silly, wasteful “pork.” Technically, of course, they are “pork,” since that term originally referred simply to government projects targeted to a narrow constituency… but over time the term has come to presumptively identify projects as not only narrowly targeted, but also useless and wasteful.

    In fact, plenty of earmarked “pork” is perfectly worthwhile, socially useful stuff. Even if you don’t think that’s true of the “overhead projector,” consider all the federally infrastructure projects — construction or repair of highways, bridges, dams, etc. — that almost by definition each benefit a relatively small, local constituency, yet also accrue, at another level, to the benefit of us all.

    Science and the arts are particularly vulnerable to this pernicious distortion, because it’s so easy to make capsule descriptions of projects in this area sound silly (to anyone, really, but especially to the anti-“elitist” know-nothings McCain is targeting). Just imagine McCain waving those stiff arms around and musing on how only a liberal egghead professor would waste time and money studying tropical fish!


  98. Hap says

    #100: I don’t think that that state of affairs is the insurance/pharmaceutical companies’ fault – health care was designed to deal with sickness, not with health. Anything to control health likely has to tell people what to do a lot of the time, which probably won’t go over so well. Lots of problems don’t have fixes at all, let alone easy ones.

    The lack of access of lots of people to health care, the lack of voluntary preventative care (though insurance companies are doing some), and the extravagant cost of US health care for the overall societal outcome, however, probably do have something to do with them – at minimum, it’s not in their interests to change the situation.

  99. says

    There may be more votes to count in the U.S. but there are more people to count them. Each poll has only a few hundred voters. A polling station contains several polls. You recite your address, your name is checked off on the voter’s list, and you’re directed to the one for your address. You approach the table for your poll, show ID and proof of address, which is looked at by scrutineers from two different parties, and they hand you a ballot. You mark it and return it folded. They tear off a little “receipt” strip, which they keep; and drop the folded ballot into a ballot box. A ballot for many different positions, e.g. school board, etc., has a page for each vote and the less important elections can be counted later.

    When the polls close, I believe that the votes are counted at the poll with representatives of the various parties watching and keeping track. The results are phoned in and added to the total for that district. Results start coming in within minutes–I think if everyone in a poll votes and is checked off on the voter’s list, the votes can be counted early.

    The votes are put back into the boxes, the boxes are sealed and stored in a safe area in case someone asks for a recount.

    Some of our elections (municipal?) use optical card readers. Your vote is read when you hand it in and if it’s not clear, it’s destroyed and you get another ballot. No hanging chads!

    Voting machines! I shudder to think of the opportunities for fiddling the result.

  100. varlo says

    It isn’t just the insurance companies themselves sucking money out of the system. I’m on Medicare but have a supplemental policy that runs around $2500 a year, and every year the agent who sold it 13 years ago gets a check for a share of the payments. I did not begrudge him making something on the original sale, but I have not seen him since that day in 1995, and I resent the continuing drain.

  101. says

    I understand that sticking one’s tongue out is a very instinctive “leave me alone” gesture. It’s why people concentrating on driving or athletic feats sometimes have a tiny tip of their tongue showing. McCain seems to be overreacting to the presence of Obama. He also seems to be increasingly erratic, angry, and confused. Having seen my father through the bad-judgement stages of senility complete with “I’m fine, nobody’s fooling me!” obstinacy I dread seeing it in a U.S. President.

  102. Sunil says

    Hi PZ: Bread (as always) trumps God, as it has in this election. This is from Time’s Swampland Blog:

    The “God”-less Debates

    From TIME’s Massimo Calabresi:

    In the nearly sixteen thousand words uttered last night in the debate between John McCain and Barack Obama, one was noticeably absent: God. The deity got not a single mention, not even a perfunctory “God Knows,” or “Good God,” or “God Bless America”. In fact, in the three presidential debates, McCain and Obama have completed a surprising sweep: no mention of “God”, the “Lord”, or even a higher power.

    In contrast, the word “God” was invoked twice during the first Bush-Kerry debate (both times in closing God Bless Americas by the candidates), twice in the second debate (once in a Kerry reference to the Pledge of Allegiance, and again by Bush with a departing GBA), and fully nine times in the third Bush-Kerry debate, seven times by Kerry and two by Bush. Sprinkled throughout the Bush-Kerry debates were the occasional “Lord”, “heaven” or other divine references.

    Why the God-free gab fest this time? A few possible reasons leap to mind. First, the country’s focus is very much on real-world problems of everyday Americans right now. The economic crisis has eaten up much of the time in these debates, with lengthy exegeses on plans for job creation, tax plans and the $700 billion bailout plan. If there are no atheists in foxholes, perhaps there are agnostics amid bank runs.

    Just as important, though, are the individual candidates. John McCain believes religion is a private matter. He was raised an Episcopalian but now occasionally attends Baptist churches. Various political consultants, including Karl Rove, have encouraged McCain to wear his religion on his sleeve, but McCain is resolute about not faking it. That goes for his top campaign advisers as well.

    Obama has his reasons for not bringing the subject up. If he did, it could remind people of his pastor problem: the fact that he attended for 20 years the church of the firebrand preacher Jeremiah Wright, whom Obama was forced to repudiate last spring after a variety of offensive comments surfaced.

    The personal reasons may, in fact, be more important than the larger political context. Neither Joe Biden nor Sarah Palin were so restrained in invoking the deity. “God” was mentioned seven times, five by Biden, twice by Palin. And in some ways, both running mates have been carrying the religion ball for their candidates since they were chosen in August.

    The last reason why neither Obama nor McCain may have elided “God” in the debates is that the issue was to some degree taken off the table by the “summit” on faith and politics hosted at Saddleback Church by the Rev. Rick Warren. That gave both candidates time to air out the extent to which religion informed their positions on public policy.

    Still, the fact that both Obama and McCain chose so assiduously not to invoke “God” in any form in any of their debates is noteworthy, not least to people who care about the presence of religion in politics. “Whether intentional or not the discussion of God and the role of faith appears to have been relegated to the Saddleback forum in this general election,” says Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, who calls the development “troubling.”

  103. Quiet_Desperation says

    You’re smirking is tiresome.

    Your. (smirk)

    What the hell do you call young thugs that are politically motivated?

    Activists? ;-)

    Do you want to live in lala-land, using PC language to refer to everything?

    Wow! How did you mine *that* out of my posts? I think you accidentally slant drilled into an adjacent post.

    I just hate this god-damn doublespeak that the “oh-so-cynical” use, pretending to be sophisticated when your vulgar cynicism is the very definition of naiviete.

    I suppose there’s a dimension out there where that makes sense. Superstring theory might need to be involved.

    Sheesh. The intertoobs get less jolly every year. :-(

  104. TBRP says

    @Bill Dauphin and Frog

    I don’t think anyone is saying that earmarks only go to wasteful things (well, if they are, everyone recognizes them as idiots). It just seems that they are easy to abuse, and there should be a better way to distribute federal funding without Bridges to Nowhere(TM) happening.

  105. Hap says

    #113: I don’t know how much earmarks are a feature – they are a consequence of locally elected representatives and their long residence time, but I don’t know that they are a good feature.

    For example, in science, earmarks generally replace projects based on merit (well, sort of – projects preferred by the funding agencies over earmarked ones, who are less likely to care about local issues and more about their institutional goals) with ones based on geography. The choices limit the amount of funding available to open competition, thus in some sense being counter to the stated intentions of the funding (because the limitation of open funding is likely to drive better scientists to other places where they can get funded) – the alternative is to increase funding to cover the earmarks, which means that earmarks are an internal tax on the desired programs (also paid for by the government and eventually us). Other areas, I assume (but don’t know) may go similarly – in which case, for example, the planetarium projector might be replacing something that could be more effective at educating people, or reducing the cost of something for Chicagoans and raising the cost of implementing some other effort. If the mechanism for assigning project priorities is flawed (and we are unlikely to ever have enough resources to do everything we want), it would be better to fix that than to override the funding system with earmarks.

    The worst pork serves no actual benefit other than giving away money to someone a member of Congress likes. Most probably doesn’t fit that definition – it provides a few a good they would not otherwise have gotten, at a general economic cost or at the cost of funding something likely to create more good elsewhere. I don’t think that earmarks are a good thing, though they are inevitable.

    I think the more interesting issue is when the Republicans complained about earmarks – Bush only began complaining about them when the Democrats took Congress (and thus limited his party’s preferred access to the trough). McCain complained about them recently, but it didn’t really stop him from signing the bailout. I don’t know what his past positions are (if he has obtained pork for home use, for example).

    Cynically speaking, “pork” is government spending that you don’t like. It works well as a term for politicians to use so long as no one asks what in particular they mean.

  106. raven says

    Still, the fact that both Obama and McCain chose so assiduously not to invoke “God” in any form in any of their debates is noteworthy, not least to people who care about the presence of religion in politics.

    It is even simpler than that.
    1. Polls show the US population is sick of lunatic christofascists. The recent Gallup poll says that 50% of the GOP wants to toss the other half, the Haters for jesus bunch. They have almost destroyed the USA in the last 8 years, a point not lost on the citizens.

    2. God has been noticeably absent in the recent crisises. No one has seen him in Iraq lifting up terrorists and bombers with the Force and strangling them like Darth Vader. He hasn’t even turned the WS thieves (or PZ Myers) into frogs and paid off a few million struggling mortgage holders or bailed out some banks. Even his son the cracker is strangely inert.

    It’s quite possible that any supernatural deity is letting us run our own affairs and that it has been this way for at least recorded history. And contrary to christofascist claims, I doubt that god is a Theothuglican fighting against the demons from hell called Democrats. If that is in the bible, everyone missed it except Dobson and Perkins of Focus on Overthrowing the Government. Plus, their god Chosen Candidate, Palin, turned out to be a stupid, ignorant, crooked evil bitch and that is apparently the best he and they could come up with.

    With the current backlash, the Death Cultists just might crawl back under their rocks and figure out some more ways to make everyone miserable.

  107. Bill Dauphin says

    I don’t think anyone is saying that earmarks only go to wasteful things…

    I promise I don’t mean this disrespectfully, but if you don’t think anyone is saying that, then I don’t think you’re listening very hard.

    …(well, if they are, everyone recognizes them as idiots).

    Maybe you’re right… but if so, there are depressingly many idiots about these days.

    Last year I attended a town hall meeting hosted by my very excellent congressman, and listened to constituent after constituent kvetch about earmarks (which were much in the news at the time). It was abundantly clear to me, from their words, tone of voice, and body language, that they were making no distinction between worthy and unworthy projects when it came to earmarked funding.

    It just seems that they are easy to abuse, and there should be a better way to distribute federal funding without Bridges to Nowhere(TM) happening.

    That’s just the thing: Given that it’s been such a political football, I’m not at all confident the Bridge to Nowhere actually was the worthless boondoggle it’s been portrayed as. Probably so, I’d guess… but consider how easy it would be to make a bridge or road project in a remote part of the nation sound worthless to a nation full of people who’d never been anywhere near the site. Regardless of whether it actually was worthless in any sort of objective way.

  108. Hap says

    #123: A hen can sit on a rock for a long time and still not hatch a chick.

    On the other hand, lots of not-so-smart (and few evil) people are still out there, steadfastly avoiding that nagging book-learning (or any other-learning) thing, and waiting for some other evil inspiration to tap them on the shoulders and send them off to elect more evil incompetents to higher office. If the Christian Right (two lies in one, at least) can’t think of something successful (always possible), there is still a bottled genie, and lots of conscienceless people hoping that they have the magic rub.

  109. frog says

    HAP: I don’t know how much earmarks are a feature – they are a consequence of locally elected representatives and their long residence time, but I don’t know that they are a good feature.

    Well, they are inherent in a federal system — in that way, they are a feature. If you don’t like earmarks, you basically don’t like a federal system — which is perfectly reasonable, you’re just aiming at the wrong target.

    In a federal system, you’re going to have budgetary decisions made federally — not through a national process, but directly by local forces. If you take that away, you’ve stripped legislators of their power, as federal representatives. If you do that, go whole hog and replace it with a national proportional system.

  110. Hap says

    #126: I don’t know if they were an intentional part of the system – they are a consequence of its form, rather than a purpose of it. I don’t think earmarks are good in general, but if overall the system works better than one avoiding them (probably, because I don’t think a unitary government (or presidency) is likely to be beneficial, and at-large representation organizes people by beliefs rather than geography, which I can see being not so good), then one deals with them.

    Taxes are necessary – I don’t like them but if I want a government (and one that does things), then I pay them. (and if I don’t want to go to jail – that too.) Earmarks might be a similar sort of tax – and no one really likes taxes.

  111. says

    More on voting machines from The Twelve Angry Men Blog:

    I don’t think I need to remind readers that (a) there is an election coming up real soon now and (b) the good old U-S-of-A has not had a good run of elections that are both clean and appear to be clean of late, as the various controversies of the 2000 and 2004 elections show. As a reminder:

    * Diebold Corporation, maker of touch screen voting systems seems to have a cozy relationship with Republican Party operatives and, far more importantly, has held the code for its voting machines closed so it’s not possible to check for security holes and other bugs, which lends credence to the various conspiracy mongers out there on the intarweb.

    * Large numbers of voters are put on and off the rolls by loosely supervised private contractors and other organizations often paid for by the parties, which leads to accusations of voter fraud (i.e., making up voters), voter exclusion (i.e., removing registration of eligible voters), etc.

    * Chicanery around electoral districts every ten years (or more often, as the case may be).

    * The use of partisan poll watchers to either intimidate (or unfairly challenge) voters or ensure voters vote the party line (by checking ballots for “validity”).

    I’m sure there are others I’m missing but it really doesn’t matter, you get the point. These have more Republican fingerprints on them of late but Democrats shouldn’t be smug, you’ve been busted with your hands in the cookie jar before, too–the Republicans were just better at it than you were for a long time.

    Pithy writing, too.

  112. JPS, FCD says

    JBLilie for Molly!

    The ACORN red herring really pisses me off too. In 2004 I worked in ACORN’s Kansas City office. While I was there we put much more effort into canvassing the inner-city neighborhoods, encouraging eligilble voters to vote, than we did into registering new voters. (It was pretty late in the year.) We were working in partnership with Rock the Vote — oops, another bunch of pinko tree-hugging Commie rabble-rousers ;-). The office had ongoing projects to asist the disadvantaged, e.g. (1) trying to keep the state public utilities commision from automatically rubber-stamping every rate increas request it received; (2) advocating for state regulation of predatory lenders.

    Re health insurance as it exists in the USA: although I’ve never seen specific numbers, I see no reason to doubt that company executives are obscenely well “compensated.” I have seen the central offices of one company (Humana) and their premises in Louisville are obscenely opulent. Personally, I’ve had nothing to do with the American health care system for four years. I’m uninsured, of course. I can easily picture myself sewing up my own knee.

    Re elections and vote counting here: I’ll be working the polls as a precinct clerk on election day. We use electronic machines here; at least the machines are Hart’s rather than Diebold’s. In my precinct the following races will be on the ballot: Pers/VP; US Senator; Congressman; city council (“vote for up to 4 candidates”); a nonpartisan judicial election; maybe others.

    Patricia, are you still out there? Is Dumbf*ckistan near Portland? I hope not, as I may be moving there shortly. (There’s only one Powell’s!) I look forward to canceling out Scott’s vote with mine.

    CHL Instructor: are you still there? Damn. Why don’t you go sit on a cold carrot?

    JPS, FCD (singing the red state blues in the Bluegrass State)

  113. says

    Kobra, if I’m not mistaken that photo is NOT photoshopped.” – negentropyeater, #112

    It was definitely not photoshopped. I’ve seen videos taken from three different angles showing McCain making that same face at the end of the debate.

  114. TBRP says

    It was abundantly clear to me, from their words, tone of voice, and body language, that they were making no distinction between worthy and unworthy projects when it came to earmarked funding.

    Well, if they were arguing that earmarked funding was systemically wrong, there would be no difference between worthy or unworthy projects. It would mean they were funded improperly (in the arguing person’s eyes), and legislators should have found some other mechanism to find funding if the project was worthy. Now if they were arguing it was funded by earmarks, therefore it is a terrible project that should never go forward because of it, then they would fall under my idiot clause above. There’s a difference between arguing a project’s merit, and arguing about the ability of a system to determine a project’s merit.

  115. Rey Fox says

    “Sarah Palin could have been invented by Monty Python, says John Cleese”

    The way she names her children is pure python, certainly. “Let me introduce you to my darling children Bristol, Skagway, Track, Trig, Stick, Toothbrush, and Stapling Machine!”

  116. prl says

    Here in Australia we manage to get every adult in the country (minus those in prison or Antarctica anyway) to vote.

    You surely don’t think that merely by being in an Antarctic research station in the middle of winter absolves you from your duty to vote in an Australian election! :)

    There’s a whole slab of the Federal Electoral Act dedicated to how voting is to be managed for Australians in (what we call) Australian Antarctic Territories (Part XVII: Special provisions relating to the polling in Antarctica) (much as it pains me to say it, best viewed with Internet Explorer).

  117. prl says

    And stop rubbing your proportional representation in North America’s face!

    We don’t have proportional representation in the Australian House of Representatives. For that election, we have single-member electorates, but preferential voting, where if no single candidate has an absolute majority, the candidate with the least votes is eliminated, and their votes passed on (vote by vote) to the candidate with the next highest preference. This elimination continues until a candidate has an absolute majority.

    We have a quota based quasi-proportional electoral system (again with transfer of unused parts of a vote) for the Australian Senate. This is possible because of the smaller number of states and the larger number of senators per state than in the US (6 senators are elected per state in Australia in a normal election).

    The result of the House of Representatives vote, at least as far as knowing which party will form government, is typically know within about four hours of polling closing in the Eastern states (or within two hours of polls closing in Western Australia). Counts and recounts in very close seats can take a week or more, longer if the result ends up in the Court of Disputed Returns. The result of the Senate vote takes a good bit longer, with the final seat or two in each state not usually decided for a week or two.

    As in the UK and Canada it is in the (non-proportional) House of Representatives (resp Commons) that the government is formed. The Prime Minister is simply the person who is able to control a majority in that house.

  118. Erin says

    If anyone wants to see a really old projector you should stop by the Fountain of Youth archaeological park in St. Augustine, Florida. It is still privately owned and all of their exhibits date to about the 50’s including the original operational planetarium projector. The tour guide likes to tell a story about one of the visitors who actually worked in astronomy and had never seen one of these projectors intact, much less in working order.

  119. Bill Dauphin says

    Well, if they were arguing that earmarked funding was systemically wrong, there would be no difference between worthy or unworthy projects.

    So you’re suggesting that the procedural details of the budgeting process has the power to automagically turn good research into bad research? Or a needed bridge into an unneeded one?

    But in any case, you’re giving these folks too much credit: It was clear from their questions that they were not making some sort of well-reasoned, sophisticated critique of the earmarking process, nor did they even understand the process (though my congressman clearly did, and attempted to explain it to them). They were just angry about earmarks because they’d been hearing a great deal of demagoguery on the subject, and because they’d heard sensationalized examples of allegedly stupid projects.

    I’m not defending all earmarks, nor am I saying the process doesn’t need reform (though “reform” needs to retain the ability to target federal funding narrowly to worthwhile projects). What I’m saying is that this is an area where it’s trivially easy for people of ill will to make reasonable decisions appear to be stupid ones.

  120. Matt says

    “What the ACORN nonsense is all about is a preemptive attempt by the Republican party to cast doubt on the election.”

    On the morning “news” program of my local “news radio” station here in Omaha, Nebraska, the douche bag host interviewed some douche bag guest who asserted that ACORN was having an “immeasurable effect” on the election–and I got the impression that he didn’t mean “immeasurable” as a synonym for “infinitesimal.”

    I also got the impression that these guys were douche bags.

  121. Numenaster says

    Regarding earmarks, there’s a point being missed here. 20 years ago I worked for a federal agency (not on the black budget, don’t worry) and was part of the budget generation & prioritization process. At that time the local agency offices put together a prioritized list of what we wanted to do (with justification), then the regional office shuffled all the local requests together, the Washington office shuffled all the regions together, and that got submitted to the White House which reshuffled a bit & submitted the President’s Budget Request to Congress. Sorry about the capitalization, it’s habit by now.

    Where the earmarks come in is when something had great merit at the local level but not quite enough to make the top 20 or 100 at the national level. Local offices & constituents would lobby our local Congressfolk for an earmark for something that was already part of the agency budget but was just too far down to stand a chance of getting funded–this is the “worthy earmark” as mentioned at #122.

    My understanding is that this system broke down badly in the Clinton years with less local input & tighter central control of the budget contents, but I’m not sure what happened in the Bush reign–I had left the agency by then.

  122. catman says

    My money is on the RNC in the ACORN mess. The ghost of Lee Atwater has arisen, and he has sent out his operatives to volunteer with ACORN for the purpose of submitting fraudulent voter registrations thus casting doubt on the organization and all their registrants.

  123. ancelmo says

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    che quello ha i picchi di rimozione, come il diametro del astro con il
    relativo vicinot. Questa differenza se conferma fra Tritão e Nereida,
    due satelliti di Nettuno, dove la differenza di rimozione fra i due è
    enorme, ha paragonato ai satelliti dei pianeti vicino al sole.

    Il rapporto dei distancias soffre al picco aumentante mentre il astro
    va produrre il relativo dynamics e la relativa rimozione, questo se
    conferma fra Titã e Réia di Saturno, di Febe e di Jupet di Saturno,
    fra Titânia ed Umbriel de Urano e fra i pianeti Jupiter e Marte. E
    fra i ganimedes ed Europa de Jupiter.

    Di conseguenza i ganimedes ha il doppio del diametro di Europa ed il
    doppio del distancia. O uno, l’energia del astro determina la relativa
    posizione nello spazio, quindi con più diametro avrà energia più
    grande, la rotazione più grande, rimozione più grande della relativa
    scuola elementare.

    Lo stessi accade con i satelliti di Umbriel e di Titânia Uranus,
    quindi il rapporto del diametro è due volte, o una ed il rapporto del
    distancia fra i due satelliti è 1.8, mentre gli altri con i rapporti
    seguenti del diametro ed i rapporti dei distancias egualmente sono

    La teoria della gravitazione non fa menzione alla posizione del
    distancia per il diametro, quella rappresenterà dopo l’energia ed il
    periodo di costruzione del astro e della relativa azione di rimozione
    del astro
    – vicino – e quello questo influenze nella posizione e nel distancia
    del astro nello spazio.

    La velocità di traduzione fornisce questi folloies di astros
    egualmente approssimativamente in un valore del rapporto fra i astros
    vicini. Vediamo che la differenza di traduzione è più grande fra i
    diâmetros e la posizione più grandi. Lo stessi accade con la
    rotazione, le inclinazioni, l’eccentricità e tutti i altri fenomeni
    fisici e strutturali, come achatamento del astro, dell’atmosfera,
    dell’attività di tectônica, ecc.

    I satelliti del Saturno se avuto allontanato più di meno da quello
    che di Jupiter per essere di meno del diametro e con poca energia.

    I salti di rimozione e della posizione per il salto del diametro fra i
    pianeti, i satelliti e le comete confermano la teoria del
    energeticidade e del Maser.

    La E come in Jupiter che ha un intervallo più grande di rimozione del
    Marte, per essere Jupiter con il diametro più grande, dello stessa
    accade fra Titã e Réia di Saturno, che è quattro volte più grande.
    Fra Febe e Jupet e ganimedes ed Europa e Titânia ed Umbriel de Urano.
    Questa differenza egualmente entra nei rapporti è presente in
    asteroidi e comete.


    Lo stessi accade con la velocità di traduzione dove la differenza del
    rapporto è più grande nei astros che una differenza delle
    conservazioni del diametro, poichè è il caso entra nei satelliti
    visualizzati del Saturno qui sopra e fra Jupiter e guasta. Per quello
    ha esso che una differenza enorme fornisce la velocità della
    traduzione di Jupiter e di Marte, quindi esattamente Jupiter più
    grande che è quel Marte ha avuto più tempo se muovendosi via dal
    sole, diminuente gradualmente le influenze ricevesse per il sole
    nell’origine della traduzione. Per quello ha un rapporto più grande
    venti volte di diametro, tre volte e calze nella rimozione, due volte
    di meno nella velocità della traduzione di Jupiter per Marte, due
    volte e modo più grande nella rotazione. Ciò conferma quello
    visualizzato fino a, il quello che la traduzione ha un’origine per la
    scuola elementare e diminue gradualmente, fino al astro adeguato che
    co-ordinating tutto il dynamics e la traduzione, la rotazione e la
    rimozione qui se è equivalente come l’energia il quello stesso
    produce. Questa conferma se metodi per Pluto distante, gli asteroidi,
    le comete ed i satelliti distanti, dove rotazione, traduzione e
    rimozione se sia equivalente nei relativi valori. Abbiamo il motivo
    abbiamo un salto nel rapporto della traduzione, della rimozione, della
    rotazione, dell’eccentricità e delle inclinazioni dell’orbita e della
    rotazione qui.

    Questa differenza del rapporto egualmente rimane nell’eccentricità e
    nell’inclinazione e sta aumentando con la rimozione.


    1 domanda dei salti nel rapporto fornisce i fenomeni
    nell’accordo la relativi energia e diametro,

    2-e il rapporto aumentante dell’inclinazione orbitale e di
    rotazione di rimozione, ed in astro di eccentricità di accordo va
    essere vecchio e bruciare la relativa energia. Che dipende dal periodo
    di vita e dall’energia del astro, rappresentata per il diametro.

    I satelliti del Jupiter sono circa cinque hanno paragonato i periodi
    più grandi a quei di Saturno, per quello che nella media sono due
    volte più distanti di quelle di Saturno, se rispetto a quei di
    La traduzione dei satelliti diminue come la rimozione del pianeta al
    sole ed al diametro del pianeta. O uno, l’energia che conserva dipende
    dall’energia che lo ha formato, per quello la traduzione più grande
    dei possesss dei satelliti del Saturno di quello di Uranus,
    esattamente essendo lo stesso distancia e con lo stesso diametro.


    Orbita di Quíron – il principio della proporzionalità egualmente è
    confermato nell’asteroide di Quíron, quindi per la relativa vasta
    rimozione del sole, esso sviluppa l’inclinazione più grande
    dell’orbita e dell’eccentricità più grande.

    È confermato nell’EROS degli asteroidi, con un’eccentricità di di
    0.83 gradi, Quiron, hidalgo ed altri. Inoltre in comete, quello il
    distancia del sole è non quello di base per il filetto del astro
    nello spazio, ma sì la relativi energia e Maser rappresentati per il
    relativo diametro.

    Poichè già era dalla rimozione e dalla posizione che contrassegna il
    distanciam della scuola elementare dipenda dall’energia del astro.

    La E le inclinazioni e le eccentricità dipende dall’energia stesse di
    quelle, quindi poco e gli asteroidi, le comete ed i satelliti più
    distanti delle relative scuole elementari possiedono le inclinazioni e
    le eccentricità più grandi. E i pianeti più grandi le poche
    eccentricità ed inclinazioni e l’insieme del dinamico – traduzione,
    rotazione e folloies di rimozione anche l’energia del astro.


    GANIMEDES ha un diametro 5.250 chilometri e TITÃ ha 5.800 un diametro

    Ganimedes se ritrovamenti ad un distancia di 1.070.000 chilometro
    della scuola elementare. TITÃ se ritrovamenti ad un distancia
    1.222.000 chilometro della scuola elementare.

    Ganimedes ha lle 10.9 velocità km/s. Titã ha una velocità di 5.6
    chilometri /s.

    La E la differenza entra nei diâmetros di Jupiter e Saturno è

    Presto uno conclude che se la gravitazione avesse alcune influenze
    sulla velocità di traduzione la differenza della traduzione fra i due
    sarebbe minimo e non sarebbe approssimativamente il doppio. Con questo
    se conclude che tutto il dynamics dipende dall’energia del astro e se
    Jupiter è nuovo di quello che Saturno, allora il relativo satellite
    egualmente è nuovo, anche considerando che mentre i ganimedes è il
    terzo satellite del Jupiter, Titã è il settimo satellite del
    Saturno. Presto, titã è più vecchio ed ha speso più
    energia, con questo sviluppa poca velocità della traduzione. Per
    quella la differenza della velocità di traduzione è il doppio.

    Mentre per la teoria della gravitazione dovrebbe essere equivalente
    nei valori.

    Vediamo qui che il distancia con il diametro non ha influenzato nella
    velocità di traduzione, ma sì, il periodo di vita e l’energia hanno
    rappresentato per il diametro.

    Ciò conferma la teoria del energeticidade e del Maser.


    Il diametro e la rimozione di quei secondari variano come il diametro
    della scuola elementare e relativo periodo di vita.


    Uno conferma che il valore del diametro del Jupiter è vicino a quello
    di Saturno e Jupiter con i relativi satelliti cinque volte il
    distancia di quei di Saturno, tre volte il diametro di quei di Saturno
    ed i valori della velocità di traduzione se metodo.

    Con questo se conclude che non è il distancia e una certa forza che
    si comporti sul astro, ma sì l’energia adeguata di esattamente.


    Il distancia uno contrassegna il periodo di durata del astro ed il
    diametro della scuola elementare con il relativo diametro e del
    distancia di quello primario contrassegna già il momento di vita e di
    energia elaborata e dell’energia ancora di essere elaborato.


    Così come del Saturno ed Uranus i possesss anche esso anelli dei
    possesss, con velocità della traduzione di più di venti Km/s e di
    quel Jupiter un atmosfera a spirale con la traduzione e
    l’allargamento, vicino al relativo Equatore. Ciò conferma che la
    traduzione di quelle secondarie se proviene da energia e dal Maser
    della scuola elementare e che ha andato di questo Maser se trasforma
    negli anelli vicino all’Equatore e che va a esferificar in se, dando a
    nuovo inizio secondario. Li vediamo in anelli di Uranus quei più di
    una traduzione di venti chilometri per i secondi.

    E che la traduzione sembra inizialmente di adeguato quella secondaria
    e per quello tutto quelle secondarie prodotti un’orbita con
    l’inclinazione piccola e sempre vicino all’Equatore.

    Se distanciar della scuola elementare, quella secondaria va produrre
    il relativo dynamics adeguato, va dare a cominciare quei terziari che
    la relativi energia e Maser iniziino la relativa dentro traduzione di

    La E lascerà l’asse della traduzione della scuola elementare, dante
    l’inizio ad un nuovo sistema dei astros, dei minori, di più lenti e
    con le più irregolarità nei relativi dynamics della traduzione,
    della rotazione e della rimozione.


    L’azione di centrifuga della rotazione ed il magnetismo del astro
    fanno con quei relativi Maser ed atmosfera se sloghisi per l’Equatore,
    dove va se la forma nei filamenti dell’atmosfera e nell’anello futuro.
    Degli anelli i ridurre in pani cubici dei gas vanno formarsi da là ed
    il esferificação, di dove va formarsi in secondario.

    Per quella quei secondari possiedono una traduzione di diminuzione di
    quelle seguenti per quelle ultime. E che l’orbita è sempre vicino
    all’Equatore. Con passare dei tempi, l’energia diminue ed i astros
    cominciano produrre la relative orbita ed irregolarità nello spazio.

    In avvenire probabilmente avremo nuovi astros e con le nuove energie,
    quindi il processo è costante.


    Secondari allontanati e pochi sono più irregolari nelle relative
    inclinazioni dell’orbita e della rotazione e nell’eccentricità. Ciò
    se conferma, nei satelliti la maggior parte del distante, asteroidi e


    Il satellite quando la e molto distante molto piccola tende ad
    ingrandire gradualmente la relative inclinazione ed eccentricità e
    questo tipo di movimento invertito possono essere trovati in Saturno
    il satellite di Febe. Di conseguenza possesss di Febe un’inclinazione
    di un’orbita di 160 gradi e di un’eccentricità grande. Che cosa
    prende il astro per sviluppare l’orbita retrograda è che inizia
    normalmente la relativa traduzione dalla relativa nascita per la
    relativa scuola elementare. Soltanto che tutto il astro che possesss
    poca dimensione e se i ritrovamenti della scuola elementare esso
    possesss distanti poca energia se elaborando, quindi esso già
    spessero la parte grande della relativa energia e così,
    comincia produrre le irregolarità nei relativi dynamics nello spazio.
    Che comincia con un’irregolarità aumentante fino al movimento

    Uranus è un pianeta che la camminata del lato, o uno, le
    irregolarità è più grande con il distanciamento, l’invecchiamento e
    la riduzione di produzione di energia e del Maser.

    Con i distancias enormi delle relative scuole elementari, i astros
    piccoli, terziari, con poca energia ed invecchiato saranno astros con
    pochi dynamics,
    distanciamentos grandi, eccentricità ed inclinazioni grandi e molte
    con i movimenti retrogradi.


    Ciò non esiste, quindi tutti i astros sono sciolti nello spazio e non
    ha questo del campo che tira per la relativa orbita ed egualmente dal
    Maser i astros sono allontanati e non sono attratti, poichè si pensa
    oggi. La E che cosa produce le orbite irregolari è a poca energia del
    astro adeguato per coordinare il relativo dynamics, questo accade con
    tutti i piccoli astros distanti e delle relative scuole elementari,
    allora i piccoli satelliti del Saturno non erano stati bloccati mai,
    ma sì erano stati prodotti per Saturno.

    Può essere confrontato che tutte le irregolarità grandi possesss
    distanti di astro dei piccoli e nei relativi dynamics, dalla
    rotazione, nella traduzione e nella rimozione.


    La densità dei astros distanti è un invencionice per dare una
    prossimità nei risultati per la velocità di traduzione che è
    calcolata dalla gravitazione, tuttavia se conosciamo male la densità
    della terra, come possiamo conoscere la densità dei pianeti distanti.

    Per quella nei miei calcoli, usi il diametro e la temperatura per
    essere vicino alla realtà.


    di più distante e di poco rapporto della rimozione, le inclinazioni e
    l’eccentricità sono sempre più grandi ed aumentanti con il
    distanciamento e la riduzione del formato del astro.

    Il distancia e la rimozione egualmente stanno aumentando, quindi con
    la riduzione di energia cominciano produrre le orbite sempre più


    I satelliti del Saturno se avuto allontanato più di meno dalla
    relativa scuola elementare per essere poco e con poca energia, mentre
    da Jupiter se avessero allontanato di più, per essere più grande e
    con più energia. Ciò conferma che il alem di astros della rotazione
    e traduzione che allontanano come relativa produzione da energia.


    TRITÃO è uno dei satelliti e dei possesss giganti un’eccentricità
    grande e un’inclinazione orbitale di 160 gradi, considerate uno dei
    satelliti che un movimento retrogrado per il possesso del così grande
    ha inclinazione rispetto al programma dell’Equatore di Nettuno. Ciò
    viene soltanto contribuire con la teoria visualizzata fino a qui. Di
    conseguenza i satelliti dei pianeti distanti egualmente possiedono le
    irregolarità grandi, esattamente essendo un gigante.


    NEREIDA è un altro satellite di Nettuno che possesss un’inclinazione
    grande di un’orbita di 28 gradi e di una delle eccentricità più
    grandi, con 0.75 gradi. Ciò viene soltanto contribuire con la teoria
    del energeticidade, di quella pianeti distanti, distante ed i vecchi e
    piccoli satelliti producono le irregolarità grandi e Nereida è il
    satellite con eccentricità più grande dei satelliti fino allo
    scoperto a qui.

    Di NEREIDA possesss anche una rimozione grande del satellite vicino,
    nel caso di Tritão. O uno, i satelliti più distanti e dei pianeti
    più distanti sono i più irregolari nella relative eccentricità ed


    Vediamo che Tritão ed il satellite del Saturno – i possesss del febe
    retrocedono movimento.

    Probabilmente la relativa rotazione è minima e con l’inclinazione
    grande di rotazione.

    Probabilmente i satelliti più distanti di Pluto, minori e di esso
    saranno delle irregolarità più grandi e con i movimenti retrogradi.


    Probabilmente titã con il relativo atmosfera produrrà una
    generazione di quarto del astro. Che sarà il primo satellite con
    il satellite.


    Probabilmente Charon, satellite dei possesss del Pluto
    un’eccentricità grande e un’inclinazione orbitale.

    Charon divertente intorno a Pluto in 6.39 giorni, quello è lo stesso
    momento che il pianeta conduce per girare intorno al relativo asse,
    mantenente sempre la stessa faccia una per l’altra. Ciò se conferma
    in quello visualizzato fino a qui, quella la traduzione di quella
    secondaria prima degli inizio esattamente di quello secondario se a
    esferificar, o una, tranquillo come i filamenti e gli anelli di
    atmosfera e del Maser della scuola elementare, a che con i relativi
    inizio di rotazione agli anelli transladar e filamenti di atmosfera,
    fino se esferificar. Se esferificando che comincia produrre questa
    traduzione iniziale in rollback della scuola elementare. Se
    allontanarlo comincia produrre la relativa traduzione adeguata.

    Se esferificar comincia produrre la rotazione adeguata. Con il tempo e
    la rimozione questa secondaria, va produrre altro secondario,
    transformandosi in una scuola elementare.

    Mentre il astro va se distanciando ed essendo senza energia, abbandona
    l’orbita iniziale, producendo i sistemi orbitali irregolari e casuali
    nello spazio. Sempre nuovo con piccolo meno energia dinamica ed e più
    irregolarità delle inclinazioni e delle eccentricità. Ciò può
    essere confermata con gli asteroidi e le comete.


    Quello è un processo che comincia con poca irregolarità, esso passa
    la stabilità e restituisce l’irregolarità e le orbite nomadi e
    casuali grandi del instabilidades e.


    Ciò se conferma entra nei satelliti dei pianeti, quindi con gli
    stessi distancias che i satelliti di Uranus più di meno sviluppano
    tre volte il periodo del giro ha paragonato a quei di Saturno. Di
    conseguenza la velocità equatoriale del Saturno è tre volte più
    grande di quella che di Uranus.

    La E la differenza entra nei satelliti del Jupiter e di Saturno ha
    luogo di 1.25 del periodo del giro più grande per i satelliti del
    Jupiter per lo stesso distancia, quindi la differenza della velocità
    equatoriale fra i due è di 1.25 greaters per Jupiter. Come egualmente
    la differenza è vicino al rapporto uno per il diametro e la rotazione
    ed a 1.3 per la traduzione.

    È buono per evidenziarsi quello che l’energia produce la rotazione,
    quello produce la velocità equatoriale quello con il Maser va
    produrre la traduzione di quella secondaria. La E quella secondaria
    sarà prodotta dal materiale espulso come forma del Maser della scuola
    elementare. Se il astro esferificar e diventante esso va iniziare la
    relativa rotazione, per quale quelle molto seguenti secondarie
    possiedono poca rotazione, quindi ancora sta iniziando ad accelerare
    in se rotationally. Ciò se conferma in tutte le scuole elementari
    molto seguenti.


    1 – la scuola elementare produce quello secondario che egualmente
    inizia la relativa traduzione. Allora abbiamo qui l’inizio della
    traduzione e l’origine del astro.
    2 – perché i folloies terziari uno quello secondario ed entrambi
    seguono la scuola elementare per lo spazio. Di conseguenza,
    nell’inizio avevano avuti un’origine della traduzione prodotta per la
    scuola elementare, per mettere, se spostando l’energia assente e
    perdente questa secondaria, o terziario va lasciare il sistema pieno,
    quindi, egli stesso all’interno del sistema solare già produce il
    relativo dynamics adeguato, solo quello esso è del sistema, esso che
    più non seguiranno la scuola elementare per lo spazio. Ciò già
    accade con alcuni comete ed asteroidi, quella ai tempi entra
    all’interno del sistema solare e va senza soffrire ed influenza di
    azione nessuno del sole.

    3 perchè astro tutto molto vicino ai possesss della scuola elementare
    poca rotazione. Di conseguenza ancora è nella formazione e tutto il
    relativo dynamics ancora è minimo.


    Quindi, abbiamo qui l’inizio del astro, l’inizio della rotazione e
    velocità equatoriale, della traduzione.

    Quindi, a se allontanarla va produrre la relative rotazione e
    traduzione adeguate e con la relativi energia e Maser va produrre i
    nuovi filamenti dei gas, dalle sfere là nuove, che con la relativa
    velocità equatoriale vanno produrre la traduzione in nuovo astro e
    là dal relativi esferificação e rotazione.

    Prima di esattamente di essere traduzione dei possesss di astro della
    sfera già.

    Va essere allontanata per il Maser e la temperatura dalla scuola
    elementare e comincia produrre la relative traduzione e rotazione

    Per quello folloies terziari quello la traduzione di quella
    secondaria, esattamente questa secondaria che segue la traduzione
    della scuola elementare. Per mettere con la rimozione che tenderà a
    produrre un’orbita isolata, con altre inclinazioni ed eccentricità.

    Se distanciar esso avrà poca energia e conseguentemente meno dinamico



    Jupiter – 2.3 * 5 = 13. Saturno – 2.1 * 5 = 10. Uranus – 1.1 * 5 = 5.5
    Nettuno – 1 * 5 = 5. Pluto – 0.2 * 5=5.

    Questo rapporto fra rotazione e la traduzione per i pianeti,
    egualmente è confermato per i satelliti esterni di Jupiter, di
    Saturno e di Uranus.


    Camminate di Uranus del lato per il possesso della poca energia e
    l’inizio dell’orbita e della rotazione con l’inclinazione grande.

    La tendenza è che in avvenire i astros sono nel numero più grande e
    più lento ed in tutto con le orbite casuali ed irregolari. E molta
    reactionary. E che egualmente non segue le scuole elementari per lo


    Possesss di Uranus tre volte poco diametro di quel Jupiter e quattro
    volte più di quella che la terra ed essere più vecchio e con poca
    energia, quindi l’energia ha avuta più spesa di tempo, allora
    il valore della relativa rotazione ha quello da venire vicino in se al
    valore della terra, che fra venti e venti cinque ore.

    La E questo già è stata confermata con il commento.

    La rotazione di Nettuno egualmente è vicino alla terra.


    I possesss A FORMA DI STELLA ÍCARO un’eccentricità di 0.83 gradi e
    va Mercúrio seguente e Marte e nel perihelion è i 28.000.000
    chilometri del sole e nel aphelion è i 307.000.000 chilometri del
    sole. Con questo se conclude che l’orbita dipende dall’energia del
    astro e non della gravitazione. Di conseguenza orbite dei prodotti dei
    minori di astros più irregolari.

    HIDALGO A FORMA DI STELLA, con un periodo orbitale di 13.7 anni e
    un’eccentricità di 0.67 gradi e con un’inclinazione orbitale di 43

    Possesss di QUÍRON un’eccentricità orbitale di 0.379 e con
    un’inclinazione orbitale di 6.9 gradi.

    Con questo proviamo che l’orbita non è determinata dalla gravitazione
    del astro o del sole, ma sì per la relativa energia, quindi
    approssimativamente nello stesso distancia dei pianeti al sole molto,
    gli asteroidi producono le orbite irregolari, per il possesso della
    poca energia e con un periodo dello short mentre poco giro di quello i

    Con questo se esso prove che i astros sono liberi e producenti il
    relativo dynamics adeguato.

    Con questo, quello visualizzato è confermato fino a, di quello astros
    piccoli possiedono pochi dynamics irregolari e le orbite, per produce
    poca energia e questo qui independe del distancia del sole.






    Il diametro è diviso per 1.000.

    La rimozione è divisa per 100.000 per i satelliti, le comete e gli

    La rimozione è divisa per 100.000.000 per i pianeti.

    ELEMENTARE. 1680/1000 = 1.68 di velocità equatoriale della terra.
    diametro 3470/1000 = 3.47 delle lune 384.000/100.000 = rimozione 3.87
    della luna nella terra di rapporto. Luna – 1.68 * 3.47/3.84 = 1.5 /2 =
    0.75 di km/s.

    Per i satelliti del Jupiter.

    Io – 45000/1000 = 45 3670/1000 = 3.67 di 420000/100000=4.2 di
    km/segundo di 45*3.67/ 4.2 = 39.3 /2 = 19.5.

    Europa. 45000/1000=45
    2980/ 1000 = 2.98 di 671000/100000=6.71 45*2.98/ 6.71 = 19.9/2=10

    Ganimedes. 45000/1000 = 45 di 45*5.2/10.7=22/ 2 = 11 di
    5250/1000=5.250 1.070.000/ 100000 = 10

    Calisto. 45.000/1000=45
    km/segundo di 45*4.9/18.8=11.7 /2 = 6 di 4900/1000=4.9
    1.884.000/100000 = 18.8.

    Per i satelliti del Saturno.

    Janus satellite 37000/ 1000 = 37 di quilometro/segundo. 300/ 1000 =
    0.3 di 159000/100000=1.59 37*0.3/1.59=7

    Titã 37 * 5.8/12.2 = 17.5


    Per calcolare il pianeta orbiti intorno a se divide il distancia per
    100 000 000. Per calcolare orbita satellite se divide il distancia per
    100 000.

    La velocità equatoriale se si divide in tale maniera a 1000 nel
    calcolo per i pianeti quanto per i satelliti. In quilometro per il

    Il diametro se si divide in tale maniera a 1000 per il calcolo per i
    pianeti quanto per i satelliti.

    La formula è velocità equatoriale della scuola elementare /1000 di
    distancia [ diametro /1000 ]/[/for 100 000 000 per i pianeti 1 ].


    Velocità equatoriale del sole per il momento = 60.000 km/s/1 000=60.
    Diametro del pianeta = 4.500 quilometro/1 000 = 4.5.

    Distancia del pianeta al sole = 58.000 000 quilometro/100.000.000. [ 1

    60 4,5/[ 0.58 1 ] = quilometro 41 per il secondo.

    Venus. 60 8/[ 1.08 1 ] = quilometro 32.7 per il secondo.

    Terra = 60 12/[ 1.5 1 ] = 28.8. Marte = 60 6/[ 2.2 1 ] = 20.6. Jupiter
    = 60 144/ [ 7.8 1]=20. Saturno = 60 120/ [ 14 1 ] = 12. Uranus = 60
    46/[ 28 1 ] = 3.6. Nettuno = 60 45/ [ 45 1 ] = Di 2.3 Pluto = 60 6 [
    59 1 ] = 1.1

    La velocità equatoriale della scuola elementare in quilometro per il
    momento ha diviso per 1.000. Il diametro del satellite si è diviso
    per 1.000. Il distancia del satellite della relativa scuola elementare
    si è diviso per 100.000 [ cento mille ]. Commento. Per i 000 pianeti
    [ è 100 000 cento milioni ].


    SECONDARY/THE 1.000/100.000 [ DISTANCIA/].

    PER il SATELLITE della TERRA, la LUNA.

    Moon. [ 1680/1.000 ] [ 3.470/1.000 di ]/[ 384.000/100.000 ] = 1.3


    Diametro equatoriale di velocità /1.000 del Jupiter del satellite
    /1,000/of satellite/100.000 di distancia. Io. [ 45.000 /1.000 ] [
    3.650 /1.000 di ]/[ 420.000/100.000]=11.5 km/segundo. Europa.
    quilometro 45 2.98/6.71 = 7.1 per il secondo. Ganimedes. 45 5.25/10.7
    = 4.7. Calisto. 45 4.9/18.8 = 2.6


    [ Saturno equatoriale speed/1,000 ] [ diametro del ]/[ di distancia
    satellite/1,000 /100.000 ].

    JANUS. [ 37.000/1000 ] [ 300 /1000 di ]/[ 159 000/100 di 000]=23.4
    chilometro al secondo. MIMAS. quilometro 37 0.4/1.86 = 20.1 per il
    secondo. ENCÉLADO. 37 0.6 /2.38 = 15.7. TÉTIS. 37 DIONÉIA 37 di
    1./2.95 = 12.8 0.8 /3.77 = 10 di RÉIA 37 1 /5.27 = 7.2 di HIPÉRION
    37 di TITÃ 37 5.8/12.2 = 4.3 0.4 /14.8 = 2.5 di JAPET. 37 1.6 /35.5 =
    1. FEBE 37 0.2/129 = 0.28



    La velocità equatoriale della scuola elementare per il moment/1,000
    il diametro di satellite/1,000/of il distancia/of 100.000.

    MIRANDA – 13.7 quilometro 0.24/1.3 = 10 per i secondi

    È equivalenza dei salti egualmente va essere presente nella
    rimozione, la traduzione, la rivoluzione, la rotazione di
    translacional e di rotazione, le inclinazioni, l’eccentricità, il
    achatamento della sfera del astro ed altri fenomeni, variazioni della
    struttura e le irregolarità, temperatura, attività di tectônica,
    anelli ed atmosfera e tutti i altri fenomeni e formazioni strutturali
    ed orbitali.

    Questo equivalente di salto dimostra tutti i fenomeni visualizzati
    fino a qui, sviluppati e visualizzati per la teoria dell’universo di
    fluxonário del estruturante e per la teoria del energeticidade e del

    I flussi egualmente seguono e variano come variano questi salti.


    L’energia produce il Maser, il Maser produce la rotazione,
    l’atmosfera, anelli ed astros che se formano e che fanno parte delle
    scuole elementari e come componente della scuola elementare che cosa
    abbiamo la nozione di traduzione è nella verità ancora parte della
    rotazione della scuola elementare. Allontanato più soltanto che
    questo secondario va produrre la relativa rotazione e la relativa
    traduzione adeguata. Esattamente prima di essere possesss traduzione e
    rotazione di astro della sfera già.

    Vediamo in mercurio che la stessa traduzione grande dei possesss e
    poca rotazione, perchè ancora fa parte del sole e della relativa
    velocità equatoriale e di rotazione. Lo stesso satellite del Jupiter
    accade con il primo Amaltéia e con il primo satellite di Janus

    Se distanciar tutti produrranno la relativa rotazione e traduzione
    adeguata, lasciare la scuola elementare e produrre la relativa orbita

    Ciò conferma perché esattamente producendo il relativi dynamics e
    rimozione i folloies satelliti il relativo pianeta e questa a sua
    volta il sole.

    Tuttavia le comete esistono che i prodotti orbitano intorno a senza
    quanto segue la relativa scuola elementare.

    Traduzione del astro se i initiates ancora come atmosfera, filamenti
    successivi di atmosfera che è la cassa di Jupiter squilla, più
    successivamente come anelli che sono la cassa di Saturno ed Uranus ed
    infine come sfera.


    Una volta ancora nuova la rotazione ancora è se iniziando, dato che
    quella tutti i astros vicino alle relative scuole elementari possiede
    poca rotazione, questa se conferma dei pianeti ai satelliti.

    Lo stessi accade con la rimozione della scuola elementare. Di
    conseguenza l’energia è nell’accordo che il astro ha acquistato
    durante la formazione che gli stessi svilupperanno tutti i relativi
    dynamics, orbita, fenomeni e struttura fisica e chimica. Processings
    del prodotto chimico di E.


    Tenendo conto del diametro e della rimozione, una conferma che i
    greaters seguenti e possiede poca eccentricità e viceversa.

    Lo stessi è riuscita con l’inclinazione orbitale e di rotazione.

    Segue così, il principio della stabilità e circularidade per la
    produzione di energia. Il diametro in quilometro e non rispetto alla

    JANUS – retroceding di progressione 0,2/diameter/100 di 10 fino ad una
    come il numero dei satelliti.

    JANUS – 0.2/3 10 = 0.038 DI MINIERE – 0.2/4 9 = 0.038 DI ENCÉLADO-
    0.2/ 6 8 = 0.035 TÉTIS – 0.2 /10 7 = 0.03 DI DIONÉIA – 0.2/8 6 =
    0.035 DI RÉIA – 0.2/ 16 5 = 0.023 DI TITÃ – 0.2/58 4 = 0.008 DI
    HIPÉRION – 0.2/4 3 = 0.07 DI JAPET – 0.2/16 DI 2=0.028 FEBE – 0.2/2.4
    DI 1=0.147

    Questo calcolo se metodi alla realtà ed è esatto per la
    maggior parte dei satelliti del Saturno.

    Qui uno conferma che il più distante e di meno, più grande esso sono
    l’eccentricità del astro.

    E come Jupiter, titã per essere immenso e stesso essere distante,
    possesss un’eccentricità minima.


    FEBE il JAPET – il diametro 16 di febe, diviso per il diametro di
    Japet 2.4, è uguale sei volte che è venuto vicino alla rimozione fra
    i due.

    Fra Japet e Hipérion = il diametro di Japet 16 si è diviso dal
    diametro di Hipérion quattro, = il rapporto della differenza della
    rimozione se metodi a due.

    Fra Titã e Réia – i possesss di titã un diametro 58 del quilometro
    e Réia è 16, 58/16 = 3, allora il rapporto del distancia se metodi a

    Fra RÉIA e DIONÉIA – il diametro di Réia è di 16 chilometri e
    dionéia che è otto, dividendo 16 per otto, quindi il rapporto della
    rimozione fra i due se metodi a due.

    Per gli altri, il rapporto fra i diâmetros diminue per di meno di
    quello che due, allora il rapporto egualmente forniscono i battimenti
    di rimozione per di meno di quello che due.

    Lo stesso che accada entra nei satelliti di URANUS, in cui tutti
    possiedono un rapporto del diametro qui sotto di due e tutti
    possiedono un rapporto di rimozione qui sotto di due, comunque fra
    Titânia ed umbriel il rapporto del diametro arriva vicino a due, dove
    egualmente il rapporto della rimozione arriva vicino a due.

    Gli stessi pianeti accadono con altri satelliti di altro e fra i
    pianeti, questa differenza di rimozione per il diametro, che nella
    verità è l’energia elaborata che sposta il astro assente, se ha con
    chiarezza FRA JUPITER e GUASTA.

    Folloies di questa differenza per tutti i fenomeni, variazione della
    struttura, disintegrazione, intensità dei fenomeni, dynamics ed

    Con questo se la prova che i astros sono nella rimozione producesse
    per l’energia ed il Maser.

    La E che la teoria della gravitazione ha usato il distancia, ma non si
    è verificata per calcolarla. Tuttavia ho calcolato qui in tale
    maniera per i pianeti, quanto per i satelliti. La E non era necessaria
    da usare il distancia come costante per venire a contatto del
    dynamics, orbita ed altri fenomeni e strutture dei astros.

    Ciò conferma che i astros se l’allontan per l’energia e non sono
    attratti dalla gravitazione.

    La E che il rapporto del distancia è più grande entra in più
    distante, questo se conferma fra Tritão e Nereida e Japet e Fege.


    Con il diametro nei chilometri ha diviso per 100, con la
    progressione di 1 i 10 per i satelliti rispettivi, diviso del
    risultato del diametro.

    MIMAS DI JANUS -1/3 = 0.3 – 2 4 = 05 ENCÉLADO – 3 6 = 05 TÉTIS – 4
    10=04 DIONÉIA – 5 8=0.62 RÉIA – 6 16=0.37 TITÃ – 7 58=0.12
    HIPÉRION – 8 4 = 2 JAPET – 9/16=0.5 FEBE – 10 2.4=4.1
    È confermato per questo calcolo che l’inclinazione sta aumentando con
    la rimozione e che i greaters e con più energia se elaborando
    l’inclinazione sono di meno.


    , così più distante possiedono poca energia, quindi già ha avuto
    più tempo elaborare e spendere l’energia ed i minori
    possiedono poca energia per essere la relativa poca struttura. Con
    questa l’instabilità è più grande, prendendo il astro in queste
    circostanze per sviluppare le eccentricità grandi, inclinazioni
    orbitali e di rotazione grandi e qualche anche con i movimenti
    retrogradi, che sono allontanati e di meno ed il più unstablest.

    Questa forma del calcolo con il diametro che rappresenta l’energia
    può essere per tutti i pianeti, satelliti, comete ed asteroidi. Del
    diametro la rotazione può essere trovata, della rotazione la
    velocità equatoriale, la velocità equatoriale la traduzione,
    inclinazione, eccentricità e tutti i altri fenomeni. O stessi può
    direttamente essere calcolato.

    L’energia è più pratica usare il diametro che rappresenta, quindi il
    diametro può direttamente essere calcolato in astro adeguato.

    Mentre nella teoria della gravitazione la massa è calcolata con il
    movimento del astro nello spazio e da là per trovare il movimento, o
    uno, il risultato è organizzato, creato già per un fenomeno
    misurato. Di conseguenza la massa è l’aggiunta del diametro con la
    densità, tuttavia se non sappiamo a destra né la densità della
    terra o della luna, quanto a conosce la densità dei astros distanti.


    I minori più distanti e sono più irregolari, quindi sono quei che
    possiedano la quantità secondaria di energia se elaborando.

    Sulla ROTAZIONE. Il achatamento non determina la rotazione, quindi, il
    astro che ha il poco achatamento è Jupiter e produce la rotazione
    più grande. Mettere la rotazione ed il achatamento è prodotto
    dall’energia del astro, rappresentata per il diametro e la rimozione.


    Già uno ha confermato che la terra sta diminuendo la relativa
    rotazione in sedici secondi per milioni d’anni. Ciò conferma il
    principio della rimozione e della riduzione del dynamics.


    Il achatamento dei satelliti del Marte è grande per essere minimo,
    allora aveva passato poco tempo se formando.

    E con rotazione minima dei possesss grandi di achatamento, che cosa
    conferma che la rotazione se mosto l’energia ed il Maser del astro.


    Uno conferma sopra per quello visualizzato che ha un rapporto diretto
    fra energia, il diametro, il Maser, la rotazione, la velocità
    equatoriale e la traduzione fra i astros e relativi secondari.

    Sulla LUNA.

    ENERGETICIDADE e del Maser.

    La luna è il nuovo satellite del sistema solare, perchè la terra
    già è stata formata del sole quando lo stessi che abbia incontrato
    poca energia, per quella esso possesss poco dynamics rispetto al
    relativo diametro, esattamente essendo producendo per la terra. Di
    conseguenza la terra del pianeta da solo è più vecchia di quella che
    Venus e Mercúrio.

    Per quello i possesss della luna altretante irregolarità nella
    relative orbita e rotazione nello spazio.

    Con un diametro di 3.470 chilometri, sviluppa soltanto una traduzione
    del quilometro 1.03 per il secondo e una rotazione di 708 ore, o
    terrestre di 29.6 giorni.


    Diametro di Jupiter rispetto alla terra 12 volte, diviso per il
    diametro della terra, 11/1 = 11 volte la traduzione di Io, che è più
    veloce di quello che la luna, se confrontato che una viene a contatto
    di approssimativamente nello stesso distancia ed approssimativamente
    con lo stesso diametro.

    Lo stesso che sia confrontata fornisce la rotazione dei due satelliti.

    Questi numeri non sono esatti, ma la formula sarà necessaria può
    avvicinarsi a.

    Rispetto al satellite del Jupiter lo Io, esso esso approssimativamente
    possesss lo stesso distancia della scuola elementare ed
    approssimativamente lo stesso diametro, confermano che lo Io produce
    una traduzione più grande 16.8 volte di quella che la luna. Con
    questo se conferma che Jupiter Io prodotto con molto più energia di
    quello la terra ha prodotto la luna e lo Io – energia satellite dei
    possesss del Jupiter se non che elabora, con la temperatura più
    grande, l’attività di sismos, di magnetismo e di tectônica.

    Con la rotazione lo stesso che sia accaduta ancora, Io produce la
    velocità di rotazione 16.8 volte più velocemente di quella che la

    Per incredibile che sembra la differenza fra rotazione e la traduzione
    è minima.

    L’eccentricità varia di 0.0432 i 0.0667 dei gradi e di
    un’inclinazione di 5.0 i 5.08 gradi nel ecliptic. Il ecliptic è il
    programma rispetto al sole.

    Lo Io sviluppa un’inclinazione orbitale di 3 gradi e di eccentricità
    praticamente nulla, così confermando che l’irregolarità della luna
    è frutta del relativo stato di produzione di energia, che la scuola
    elementare ha assegnato esso nella relativa formazione. Ciò che
    corrisponde con lo Io è importante perchè i dati della luna, le
    relative irregolarità sono frutta della produzione di energia che la
    ha formata e che elabora.


    Va essere dimostrata per questa teoria che la luna irregolare ed i
    relativi fenomeni – enigma grande di astronomia, quel queste
    irregolarità sono prodotte dallo stato di produzione di energia dove
    se il ritrovamento e come tutto il astro con poco tempo dell’esistenza
    e dei giovani è molto irregolare nei relativi fenomeni. È che cosa
    vedremo avanti.



    Il Maser solare produce il evecção dell’orbita della luna.

    Che cosa produce il fenomeno di evecção è la variazione del Maser e
    dell’energia del astro e la luna per essere vicino al sole, soffre
    più l’azione dalla temperatura e dal Maser solare, per possesss di
    quell’i relativi ellisse una variazione più grande di quello altri

    Poichè egualmente la relativa inclinazione è variazione più grande.

    La relative rimozione, rotazione e traduzione egualmente possiedono la
    variazione grande.


    Il flusso di variazione che è i evecção nell’eccentricità varia di
    0.0432 i 0.0667 gradi quando l’ellisse se i ritrovamenti sforzassero,
    o di uno, fino a cinquanta per cento più dell’eccentricità
    dell’ellisse una volta sforzato.


    Il evecção della luna è sempre più grande quando la terra se
    metodi al sole, con questo se conferma che i inaqualities annuali del
    evecção sono più grandi quando la terra se i metodi al sole di conseguenza non è che
    l’ellisse ingrandisce, ma sì quello durante questo periodo del metodo
    il evecção è più grande. O uno, il Maser solare del thermal
    accelera l’energia della luna ed il flusso egualmente ingrandisce.
    Questo flusso egualmente accade con la terra, comunque la variazione
    è minima.


    I satelliti non sviluppano esattamente la stessa posizione diretta
    verso il centro, poichè il pianeta come riferimento, o uno, esso ha
    satelliti che esattamente all’interno dell’ellisse sviluppa l’orbita
    con un lato vicino al centro ed altro a quello più distante. O uno,
    la maggior parte delle scuole elementari non viene a contatto di nel
    centro esatto rispetto all’orbita di relative secondarie. Con questo
    se conclude che l’energia sviluppa il movimento adeguato.

    Esattamente con l’eccentricità e l’inclinazione Pluto e Netuno
    producono la relativa orbita che mantiene sempre una rimozione per uno
    dei lati dell’ellisse. Ciò se egualmente conferma nei satelliti
    Nereida, Charon e Febe con i relativi pianeti rispettivi. La cometa di
    Halley e l’asteroide di Quíron egualmente producono questa rimozione
    per uno dei lati rispetto al sole. Questo distanciamento di uno dei
    lati è più grande nei astros spostati via dal sole e dalle relative
    scuole elementari. O uno, l’irregolarità ingrandisce con il
    distanciamento, il formato, la produzione di energia ed il periodo di


    1-A evecção è più grande quando la terra se ritrovamenti vicino al
    sole, nel perihelion. 2 luna sviluppa l’ellisse imperfetto, quando la
    luna se i metodi al sole, nella nuova luna, ad esso è accelerato dal
    Maser solare del thermal, facente con quella questa se metodi ad un
    formato di un uovo di gallina, sempre con uno del pontuda delle parti,
    che la parte meno pontuda è vicino al sole. O uno, un’stessa orbita
    può cominciare con 0.432 gradi dell’arco e nell’altra punta da
    rifinire con 0.0667 gradi. CIÒ RISPONDE ALLE QUATTRO COMPLICAZIONI


    Perchè quando la nuova luna è sempre vicino al sole, con questa
    riceve l’energia termica solare, accelerando ed ingrandendo i relativi
    processi e produzione di energia.

    La E quando lascia il nuovo e se gli allontan e comincia essere quello
    aumentante, con la relativa energia ingrandita la gravitazione del
    sole lo attrae esattamente e lo tira per il centro, essendo ritardata
    il relativo movimento. La E come la quantità di energia determina il
    circularidade dell’orbita e del dynamics del astro nello spazio, con
    l’aggiornamento di energia nel passaggio di nuova luna per le marche
    aumentanti una con quella la luna chiude la relativa orbita, quindi i
    processi di energia e di produzione avevano avuti un aggiornamento.

    Per quello dopo che il passaggio vicino al sole la luna vada con
    l’orbita chiusa, quello va aprire passare per quella piena e nella
    stanza declinante già se trova bene aperto e registra aperto con 39.5
    gradi dell’arco dello spostamento nella longitudine. Per questo
    abbiamo nel evecção che lo comincio dell’uovo. La E questo accade
    pricipalmente con la luna per essere il satellite vicino al sole.

    Quindi, non è il sole che tuttavia sforzi l’ellisse e tuttavia lo
    comprime, ma sì, lo stato naturale di energia della luna nella
    produzione della relativa orbita attuale nella stanza declinante. La E
    lo influenza dell’energia termica del sole che le marche con l’orbita
    viene essere compressa, quindi per il principio del circularidade il
    rapporto di quello che l’energia ingrandisce lo fa circolare
    dell’orbita sempre tende più la perfezione. Quindi, con lo stato di
    energia della luna, con la temperatura del sole marche con quella la
    luna ha irregolarità grandi nella relativi orbita e dynamics.


    L’altro punto è la variazione del dynamics, quindi nella stanza
    aumentante la stessa luna che riceve l’aggiornamento dal dynamics per
    la prossimità con il Maser solare del thermal, quando entra nella
    stanza aumentante che va lasciare la prossimità del sole, gli inizio
    della luna per ricevere le influenze esso della gravitazione solare,
    delaying e rallentando la relativa uscita. È rallentamento non è
    uniforme, è un rallentamento che va intensità perdente. Presto
    sarà un rallentamento aumentante.

    già alla luna piena trova con il relativo dynamics adeguato quando
    passa alla stanza declinante passa per essere accelerata, quindi la
    gravitazione solare negli inizio di questo punto da comportarsi,
    facendo con quello che la luna ingrandisce il relativo dynamics in
    itinerario al sole. Questa accelerazione sta aumentando.

    VARIAZIONE del EVECÇÃO e del DYNAMICS. 1 così, abbiamo un
    rallentamento aumentante nella stanza aumentante. accelerazione
    adeguata 2-Uma nella nuova e luna piena. è un’accelerazione
    aumentante in itinerario al sole nella stanza declinante.


    Di conseguenza il lato che se inizia nella stanza aumentante
    è bene chiuso, mentre il lato che rifinisce e va in itinerario al
    sole alla fine della stanza declinante di più è aperto di quella che
    il lato che se inizia in quello aumentante. Presto, esattamente essere
    ovale quello più preciseest in una delle estremità, uno dei lati
    egualmente è più chiuso di quello che l’altro.


    Così abbiamo –

    La velocità naturale della luna per la relativa produzione di
    energia, dedotta dall’azione dell’agente contro il principale della
    gravitazione del sole, è uguale al rallentamento della luna nella
    stanza aumentante.


    Quindi, abbiamo.

    La velocità naturale della luna per la relativa produzione di
    energia, aggiunta dell’azione favorevole della gravitazione del sole,
    è uguale all’accelerazione della luna in itinerario al sole nella
    stanza declinante.


    Deformazione dell’uovo per la parte interna.

    Così abbiamo.

    Nella stanza aumentante l’energia naturale della luna è aggiunta con
    il Maser termico del sole che fa con quello che la luna sviluppa la
    relativa orbita per la parte interna. E l’uovo della gallina con un
    achatamento per la parte interna.

    Di conseguenza gli inizio della luna ancora per chiudere la relativa
    orbita quando nella fase della nuova luna, quindi è la fase vicino al
    sole e se il circularidade è prodotto dall’energia, allora più
    energia, più perfetta il circularidade.

    L’energia naturale aggiunta con l’energia solare è uguale all’orbita
    della luna per la parte interna.


    I possesss della luna una variazione di nove minuti dell’arco per più
    o per di meno, in relativi cinque gradi e nove minuti
    dell’inclinazione orbitale media, questa variazione si presenta nel
    periodo di 173.3 giorni. Essendo un massimo di nove secondi per più
    quando la stringa che passa per i vertici, egualmente passa per il
    sole. O uno, niente che debba avere con azione di gravitazione, quindi
    è stato avuto dovrebbe accadere nel periodo del perihelion della
    terra, quando la terra se ritrovamenti vicino al sole, che è durante
    la nuova luna. Di conseguenza che cosa accade che l’inclinazione è
    pra all’interno durante i periodi dei vertici in nove minuti. Per
    mettere che è un processo costante del dynamics che già fa parte
    della natura del dynamics irregolare della luna, prodotto per il
    relativo stato di produzione debole di energia.

    Questa variazione di nove minuti ha avuta un’origine che ha iniziato
    con l’inizio dell’orbita della luna, quello come la luna di distancia
    se della terra, esso allarga la relativa inclinazione, diminuente
    questa variazione rispetto a passare dei tempi e della riduzione la
    produzione di energia. Più estate delle parti anteriori che i astros
    passano per tre fasi.
    Ciò accade nei vertici di eclipse, o in uno, nel programma
    dell’orbita della luna rispetto al ecliptic, quindi della luna se
    formato della terra e cominciato sviluppare la relativa orbita
    dall’allineamento della terra con il sole, comunque mentre tutto il
    astro, esso allontana in se, perde l’energia ed il dynamics e lui
    comincia ingrandire la relative inclinazione ed eccentricità.

    In questa ha una variazione di nove minuti dell’arco per la parte
    interna durante i vertici, quella si presenta ad ogni 173.3 giorni. O
    uno, tutto il rapporto con la dipendenza si allontana via in pieno
    dalla gravitazione, quindi conferma là che che cosa determina questa
    irregolarità è il termine dell’origine del astro e della produzione
    di energia.

    Egualmente ha un flusso nell’eccentricità, nella rimozione e
    nell’inclinazione di rotazione. Se questo stesse continuando dalla
    gravitazione si presentasse durante tutto il perihelion della terra,
    quando la terra se trovato vicino al sole, o stesse durante la nuova

    Presto, questo fenomeno se mosto il termine dell’origine della luna,
    quindi ha sei di ogni fase della luna che va se envergando fino ad
    arrivare nel momento del vertice, o il uno o il altro, dell’anno mezzo
    dell’eclipse, che è di 173.3 giorni e non è un anno di 365 giorni
    come il nostro.

    Presto, quello è tutto un processo che se sviluppa tutti durante il
    tempo, si arresta a quel periodo del vertice che di eclipse questo
    viene accadere nel relativo massimo. O uno, va se il envergando
    lentamente durante i 173.3 giorni, o uno, questo envergamento sta
    presentandosi in ciascuno come quello durante la fase che di eclipse
    è nella posizione massima per la parte interna.

    = 4.5 4.5/86.65 = 0.05193 di minuti dell’arco aumentante, inizianti
    nel vertice di eclipse.

    E 0, 05193 minuti dell’arco di diminuzione, continuando e chiudendo
    l’arco fino al vertice di eclipse e formare tutta la variazione e
    ritornare per refare la variazione. È il tempo che il sole conduce al
    passaggio di un vertice a altro, o il uno o il altro, anno mezzo
    dell’eclipse, che è il periodo di 173.3 giorni.

    La media è di 5.9 gradi dell’inclinazione orbitale.

    Più successivamente ritorna lentamente se per aprirsi.

    Questa differenza può essere calcolata con 4.5 minuti che aumentano
    l’inizio nel vertice di eclipse che arriva fino alla metà di 173.3
    giorni, o uno, in ogni giorno che ha una frazione aumentante dei 4.5
    minuti fino a 86.65 giorni, inizio successivi da diminuire in ogni
    giorno diviso in frazione dei 4.5 minuti dell’arco.

    Tuttavia, questo flusso questo che diminue con milioni di anni. La
    terra e tutti i astros producono questo flusso delle irregolarità.


    Nella stanza declinante la luna continua un certo tempo, di quello
    pieno fino al decadence lontano del sole e di buon tempo senza
    ricevere con più intensità il Maser solare del thermal, così in
    poca energia la luna apre la relativa orbita, deformandoglielo per sia
    e l’uovo della gallina con un grumo per è.

    L’energia naturale, senza aggiornamento di energia solare è uguale
    all’orbita per è.


    I possesss della luna una rimozione della terra di quattro centimetri
    all’anno e questo già sono stati dimostrati dalle osservazioni nelle
    eclipse precedenti. Ciò sembra piccola, ma se trattando a migliaia
    d’anni che vediamo che la luna se i movimenti via dalla terra
    proporzionale la relativa produzione di energia ed esso non è
    attratto dalla gravitazione.

    L’ETÀ della LUNA e dell’UNIVERSO. Deve anche confermare che la luna
    è bene più vecchia di quella che se pensa, se prendere nella
    considerazione il periodo di rimozione relativa i quattro secondi
    all’anno ed il periodo di esferificação, allora, l’età della luna,
    la terra e l’universo devono essere opportuno più vecchi.

    La rimozione, il flusso dell’orbita ed il principio dell’uovo di
    gallina che è i evecção tutto il altri astros egualmente producono,
    che in scala soltanto di meno, quindi sono molto lontane del sole.


    Perchè un lato della terra è vicino alla luna di quella che l’altro
    lato, quindi alla luna poichè sarà visto avanti ha provenuto dalla
    terra e se allontana e come già è stato visto l’origine del astro se
    inizia nella fase dei gas e dell’atmosfera fino ai filamenti,
    esferificando ed astro formare secondario. Così per essere la terra e
    mantenere sempre un lato vicino all’Equatore vicino alla luna se deve
    la relative formazione e fase iniziale. Poichè già è stata
    visualizzata dalla teoria del energeticidade ed il Maser di quel tutto
    il astro molto giovane tende le irregolarità ed è l’irregolarità
    non sola della terra, ma sì di relativa secondaria, che è stato
    formato e nell’inizio della relativa traduzione se individuato del
    lato della scuola elementare.

    Questo excrescência non se mosto le maree di chiamate della terra, ma
    sì la luna adeguata che se individuato del lato della terra del
    pianeta, la relativa scuola elementare, durante il relativo processo
    di formazione, che ha cominciato del Maser, atmosfera, filamenti
    dell’atmosfera fino agli anelli, bobine successive di atmosfera fa uno
    strato di, fino alla fase della sfera.


    Poichè già è stato visto e calcolato che la rotazione se il mosto
    alla produzione di energia del astro adeguato, esso conferma che la
    terra del pianeta sta rallentando la relativa rotazione in sedici
    secondi in ogni milioni d’anni. Di conseguenza questi fenomeno e
    variazione se mosto al consumo di energia della produzione stessa di
    quella e non esso maree e Terra-luna di effetto, molto di meno se
    mosto all’effetto della gravitazione.


    L’accelerazione secolare della luna è nella verità la rimozione
    graduale della luna rispetto alla terra che già è stata dimostrata
    dall’esperienza, quella la luna se movimenti via dalla terra in una
    velocità di un ordine di quattro centimetri all’anno, o in
    un’accelerazione secolare di 10.3 secondi dell’arco al secolo. Questa
    rimozione è infinita, questo se risulta nei satelliti dei pianeti
    più distanti. Presto, non ha niente avere con le maree della luna che
    si comporta sulla terra, o con la gravitazione, quindi se stessa
    quella si attrae non stesse allontanando.

    Sembra piccola, ma è questa rimozione minima che mantiene l’ordine e
    le orbite dei astros in una progressione ed in un dynamics di
    distancia, dell’eccentricità e dell’inclinazione nello spazio. Ciò
    basa la teoria del energeticidade e del Maser.


    Ciò se mosto l’origine della luna che se formasse per la terra, dei
    filamenti terrestri dell’atmosfera che la luna se formata e con poca
    densità per essere astro della terra una con poca energia, quindi la
    terra già è stata formata del sole in una fase di invecchiamento.
    Così la terra ha formato lentamente la luna con i bordi dei filamenti
    dell’atmosfera che se esferificaram producendo la luna. Per questo i
    possesss della luna poca densità e poco Maser, o uno, è come se la
    luna sia stata atmosfera tranquillo della terra, con sempre una dei
    bordi ritornano verso la terra.

    Con passare di milioni di anni la luna produrrà una rotazione più
    forte, facendo con quella che le facce della luna sono tutti e due le

    Presto, questo fenomeno se mosto a queste origine e produzione di poca
    energia, quindi esattamente la luna che è nuova, la relativa scuola
    elementare che è la terra se formato del sole quando lo stessi se
    trova in una produzione di energia del media per l’estremità.

    MASCON. Presto e fenomeno della faccia girata non se mascon del mosto
    di densità del materiale di radiativo inventata per spiegare questo
    fenomeno. Di quello la luna per sempre avere una faccia girata per la
    terra, questa faccia dovrebbe contenere più densità e radiatividade
    di quella ad un altro lato. Facendo con quel questo lato ha appeso per
    la terra, quella secondo questa densità più grande farebbe con
    quello che il centro di massa della luna era vicino a questo lato
    girato per la terra, facendo con quello stessa quella è stata rimasta
    sempre con lo stesso lato girato per la terra.

    Spiega che quella è una conseguenza della luna di essere giovane e
    sarebbe come se uno dei bordi dei filamenti dell’atmosfera ancora sia
    stato vicino alla terra.

    Mercúrio e Venuses egualmente passano la buona parte del relativo
    tempo con la faccia girata per il sole, quindi sviluppano poca
    rotazione. A causa degli stessi stati dell’origine di loro e della
    produzione di energia.

    Uno conferma che gli anelli di Saturno e di Uranus egualmente
    possiedono i bordi seguenti ed altri quei più distanti, come già
    erano stati visti dalla teoria difesa qui di quella le forme del Maser
    l’atmosfera, l’atmosfera di filamenta se, dei filamenti se si divide
    in bordi, dei bordi in anelli ed anelli in bobine che se esferifica,
    producendo quello secondario.


    La nozione della marea che continua dall’azione della luna sulla
    rotazione della terra, inventata affinchè l’astronomia spieghi il
    ritardo della rotazione terrestre, non è necessaria, quindi il
    ritardo della rotazione terrestre se mosto la riduzione della
    produzione di energia del astro adeguato. E se conferma che i possesss
    adeguati della luna questo ritardo durante i secoli e tu